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1. Scaffolding is a framework erected for workers to safely work while something is under construction. It is a place where the worker can be anchored, hold supplies, and rest, without constantly tearing down the support system. It helps you hold your place and reduces fatigue.
2. Scaffolding can be internal to a structure, or external to it, depending on the area being worked upon. Where you are doing internal work, you will need to set up and keep strong scaffolding to stay safe, upon which to rest, and to hold the ground you have gained. #recovery
3. If you are doing internal work, but have external scaffolding, your emotional health will continually collapse every time you are triggered, overtired, out of sorts, or overwhelmed. You must place the scaffold where it is needed, otherwise, you will fall like a house of cards.
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Okay, there are trigger warnings all over this before I post.

This is fucking disgusting.

It's also a lie designed to deny women sexual autonomy.…
It only gets worse, BTW.

This fucking misogynist sentient dumpster fire.

This dude just argued gay marriage is wrong, because dudes don't have hymens.

But yeah..."champion of women."…
This is the same asshat who was preaching rape culture as healthy masculinity.

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1. A few thoughts about this thorough and interesting profile of Mike Pence (thanks to @stephenbottomly for pointing me to it). There's good background here on Pence's religious ideology, ambition, and political career.…

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
2. I have a couple of quibbles. This one is fairly trivial, but @mckaycoppins, please take note--I'm a Hoosier, and no one in Indiana considers Columbus "a suburb of Indianapolis." By now, some may consider it an exurb, I suppose, but definitely not a suburb.
3. More substantively, as is all too typical for @TheAtlantic, I find this piece annoyingly sympathetic to evangelicals' and other conservative Christians' sense of being "beleaguered." THEY. ARE. NOT. PERSECUTED. They are pathological authoritarians

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
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1. I/we survived (this was seriously in question still)

2. I left what was a 25+ career in the health field because trauma truncated and took over.

3. We made a decision to leave a toxic environment created by #churchtoo

4. I completed a course of four trauma intensives that covered the first 18 years of abuse. Phew.

5. I joined a community center and slowly started to uncurl my body from the curled up ball it had become from #churchtoo #trauma

6. I wrote for a #churchtoo documentary coming out this spring with


where I met



7. After the filming I had two things I had never had before: deeply true fellows and a restored voice.
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1. Okay, I'm finally sitting down to do my own #2018InReview thread. A lot has happened in my life this year. I've made concrete progress as a writer, speaker, activist, and #Exvangelical advocate.. I'm in a transitional space but feeling somewhat more hopeful about the future.
2. I think I'll go essentially chronologically. Back in January, I was teaching what would become my last semester at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I had hoped that maybe another temporary but full-time with benefits position there would come along, but it did not.
3. I was left with the choice of eking out a living as an adjunct instructor with no benefits, or moving back in with my parents in Indiana for a while to try and see if I could keep the momentum up with the popular engagement through writing, podcasts, radio, etc. I'd been doing
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1/ For those who might be interested, here's a recap of my some of my 2018 threads courtesy of @threadreaderapp. This one was a discussion on the problems concerning "the" Bible as the inerrant word of God. This clearly falls under #ChristianAltFacts.…
2/ This other thread dealt with the social practice of "speaking in tongues," and the problems related to the interpretation of Acts 2; a text which should be understood as an etiological narrative.…
3/ Upon the recommendation of @4GWDOTDOTDOT, I read and gave a short assessment of a study done by Francesca Tripodi entitled, “Searching for Alternate Facts: Analyzing Scriptural Inference in Conservative News Practices.” Here were some of my thoughts.…
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Glad you included @emilyjoypoetry and criticism of the #ChurchToo summit here, @publicroad, but referring to our #Exvangelical community only as “those who have been wounded by evangelicalism so badly that they have left it” is dismissive and insulting. We’re much more than that.
Call us exvangelicals or ex-evangelicals or exvies, please, @publicroad. But whatever you call us, please take note of the ways we’ve organized to take back our own narratives and to expose the rot in evangelicalism. We didn’t leave merely because we were hurt.
We left, and have organized as a community, @publicroad, because we have important things to say about the rot at the center of white evangelicalism, which is irredeemably abusive, anti-pluralist, and anti-democratic. We are stakeholders in discussions of evangelicalism.
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1. On a related note, the #Exvangelical community absolutely won the battle for public visibility when it comes to yesterday's #GC2Summit at Wheaton College, a PR stunt through which evangelicals hoped to retain control of the narrative regarding abuse. #ChurchToo #EmptyThePews
2. Just look at all the coverage that has quoted @emilyjoypoetry and/or @juleswoodson11 and included the #Exvangelical criticism of Ed Stetzer's event, where evangelicals strove to be appear to be taking abuse seriously while holding onto abusive patriarchal, anti-queer theology.
3. Here are several examples, and my understanding is that more coverage favorable to the #Exvangelical take on the #GC2Summit is on the way. Stetzer, Moore, Lucado and company have failed to control the story. This is huge.……
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Me, watching the second half of the "Reflections: A #GC2Summit on responding to sexual harassment, abuse, and violence"
oh goddess they're singing again
First in the afternoon: "Ashes to Beauty: When Jesus Heals" by Jeanette Salguero.
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Let’s talk about @BethMooreLPM and her words of hatred and violence towards LGBTQ people.

#gc2summit #ChurchToo
In her book ‘Praying God’s Word,’ @BethMooreLPM makes the outright claim that the existence of LGBTQ people are “ a deadly sexual assault of the evil one in our society.”

This statement should straight up disqualify her from any conversation about abuse, ever. But she goes on.
Later, @BethMooreLPM openly advocates for ex-gay therapy, one of the most heinous and violent forms of Christian abuse ever created, saying, “God can indeed deliver you and anxiously awaits your full cooperation”

#gc2summit #ChurchToo
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Me today, watching the #gc2summit on #churchtoo:
Kicking this thing off by singing the lyrics of "Amazing Grace"- a song about the repentance of a middle passage slave trader- I think is going to be pretty emblematic for today.

God loves us even thought we're BAD is probs going to be a major theme. #churchtoo #gc2summit
"Nothing can be healed without you, without your spirit."

Uh. False.

#gc2summit #churchtoo
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1. That white evangelical subculture has been "shielded from criticism" is absolutely true; it's something the #Exvangelical community is working to end. The shielding is partly due to evangelical leaders' savvy about cultivating good PR and cozy relationships with journalists.
2. For an introduction to how evangelicals manage their PR, see this piece I wrote for @RDispatches ahead of the midterms:…

To dig deeper, follow and look up the work of @brucewilson, @FredClarkson, and @PRAEyesRight.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
3. But there's another reason evangelicals have been shielded from criticism, and that has to do with what @drvox refers to as "media culture's weird mythology about who is & isn't 'Real American.'"
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So, what should we do about this? This Thursday, December 13, #Exvangelical Twitter needs to show up in large numbers to tweet criticisms of complementarianism, purity culture, and anti-LGBTQ theology with the hashtags #ChurchToo and #GC2Summit.

#EmptyThePews #Resist
I want to be clear this is @emilyjoypoetry's plan; I am going to participate and want to get the word out about it, as well as to help raise awareness of what's wrong with defenders of patriarchal evangelical theology claiming #ChurchToo. Hint: it's the theology.
@babecolate would you be willing to help get the word out about this?
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1/ So we at the @startelegram did a thing. We dug into independent fundamental Baptist churches and found hundreds of abuse cases (this is the beginning of a thread, sorry not sorry) #churchtoo #MeToo…
2/ Not only are abusers protected, but they are quite literally shuffled across the country by other pastors thanks to a network of colleges and churches in the movement…
3/ I spoke to over 200 people for this story. I owe them a tremendous debt. Some used their names. Some, still terrified of the church they attended, asked to remain anonymous. But all of them spoke because they wanted this to stop…
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1/ Do read this 4-part series by @sarahesmith23 on sexual misconduct and abuse allegations in fundamental Baptist churches across the U.S. The culture of fear and silence is rooted in authoritarianism: "To question the pastor is to question God" #churchtoo…
2/ Many of these churches have no oversight; pastors are essentially unaccountable. Some leaders protect each other and their institutions rather than helping the victims: "We have to cover up child abuse because we have to protect the church.” #churchtoo…
3/ "When members leave the church, they may lose almost all of their friends and even their family. They realize their degrees from unaccredited Bible colleges don’t mean anything... They suddenly have to learn to navigate a world they learned was evil."…
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I’m finally reading Pure by @LindaKayKlein, and I’ve decided to tweet a thread of quotes and observations over however long it takes me to finish. I’ve just started, and I’m already impressed by the prose and the insights.

#Exvangelical #PurityCulture #EmptyThePews #ChurchToo
On page 3, Klein brilliantly links Freud’s concept of the taboo to the evangelical understanding of a stumbling block. Freud: “A person may become permanently or temporarily taboo” if this person incites “forbidden desires of others” and awakens “the ambivalent conflict in them.”

“After all, my sexual energy, sometimes off-color humor, and the ‘50s pinup va-va-voom of the hips I’d recently acquired were already worrying some in my community.”

“I was taboo—guarded and guarded against—long before I had ever done anything ‘wrong.’”

She was sixteen.
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We are ex-evangelicals. If you are a corrupt, evangelical leader, you should fear us. We are here to shed light in all of the dark corners of your world. You have protected these dark spaces at great cost to us, to all of us. #EmptyThePews #Exvangelical @thelifeafterorg
The people who own the scars due to the protection of this darkness have found their voices, and we will expose your rot, your corruption, your filth, your lies.

Our screaming voices will not be silenced by people who are desperate to keep power and privilege.
We are here to seek justice. We will speak these truths boldly for ourselves and for the souls who have died in your war.

The LGBTQ+ community is full of your victims. They are told they are an abomination, and they believe this lie until it kills them.
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1. The singular reason that I am on social media is to share empathetic, evidence-based information regarding sexual harm against children and adults. I have a particular interest in elite deviance in faith based communities - for several reasons. A thread.
2. 93% of incarnated sexual offenders self identify as religious or very religious. The very religious committed the most heinous crimes, with the highest number, and youngest victims (Abel & Harlow).
3. "I considered church people easy to fool... they have a trust that comes from being Christian... I think they want to believe in people. And because of that, you can easily convince, with or without convincing words."

- an interview with a sexual predator

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Buckle up bitches here's my thread on kavanaugh so first of all, trigger warnings abound. I'm gonna cuss, I'm gonna rage, I'm pissed and I'm on my 2nd glass of wine. I am cooking dinner rn so this will be intermittent.

Kavanaugh is a Catholic. Kavanaugh is a practicing Catholic in Good Standing (he's been a eucharistic minister recently, which means you have to be in good standing w the Church.) The USCCB, the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, has refused to (c
act on excommunication for a rapist (yeah, sorry, I believe her, I believe Kavanaugh is a rapist, unfollow if you don't like it. come at me. I fucking dare you.)

The Pope hasn't issued a statement. The Catholic Church didn't sign the National Council of Churches' statement
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[1] Today on a friend's FB post, a fundigelical made the comment that it doesn't matter if it turns out the allegations are true and #Kavanaugh is confirmed, because "God's will be done." #EmptyThePews #ChurchToo
[2] That if he is confirmed, even if it turns out he is guilty, it's God's will and that is a good thing. That if he was a rapist or an abuser, it's okay, because God wanted him there. This is the sickness that rests within Christianity. #EmptythePews
[3] Her argument was that we could "Agree to disagree" that a rapist being in one of the top positions is a bad thing. These are the same people who claim to follow a loving, merciful, just God. But who throw women under the bus. #EmptyThePews
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When you are the first person to ever tell an abuse victim you believe them, and you see their reaction to finally being told they are believed; the weight of the call to “believe women” takes on new meaning and an infinitely greater sense of urgency. #metoo #churchtoo
And I say this as a black man. Fully aware that there are a multitude of men who are in prison and have been to prison because of false accusations. I fully recognize that o could go to prison cuz of my ethnicity based on a false charge. Stil, I generally believe women.
“But here’s the thing, despite the history of false sex crime claims against black men by white women, I still have no problem believing women when they tell me they’ve been sexually assaulted...”…
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At least part of the reason Paige Patterson is back behind a pulpit with pews full of congregants happy to hear from him is this: the criteria relied upon to render many American Evangelical pastors "qualified" is more capitalistic than Christian, and Patterson still has capital.
In this system, men have more capital by virtue of being men, women have less capital by virtue of being women. Men who are pastors have more capital by virtue of being men who are pastors. Notice that I'm not saying more *responsibility.* I'm saying capital--worth, value, asset.
It's an economy arranged around power and money, number of seats filled, salvation decisions made, and a hundred other things that we can quibble over the virtue of all we want. If we end at a pastor's lack of integrity mattering not at all, hands over women's mouths, who cares.
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“Get over it; it was a long time ago.”

I’ve been told this, including by a man who raped me.

Do you understand that an unwanted and unexpected touch from a principal during a meeting to advocate for my daughter can make me jump, yelp, cuss, because my body can’t get over it?
“What could have happened 20 years ago that would still matter today.”

I’ve been told this, including by a man who trafficked me 20+ years ago.

Do you know trauma memories are stored differently, coming to life in nightmares in which it feels like it’s happening today?
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

I’ve been told this, delivered not as a question but as a statement about my credibility.

Do you know all the ways I tried to tell with fresh cuts on my arms & meals revisited in the toilet & extreme overachievement to earn something like worth?
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IDK who it was at @vicenews that greenlit whatever the hell I just watched but this is one of the most simultaneously laughable and dangerous things I've seen lately. This is evangelical ego-stroking at its finest.
First off, Matt Chandler was a "rising star" ten years ago and he's done nothing since then but put out a handful of shitty books regurgitating standard evangelical theology for people who already believe it
Second off, this was well before the #ChurchToo days or we would have had a field day with it, but please recall how "Village Church" tried to formally discipline a woman for annulling her marriage to a man who was caught with child pornography…
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