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1. vi voglio spiegare perché negli USA Julian #Assange NON ha alcuna chance di avere un "fair trial", come si dice in inglese: un giusto processo. Se ve lo spiego in termini elementari, senza complesse argomentazioni tecniche, anche un bambino può capirlo
2. Julian #Assange è incriminato con l'Espionage Act: è la prima volta nella Storia degli Stati Uniti che un giornalista/editore viene incriminato con esso. Mentre sono state incriminate varie fonti giornalistiche/whistleblower,quindi abbiamo precedenti nel caso delle FONTI
3. l'Espionage Act NON consente un *fair trial* (giusto processo) perché non consente la difesa alla base di qualsiasi lavoro giornalistico: il PUBBLICO INTERESSE
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Guerra #Ucraina, ricapitoliamo lo stato delle cose:
1) Nel 2014 gli #USA partecipano al #golpe contro il governo eletto in Ucraina (Yanukovych);
2) La #Russia per risposta occupa la #Crimea, storicamente russa;
3) Novembre 2021 l'#Ucraina firma un partenariato con gli #USA per l'entrata nella #NATO con la promessa della restituzione della #Crimea;
Perciò la storia secondo cui questo fosse una paranoia russa è falso, l'Ucraina stava per entrare nella Nato.
4) Dal 2018 inizia un massiccio armamento dell'#Ucraina da parte degli #USA, anche con #Javelin, droni...
5) Il conflitto non è solo tra #Russia e #Ucraina, le difficoltà russe sul campo sono anche dettate dalla fattiva partecipazione della #Nato, con armamenti, informazioni...
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The #NYTimes editorial - titled "The War in Ukraine is Getting Complicated, and America Isn't Ready" - indicates serious divisions within and between the White House and intelligence agencies over the course of NATO's war against Russia. 1/ #UkraineRussianWar
The NYT expresses concerns about the war's "extraordinary costs and serious dangers," and states "there are many questions that President Biden has yet to answer for the American public with regard to the continued involvement of the United States in this conflict." 2/
For the last three months the NYT has incited pro-war and anti-Russia hysteria. But it now writes that it is not "in America's best interest to plunge into an all-out war with Russia, even if a negotiated peace may require Ukraine to make some hard decisions." 3/
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Macron defeats Le Pen

In the second-round runoff of France’s election, Emmanuel Macron, the president, triumphed over Marine Le Pen, his far-right challenger, with a lead of about 17 percent points. In a solemn address, Macron said it was a victory for
“a more independent France and a stronger Europe.”

During the campaign, Le Pen was hostile to NATO, the U.S. and the E.U., as well as to the fundamental values that hold that no French citizens should be discriminated against because they are Muslim.
Jean-Yves Le Drian, the foreign minister, said the result of the election reflected “the mobilisation of French people for the maintenance of their values and against a narrow vision of France.”

Le Pen, who conceded defeat, bitterly criticised the “brutal and violent methods”
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Top U.S. officials meet Zelensky

In a trip shrouded in secrecy, Antony Blinken, the U.S. secretary of state, and Lloyd Austin, the defence secretary, made a wartime journey yesterday to Kyiv, where the president, Volodymyr Zelensky, urged them to provide more aid
in his nation’s battle against Russian invaders.
Congress has already approved $13.6 billion in emergency spending related to the invasion, including for weapons, military supplies and one of the largest infusions of U.S. foreign aid to any country in the past decade.
Last week, President Biden announced an additional $800 million in military aid, including equipment to help combat Russia’s new focus on seizing eastern Ukraine.

Russia yesterday redoubled its assault on the eastern port city of Mariupol, where a steel plant held by Ukrainian
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Within weeks of the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003, it became clear that the claim that Saddam Hussein's had developed weapons of mass destruction -- the critical justification of the war -- was a lie that had been concocted by the Bush administration. 1/ #Propaganda Image
The #NYTimes, which had propagated the WMD lies, manufactured, ex post facto, another justification for the war. On April 25, 2003, it published a front page photo of a skull, which it claimed was of a political prisoner murdered by the Iraqi regime. 2/
Two days later, on April 27, Thomas L. Friedman wrote a column titled, "The Meaning of a Skull." He claimed that the discovery of the skull rendered the issue of WMDs irrelevant. 3/
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#FactCheck #Bucha 1/4
March 30 - #RussianArmy left town
March 31 - Mayor declared liberation, nothing special reported 2/4
April 1 - no reports
April 2 - Clearing Operation by #UAarmy 3/4
April 3 - #BuchaMasacre publ. by #Ukraine️
April 4 - RU kits nearby victims detected 4/4 ImageImage
#FactCheck #Bucha 2/4
Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk:
... "March 31 will go down in the history of our settlement, the entire territorial community as a day of liberation from the Russian orcs ..." ...

Full translated message in EN/DE/ES see screens

Source… ImageImageImage
#FactCheck #Bucha 3/4
#Specialforces have begun a clearing operation in the city of Bucha in the #Kyiv region, which has been liberated by the #ArmedForces of #Ukraine. The city is being cleared from saboteurs and accomplices of #Russian forces.
Source… Image
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If you believe that the West is about to embark on (another) clash of ‘good v evil’, on which the fate of the world depends, it’s likely because you assume what you read in papers like the NYT and WaPo is unbiased.

Problem is, it isn’t.

via @YouTube
There was once a great paper called the New York Times. It was the first to cover the huge story that the Vietnam War was ‘a lie’, and the US Govt knew it was a lie.

It’s editors and staff risked jail to bring people the truth.

Unfortunately it died.
Working for the New York Times was a journalist called Neil Sheehan. He spent ten years writing a book that won a Pulitzer.

It was called ‘A Bright Shining Lie’.

Can you guess what it was about?

Neil Sheehan would not be welcome at the Times today.

He’d be in jail.
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Decided to consolidate my #BidenCrimeFamilly Posts into a thread, so that everyone has the resources. There is probably more, but this is a good start #BigTech #ElectionIntegrity #pedo #censorship
At the same time, everyone knew this was real. Here is the FBI document stating they had the laptop…
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In today's climate of amnesia, journalists, historians and other professional framers of middle class public opinion - whose moral compass is set by the #NYTimes - seem to have forgotten the bloody days of "shock and awe," back in March 2003, when the US pulverized Baghdad. 1/
The page 1 article by the Times' reporter began: "In a blaze of heavy bombing, American air power devastated parts of Baghdad tonight, including several government buildings and palaces built by Saddam Hussein, as waves of fresh ground forces swarmed into Iraq from the south." 2/
The report continued: "The air battle was most visible in the capital, but military officials said it was only the beginning of an unfolding campaign that in the first 24 hours was expected to hit 1,500 targets all across Iraq." 3/
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By Motoko Rich and Hikari Hida

By Motoko Rich and Hikari Hida



>the period during World War II when about 1,500 Koreans were conscripted to work in the mines as subjects of Japan’s colonial rule.

This is the false part
Noworker from the Korean Peni. came to work by National Requisition Ordinance
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1. some recommended readings to defend yourself from those mainstream media which lie us in a new war: #Ukraine:
1. read how US public was lied into the #VietnamWar which cost over 2MILLIONS civilian deaths to Vietnam and 50,000 young American lives:…
2. read how US #SIGINT (signal intelligence= #NSA intercepts) was manipulated to lie US public into the #VietnamWar:…
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3,000 US troops are pouring into Poland, stationed in bases as close as 50 miles from Ukraine. It is now obvious that the Biden administration concocted the Russian invasion narrative as a cover for a long-planned massive increase of US forces in East Europe.#UkraineConflict 1/
The #NYTimes claims that "Mr. Biden is not readying for war with Russia." Really? Are American soldiers being deployed to freezing Poland for winter R&R? Biden, the NYT writes, "has no intention of sending US troops to Ukraine." The words "no intention" do not mean "will not." 2/
In the mouth of a president, "no intention" creates a moral distance between decisions and their consequences. Lyndon Johnson claimed he had "no intention" of sending soldiers to Vietnam, but then wound up sending them in the hundreds of thousands. 3/
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altra cosa kafkiana: ieri dopo ere geologiche di silenzio, il #NewYorkTimes ha scritto lungo articolo sulla decisione della #HighCourt su Julian #Assange. Dopo 12 ANNI continuano a scrivere il falso, ovvero che era imputato per stupro in Svezia
questa cosa che il quotidiano più potente del mondo con tutti i suoi mezzi e le sue risorse non abbia capito dopo 12 ANNI che Julian #Assange era solo indagato, NON rinviato a giudizio per stupro è pazzesca
almeno su questo, la BBC è meglio: ha capito che non è mai stato rinviato a giudizio (charges) per stupro e infatti non scrive "charges" (rinvio a giudizio), ma scrive giustamente "allegations" (sotto indagine come indagato, ma NON rinviato a giudizio)
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1. last night,the #NYTimes published 3:51 minutes of a Pentagon video footage of the #drone strike which last August killed an entire family of 10 (7 children) in #Kabul: it's a mystery why the Pentagon declassified it after just 4MONTHS after the strike:…
2.I have never seen such a fast declassification process. Just to give you a measure: #Reuters tried hard to access the video #CollateralMurder for 3 years to no avail
3. I wonder: the Biden Admin. is currently reviewing the US policies on #DroneStrikes,considering that thousands of victims were innocent (9 out 10,according to the #drone whistleblower @TeamDanielHale): was the drone video declassified because of some internal disagreements?
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The #NYTimes spells out the #herdimmunity strategy of the Biden administration: "By infecting large numbers of people quickly, it’s also generating immunity quickly. And that counts toward making #COVID19 a more manageable illness..." 1/
The author admits this may be "cold comfort" to those who get sick and die now. "As older age groups are infected things may deteriorate further, but the situation is still vastly better than if people hadn’t already accumulated some immunity against Covid." 2/
He adds: "The immunity Omicron will leave behind might well be a major step toward making Covid a manageable illness by providing more protection against future surges and variants. ... But the immunity generated by Omicron is not going to lead to the extinction of the virus." 3/
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1.non riesco a trattenere mio sconcerto per l'articolo de la Stampa di ieri sul "Grand Hotel #Guantanamo".Tranne poche nobili eccezioni,la nostra informazione ci fa vivere nel #BraveNewWorld di #Huxley.La guerra è pace,il lager di #Guantanamo è l'Hotel de Crillon di Parigi
2.l'articolo di #Semprini prendeva spunto dal reportage di #CaroleRosenberg per il #NYTimes, questo qui (inglese):…
3. #CaroleRosenberg è la corrispondente ex Miami Herald che segue #Guantanamo dall'arrivo dei primi detenuti nel gennaio 2002,quando fu aperto.Rosenberg ne racconta atrocità e ferocia
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The #WaPo has a decent review of "The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story," the new book based on the notorious #NYTimes Sunday Magazine articles.

Reviewer @CarlosLozadaWP notes the basic dishonesty of the project, where criticisms are met by changing the definitions of words.
For instance, when Nikole Hannah-Jones says blacks fought for their rights "alone," that doesn't mean "Without aid or support," or "Without anyone else." It means "without the support of the majority of white Americans."
This is dubious as stated (did the majority of whites oppose the Civil Rights Act of 1964, or the Voting Rights Act of 1965? If answering, please present evidence). It is also irrelevant. A minority of white Americans has always fought for black rights. NHJ lies about this.
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This #NYTimes piece on #Biden is #interesting. It'is almost honest.

The reporters express surprise that #SenileJoe is siding with the #Dem #Left. Maybe they really ARE surprised. If they are, it just shows they were conned as thoroughly as most of the country was in 2020.
It’s now clear that Biden had a three part agenda: 1) Get elected #POTUS. 2) Pass a lot of very expensive government programs. 3) Go down in history as an #FDR or #LBJ, a president who permanently transformed American society.
#Joe’s problem was that 2) endangered 1). He needed to pretend to be “moderate” to get elected. So he ran a campaign that came down to ‘#OrangeManBad, #SenileManGood, and let’s not talk about what I’ll do in office.’ And it worked. He got the #DemocraticParty united behind him.
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The "official" story says perimeter steel columns "falling" from #WTC1 "punched" through Building 6 #WTC6 on 9/11 & created this huge "crater" down to sub-basement levels? Others look at this crater and think "No way! This HAD to have been an explosion!" So which is it?
For nearly a year after 9/11 there was nothing controversial about the #WTC6 crater. On 16 Sep 2001 #NYTimes published this satellite image that clearly shows the black hole marked "6" but it certainly didn't stand out from all the other destruction
On 5 Oct 2001, AP released a photo of a priest blessing a cross of steel beams that reportedly had fallen from WTC1 into #WTC6 that a laborer had found in the WTC6 rubble two days after 9/11
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#IndianArmy @LevinaNeythiri @changu311 @rwac48

-A tale of apathy neglect or sheer incompetence
-#Afghanistan been betrayed by #USA or by incompetent leaders
-General Sami Sadat Cdr AFN in #NYTimes:We were trained based on hi tech special reconnaissance units, helos & airstrikes
-Contractors played important role in war against #Taliban
-Contractors started fleeing #Afghanistan after #Biden announced date of withdrawal
-Our air support dried up & ammunition ran out
-By end Jul most of 17k contractors left
-Any tech glitch & air support would be grounded
-Contracters took software & weapons systems
-Removed helicopter missile-defense system
-Access to software to track vehicles, weapons, & personnel disappeared
-Real-time intelligence on targets dried up
-Taliban used snipers & IEDs
-ADF lost aerial & laser-guided weapon capacity
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Stuff you can borrow and take home from the HCC Libraries, a thread 🧵 #hccfl
1/ Let’s talk #books 📚 DYK we have different book collections? The circ collection primarily supports research, but some campuses also have collections for fun reading (or research, we don’t judge)
2/ Most books are a 14-day loan but you can renew them twice ✌️ #comics, #fantasy, #mystery, #NYTimes best sellers... we have it all...
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#BREAKING Proof of @nytimes fraud in its #Gaza Hit Job against #Israel.

The NYT shows only 10 seconds of #Hamas narrow tunnels.
The video WAS TAKEN IN 2014!

Pic 1. 2021 vid. Min. 7:00. Man red Kaffiya.
Pic 2. Same man in 2014.
He's wearing PIJ emblem…
2/ NYT: There were no videos of the Hamas tunnels in May 2021?
Were NYT local fixers & photographers working for or scared of Hamas?
Was the 2014 clip added in the NY office?
Here's a trustworthy video from Qatari source.
3/ After the @nytimes journalistic jihad vs Israel with the front page gallery of kids supposedly killed by Israel, & now using 7 y.o. footage to misrepresent the threat of #Hamas tunnels, the #Israel government probably has only one choice.
Persona non grata status for #NYTimes
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