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As I prepare to get the new blog/project up and running, here is a thread of my public/popular writings across various platforms, to be updated regularly:
1. "Strive to Be Saints", @Medium, November 7, 2016…
"A Reluctant Rosary", personal blog (formerly "Inflammate Omnia"), March 20, 2017…
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1/ As the only Baptists in an Interfaith Bible Study, we were asked to clarify some issues.

We assumed we could provide answers.

But, we could not.

So, we asked clergy for aid and we were soundly rebuked; our membership in a #SBC church was jeopardized.

#SBCtoo #churchtoo
2/ As a Study member exclaimed:

"Seriously? They'll disfellowship you for asking questions?

That's bizarre! How else can you learn?

You need better pastoral care!"

Probably. 😞

So, seven difficult #SBC theology questions. 👇

Trigger Warnings!
#Sexualabuse 🚨 #Abortion 🚨
3/ Question 1: Does this passage in Numbers 8:11-31 depict a forced ceremonial #abortion, which kills the fetus in order to quell a husband's suspicion of his wife's adultery?…
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God created us in His image, male & female - an essential pairing for the creation of life.

Likewise, God has both masculine & feminine attributes - vital for the creation of Spiritual Life.

This thread👇explores Christian traditions of the feminine.

#sbc #sbctoo #churchtoo Image
The female Sophia/Wisdom:

Listen as Wisdom calls out!

Hear as understanding raises her voice!
By the gates at the entrance to the town, on the road leading in, she cries aloud, "I call to you, to all of you!
Proverbs 8…
1/ Never heard a sermon on this.️🔝

Typical response:

Us: What's your understanding of Feminine Wisdom (or in Hebrew "Chochmah") in Proverbs 8?

Pastor: 😕
Long, awkward pause.

Us: So ... the #SBC doesn't teach Feminine Wisdom?

Pastor (checks watch): Well, gotta go! 🏃
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Hi all. This is a thread about what is commonly referred to as "deconstruction," Joshua Harris' new "course," and the grifters of the post-evangelical internet. Buckle up. #purityculture #churchtoo #deconstruction
I've been holding my tongue and biding my time on the "deconstruction" movement for a while now. Language evolves and we needed a useful term for the process many of us have gone through that involves unlearning, deconverting, and/or reconfiguring the toxic faith we once had.
What I'm about to say is in no way meant to imply that one must have specific credentials or certifications to be an expert in one's own experience, nor is it meant to imply that credentialing orgs are free of white supremacy, queerphobia, classism, and general vileness.
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“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath”

Jesus interpreted the Sabbath in a way that rehumanizes people.Oppressive systems thingify people, reducing us to tools that serve their appetite & agenda.But the Sabbath reminds us that we are Gods image bearers & children
/2 Consider the second half of Jesus statement. “Not man for the sabbath”

Jesus is saying you are reducing people to tools created to serve your religious system.

Jesus does not waste words. He is warning us that we are prone to do this in both religious and non-religious ways
/3 Consider the long list of #churchtoo casualties. So many abuse survivors speak not only of toxic people but toxic systems and environments. They were in churches where women’s voices were sidelined. They were made to feel like things mainly there to serve male egos and lusts.
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It’s really amazing to me how comfortable White women are with acting as if Black women don’t exist.

You can’t chronicle what Christian women leaders were doing to liberate/galvanize women in the pews and exclude BW- especially Renita Weems among others.…
And I get this piece is about Barr’s book (which I’ve read by the way). But the article itself speaks to a much larger issue: Black women are largely excluded from these conversations and the work they’ve done wholly ignored.
Ain’t no way you gon tell me you’re having an honest conversation about how church women wrestle with gender roles and not include Renita Weems’ ENTIRE body of work. Like…women were actually reading her in groups and re-evaluating their whole lives. That’s part of THIS history.
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Going to retweet some of the New Yorker article with parts that stuck out to me as it illustrates why I started questioning complementarianism and eventually decided this whole debate is fit only for the trash can.

This will be a thread, and probably a long one. 01/?
"For a time, Barr fell under the sway of an abusive boyfriend, who, while menacing her, spat Scripture demanding her submission. The fact that she couldn’t question him made it harder to see the abuse for what it was."

The first time I ever felt called on to use counseling training was when a young woman I worked with confided in me that her then-boyfriend was mentally, verbally, and socially cruel to her. Neither were saved, but I realized "complementarianism" had no category for this. 03/?
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Dear Twitter:

I am exhausted.

I am angry, I am heartbroken, and I am grieving.

I want to say the announcement @esaumccaulley links to here is a victory.

In some ways it is.

But it is a small victory won at far too great a cost.

“What’s wrong?” concerned observers will ask. “You made a public statement and the Bishop responded. He says he is deeply grieved, and he is taking some steps you asked him to take. Isn’t that what you wanted?”
No, it isn’t what I wanted.

I never wanted any of this.

I never wanted to be forced to spend yet more precious, irretrievable hours of my life painstakingly laying out a 30-tweet thread that may or may not gain any traction or inspire any advocacy.
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My #ChurchToo story thread:

This is a brief overview of how @MidwestAnglican / @ChurchRez has mishandled church leader sexual abuse and assault allegations for 2+ years and counting.

(I will write about my personal experience within the story in greater detail soon.)

who's who:

@The_ACNA: Anglican Church in North America under @ArchbishopFoley

@MidwestAnglican: 35-church ACNA diocese under Bp. Stewart Ruch

@ChurchRez: largest church & diocesan headquarters, Wheaton, IL

Christ Our Light Anglican Church (COLA): small church, Big Rock, IL
My neighbor Mark Rivera raped me twice, pressured me to keep this secret, and repeatedly propositioned me to have an affair.

Mark was the catechist (lay pastor) at Christ Our Light Anglican. My godfather, Rand York, was the priest. COLA members were my neighbors and friends.
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#SBC21 Messengers...Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for hearing our cries and acting in support! While I am beyond elated many important steps have been taken over the last 2 days, there is so much work still left to be done...and it cannot be done by 1 person alone.
There will be a continued need for many things as we move forward with a new sense of hope...Accountability for promises made, ministering to survivors (while meeting them where they are,) continued education into trauma and how we as Christians can respond in a way that...
that honors Christ...etc.
Then, once the investigation is complete and made known, there will be many more steps needed to be taken in regards to genuine repentance & restitution along with concrete actions to prevent further harm to God's children. This is just the beginning...
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Predators have several methods of keeping their victims silent and compliant so that they can continue their abuse unhindered. Here are two prominent ones you should know

First, predators know that people tend to discount reports of abuse. Despite the fact that the percentage of false reports is very small and the overwhelming majority of disclosures are true, people don’t want to believe and so they don’t.
Disbelieving reports of abuse is even more likely when the perpetrator is a well-known, well-liked, authority figure or leader. When we hear that someone we know, respect, or admire has been accused of abuse, we default to believing that person rather than the victim.
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It is not a coincidence that the most outspoken SBC survivors are almost always those who are plagued by guilt/trauma because "leaders" failed to stop their abusers from hurting others.

I feel like that's worth noting, given the current convo about motivations.
-Left: What @Dave_Pittman said in 2019
-Right: What he wrote for @SBCvoices yesterday.

Note who is top priority in both. It aint David Pittman. #SBCtoo #ChurchToo #SBC21
Here's what Debbie Vasquez wrote in 2006. #SBCtoo #SBC2021

And here's what she was up to in 2019, after paying her way to Caring Well a week from serious surgery and confined to a motorized scooter:
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I remember the one my ex attended during our separation. Another man there called to ask if I would meet the returning men at the church “to motivate” his resolve to be a “more godly husband & father” & “encourage the continued change he experienced” while on the retreat.

It was the first time I felt free to tell the truth.

I told him I had been trying to encourage my then husband for over a decade. I did everything to motivate him be a more godly husband & father, encourage him to get help, support him financially, emotionally, and spiritually.
I had tried everything, read every Christian marriage book I could find, asked 4 help and advice from pastors and spiritual mentors 4yrs, attempted xtian counseling and yes, went on men’s/women’s/& marriage retreats with him too. But I recognize I could never motivate him.

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When I use 'The SBC' I'm speaking about...

My SBC ordained Youth Pastor who sexually abused me

My SBC pastors who blamed me when I reported my assault

My SBC pastors who failed to report my abuse

My SBC pastors that never informed my abuser's next church about his history
My SBC pastors who were not honest with the congregation about what occurred

My SBC pastors who allowed my abuser to lead a 'True Love Waits' weekend right after he assaulted me

My SBC pastors who threw my abuser a going away party
My SBC pastors who never once reached out to me personally after I reported my abuse

The SBC pastor who later hired my abuser all while knowing that he abused me, a teen, in his past youth group

My SBC pastor who continues to deny wrong doing in how my abuse was handled
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Thread #SBC21: Does NO ONE have ears to hear, eyes to see, a heart to care AND COURAGE TO ACT??? Why do #SBC survivors continue to get the run around??? @SusanCodone reached out to the chair of the #CredentialsCommittee in an effort to have them right their wrongs with...
regards to my case. When I recently inquired about how it went, here's what she had to say...
"Hi Jules. After I wrote the chair of the committee, I found out he was in some collusion with Mike Stone. He also told me that he was afraid pastors would get...
mad at him if the committee took too many actions. Then I had a zoom call with Rolland Slade, who
was taking over as chair. He seemed genuine and promised to look into your claim. I sent him all the documentation I had already sent to the Credentials Committee and he said he...
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Today marks a major, bittersweet milestone in my decades-long quest for accountability for what happened to me as a child at the hands of my father, Ellsworth Culver, the founder of Mercy Corps. Unfortunately, he was not the only perpetrator, and I was not his only victim. 1/
Today, Mercy Corps publicly released a report on an independent investigation by the Freeh Group International Solutions that looked into what happened to me and others under the auspices of humanitarian missions. You can read the report here:… 2/
While the investigative report is not a comprehensive account of the extent and depravity of abuse that I and other children suffered at the hands of my father and other "humanitarian" leaders, it reveals so much about how the abuse was able to fester for years under cover. 3/
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Looks like the Christian Post is at it again, Starting with this headline that sounds like a joke, “Heckle Christ’s bride at your eternal peril”
This is a republish of an article that originally had a less attention-grabby but equally evangelical-centric headline: “How to Stay When the World Says Leave”
This is a very common framing for evangelicals, that “the world” somehow exists over THERE, while evangelicals are over HERE being “in the world but not of it”

I don’t buy it.
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One day I'm gunna do a deep dive of Accelerated Christian Education. It's nearly 3am and I'm scrolling through pages and pages of their material online and it's messed up and it's not good for my soul. But one day. I'm gunna do it. Image
TW. Home schooling
Since I have them saved from last night, I'm gunna dump a bunch of pics of the workbooks, cartoons, etc here and maybe you'll can work out what's wrong with them. #exposechristianeducation #aceducation #homeschooling ImageImageImageImage
TW. Victim blaming, abuse, grooming ImageImage
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Just listening to the new zoomtalk by @kkdumez @aimeebyrdhwt @bethallisonbarr on their books and what triggered them to take action. I would like to add my three acts here in Europe when the Hollywood tapes and pres. election happened. FTR, I am a orthodox theologian and
chair the Dutch national association 'For defense of the unborn child'. 1st, in the week of the election of Trump, we were holding our first national "Pro life" week here. I felt completely sick that week, as I saw evangelicals in the US abandonding core christian values. Act 1:
I decided that any form of lobby or marketing for the Pro Life cause should be stopped by us, as the message could not come across especially with such a leader in the US. Only real (financial, housing, social ) help for women could sustain the good cause. Act 2, I became
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Sigh. So all I've really been focusing on the last couple of days is finishing up my semester & I'm fucking EXHAUSTED but the work of #ChurchToo does not care how many pages I had to write this week. I'm gonna tweet about Josh Duggar and Moody Bible Institute so buckle up & TW ⬇️
First of all, the news about Josh Duggar is traumatizing af for a lot of us especially those of us who come from fundamentalist homeschooling backgrounds (hi 🖐️) and one thing I'm gonna need every media outlet to stop doing immediately is treating purity culture like it's *cute.*
So much of the coverage of the last decade has been like "let's go look at these evangelical freaks with their purity balls & their weird church services! how unique!" It has felt like a field trip to the evangelical zoo but this shit is not cute. It's killing people. #ChurchToo
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Regarding abuse and the church:

The first week of Theology Gals, I was contacted by someone, their child was sexually abused by someone in their church. The pastor told them not to go to the police, that the church would deal with it. 1/
She contacted me to ask if they should go to the authorities. I told her yes. They did. And were treated horribly by their church for doing so.

Her pastor was a mandated reporter, and their denom has a policy to go to authorities. Yet he didn't report. 2/
Within weeks of that situation, a girl was beaten by her husband, left in fear. Was told by her pastor to return the next day, because "her husband was repentant"
She was scared to return, which is why she contacted me. 3/
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I have finished "Jesus and John Wayne." I highly, highly recommend it. The breadth of the book should be bewildering, but @kkdumez makes the last century of white evangelical history accessible and engaging. Truly masterful. 🙌

There were only three things that caught my eye:
(1) I wish this passage about child molestation did not use the phrase "mutual masturbation with boys." From a child protection perspective, there's nothing "mutual" about an adult engaging in child molestation. I'd prefer more accurate language here.
(2) I wish this passage about #MeToo coming to American evangelicalism at least mentioned #ChurchToo and credited @emilyjoypoetry for her work. That seems like a significant part of this history.
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The 1st of 2 invasive cancers was diagnosed 10 yrs ago today.

Surgeon said it had begun growing about 6 yrs earlier, tho hidden to imaging.

My mind went back in time. Cancer began when I was in the thick of trying to report the #SBC pastor who repeatedly raped me as a kid.🧵1/4
So Hellish was the prolonged experience of trying to report an SBC pastor-rapist & protect others that the very cells of my body had mutated.

Cancer is a multi-factorial process but 1 factor correlated to its inception in me was church bullying & #SBC #InstitutionalBetrayal. 2/4
It took a terrible toll to speak truth into a system determined not to hear & designed not to hear.

And really? For what?

Tho his assaults on me are well-substantiated, he has still never faced any consequence.

And me? I'm just grateful to still be here. #SBCtoo #ChurchToo 3/4
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My alma mater, Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis, recently wrote to parents, alumni, and supporters, asking them to contact their representatives to oppose the Equality Act.

HCS is a 501(c)3 and receives voucher funding 😒

This video also describes @TheElizaRose's experience being told by the physiology teacher, Mr. Stephen Terry, that all women have one fewer ribs than men. She talks about her cognitive dissonance and how she concluded that God did not want her to be a doctor.

I too had Mr. Terry back in my day at Heritage, from which I graduated in 1999. I had him for chemistry, and, wait for it, *AP* biology.

To qualify as an AP class, you have to use an approved textbook. But Mr. Terry refused to teach us the evolution chapters.

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