If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. The sun is setting on the days where you could get away with the evil these people have perpetrated with a slap on the wrist and an office switch. #ChurchToo #MoodyToo
For clarity Moody Bible Institute announced this in their weekly President's Chapel this morning, which is available for viewing (at least currently) here: facebook.com/watch/?v=98169… I'm going to watch the relevant parts and tweet quotes in case it gets taken down. #ChurchToo
This chapel service will be about "one of the challenges we're currently facing," says Moody's president of ~1.5 years, Mark Jobe. Jobe says he will address this with a "shepherd's heart and a dad's heart." #ChurchToo
Jobe calls the statements made on social media "allegations" that were "regarding some alleged mishandling of cases in our Title IX office and student life offices" #ChurchToo
Jobe says around the 15 minute mark that "As a father of a daughter that graduated from a Christian college" these allegations deeply trouble him. Notes that he has experience ministering to victims of sexual abuse as a pastor in Chicago for many years. #ChurchToo
"I'm deeply saddened to hear that there are victims on our own campus who feel like their voices over the years were not heard or that proper safety measures were not taken to ensure their well being." -Mark Jobe #churchtoo

Who FEEL LIKE. Yikes.
Jobe says he needs to clarify confusion that is evident in emails he's received. What this is not about is that "Moody makes no apology for our biblical stand regarding marriage and sexuality." WOW. That's the first thing you say. That's at the 18 min mark btw. #ChurchToo
"We will continue to stand on our biblical definition of marriage and remain unapologetically committed to the scriptural definition of sexuality regardless of what mainstream culture embraces." Not gonna solve your #ChurchToo problem with that attitude my friend. #MoodyToo
Additionally, Jobe says, "Some headlines have abused Moody of abuse cover-up, and there's no evidence" for that. Sorry does multiple people saying Arens encouraged them not to press charges or speak to others somehow not count as evidence of covering up abuse? Jesus #ChurchToo
Jobe says "If our community has failed to uphold that commitment (to be a safe place) in the present or in the past, I am profoundly, as a father, as a pastor, as a follower of Jesus, I am profoundly sorry for the pain and the wounds this may have caused students." #ChurchToo
If our community failed. May have caused. #ChurchToo #MoodyToo
Jobe reminds everyone "not to jump to conclusions or cast judgement before we have all the facts. It would be unfair to those who have served for years in some of these roles" and specifically mentions Dean Arens having worked at Moody since Jobe was a student. #ChurchToo
Mark Jobe then gives a recommendation from the stage for Arens: "I've always known Tim to be a person of character, integrity, that cares for students, and loves God." #ChurchToo #MoodyToo
He then also recommends Title IX coordinator Rachel Puente who has also been accused of mishandling abuse allegations but he appears to call her Rachel Puentes?? So there's that

Anyway you can read more about what they're both accused of here: docs.google.com/document/d/1Z0… #ChurchToo
At 23 minutes Jobe invites Dr. Perry the provost to the stage to talk about the plan. Perry says he first became aware of the allegations on Saturday. The @Change petition was posted on Friday, though some MBI #ChurchToo stories have been circulating for years.
Next steps as outlined by Dr. Perry: they will be engaging an "independent, third-party firm with specific Title IX expertise to conduct a thorough review" and "investigate the allegations made." Interviewing firms this week he said. #ChurchToo #MoodyToo
Apparently they WILL be sharing the name of the firm once selected so that's something to look out for for anyone following this story. #ChurchToo
Perry says they'll be asking the firm to determine if they responded appropriately to instances of sexual abuse, but stresses that this does not mean "that Dr. Tim Arens or Mrs. Rachel Puente or anyone involved in these issues has done anything inappropriate." #ChurchToo
Perry says that it's important as a Christian community "that we believe the victim unless otherwise proved false, and that we ALSO verify the veracity of any allegation against anyone in our community." Which is basically just a word salad??? #ChurchToo
Third step is that they are going to meet with mental health professionals to determine how they can provide more immediate support to those those who are hurting. Also says they want to integrate mental health professionals more in the Title IX process. #ChurchToo
Fourth, effectively immediately, Perry says that Dean Arens has been "asked to step away from his responsibilities in regard to the implementation of any application of discipline as it relates to the student conduct code." #ChurchToo
For context, Arens is always who you had to go to if you got caught drinking or looking at p0rn or something. For more context, Moody's "student conduct code" is called the Student Life Guide or SLG for short and here's its section on sexuality: #ChurchToo
Perry also says that Rachel Puente "has been asked to step down from her part time role as the Title IX coordinator pending the conclusion of the independent investigation." #ChurchToo
So this is actually some really tricky language here. Dean Arens has a lot of responsibilities. Seems maybe he's only been asked to step back from the disciplinary ones? Rachel Puente hasn't been there that long, she's young. But like Jobe mentioned Arens has history. #ChurchToo
Perry reiterates, "PLEASE, do not read into these action steps any judgment toward either Dr. Arens or Mrs. Puente." They are REALLY going out of their way to imply that they're innocent and they don't believe a word of that Google doc. #ChurchToo #MoodyToo
Fifth, it appears that Dean Arens had announced his retirement a couple months ago, and Perry says as part of interview process for his replacement they will include students from student groups on campus to help determine selection. #ChurchToo
Sixth, Perry announces that they will select an interim Title IX coordinator by a week from this chapel service. Seventh, they also MAY restructure Title IX office to provide more support than has been present in the past but no official commitment on that one. #ChurchToo
Lastly, Perry promises to provide updates to the Moody community. "The welfare of our students is paramount," he says. Says the investigative process will provide insights to help them better hear "every student's voice." #ChurchToo
Omfg then for the FOURTH time during this video, it is reiterated ONCE AGAIN that everyone should "refrain from assumptions until the investigation is complete." Do you guys think they have a dog in this fight idk it's really not clear #ChurchToo #MoodyToo
After the provost Dr. Perry finishes speaking Jobe comes back on stage and says the rest of this time will be spent in prayer. I don't hate myself enough to watch all of that but the video is linked above if you dare. I've got my questions answered. #ChurchToo

• • •

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Okay I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now so I have time
Number one. There is no scientific consensus on "when life begins" because the question of "when life begins" is primarily a spiritual/theological question, not a scientific one. Really all depends on what we mean by "life," the various beliefs on the existence of a "soul," etc.
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So I see that thanks to some high profile shares another article about p*rnography is making its way around the #ChurchToo tag and I just want to take a moment and state that for the most part, right now, I am deeply unconcerned about the “role” of p*rn.
First off, people, mostly men, with power have been grooming, abusing and assaulting people with less power since long before the invention of internet p*rnography and second off, p*rn tends to function as something of a scapegoat for conservative Christians. #churchtoo
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