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The faces of Chris Harrison in this episode (and specifically, those when he's listening to Clare) are glorious #TheBachelorette
Here's more #TheBachelorette
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Okay #BachelorNation. My name is Emily Joy, I'm a lesbian with an unhealthy obsession with this show, I have a degree in philosophical theology & apologetics from Moody Bible Institute, and if you're wondering what the fuck is going on I'm here to break it down. #TheBachelorette
In last night's episode @AlabamaHannah referenced the biblical story of the woman caught in adultery & the words of Jesus when he said, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." The story she's referring to can be found here in the gospel of John:…
Now a couple interesting things to note: 1) unlike a lot of other Jesus stories, this one is found *only* in the gospel of John & not the others, and 2) there is good scholarly consensus that this bit of John was added later and was not a part of the original text of the gospel.
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#TheBachelorette has been hard to watch and extremely triggering this season. Abusive relationships can be hard to identify if you're in one, and difficult to intervene in if you're loved one is a victim. Here is a thread of resources for survivors of IPV and their loved ones.
It can be hard to realize if you're an abusive relationship. Here's one reason why–abusers try to plant seeds of doubt in us to extend their control. They want to deny the abuse in any way possible. Here are some signs you might be in an abusive relationship. Image
If you're experiencing relationship violence, know you aren't alone. We have compiled some resources and common questions we hear from survivors of abusive relationships, with responses from those of us who have been there.…
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OK, #BachelorNation, the guys competing for @AlabamaHannah's heart are up, which means it's time for my favorite game: Parsing their bios!
Brian, 30, is a math teacher who teaches "at the same high school he attended" in Louisville, Kentucky. He is also a "pun and sarcasm enthusiast."
Cam, 30, is a software salesman who is a "self-proclaimed 'dance-floor king.'" His favorite movie of all-time is "The Notebook" and believes the most important thing a woman can have is good dental hygiene.
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Tonight, millions of Americans will watch a fickle reality TV star choose between multiple suitors. Also #TheBachelorette is on.
If TV executives really wanted to capitalize on this moment, they’d announce Merrick Garland as the next Bachelor tonight.
Meanwhile: Hardiman is now the Nick Viall of SCOTUS picks.
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Looks like I'm watching The Bachelorette for the first time ever tonight…
Virginia is not "The Land of Lovers" omg wtf #TheBachelorette
Um do dudes fight with each other like that IRL #TheBachelorette
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