Kleptopia review: power, theft and Trump as leader in Putin’s own image theguardian.com/us-news/2020/o… In the early 2000s, Western intelligence agencies saw transnational organized crime and corruption as a major threat to Western institutions and democracy. What was obvious then and
2/ now is that this criminal threat was tied tightly to the Big Capitalist System of International Finance. You look at the staggering amounts of money laundering and you realize that is not possible to do without the collaboration or cooperation of major Western banks, coupled
3/ with legal tax havens. Big Capitalism is amoral, if not immoral. Big Capitalism hides the money of legitimate corporations and billionaires. It uses lawyers, accountants, & financial wizards. It is a massive legal con game--to hide money and punish commoners. The same legal
4/ con game is used by organized crime, or the kleptocrats. And here we are. In a second Trump term the FBI and Treasury Department's FINCEN will be gutted. The proposed new civil service reductions in job protection will effectively neuter law enforcement. It will be over. Which
5/ is why if Biden adopts Obama's idiotic "look forward, not backward" stance towards this kleptocracy, his election would have been almost pointless. Trump has shown that normative guardrails are useless. Only strong federal laws, strong law enforcement, and stronger oversight
6/ of the presidency and administration can protect the country. And, cable news and elite media should have been covering Trump's gutting of the administrative state instead of obsessing over his tweets.

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25 Oct
The end of democracy? To many Americans, the future looks dark if the other side wins. washingtonpost.com/politics/end-o… This article is a prime reason why academicians, primarily historians, are a poor guide to understanding what is happening. The fault is their methodology. There are
2/ mysterious forces that move Americans. They are "seeking to fill a void." Not even Michael Barkun, who wrote 2 books on right-wing conspiracy theories rooted in Christian Identity, sees a deliberate strategy of polarization. And that is the key. If you don't look for a
3/ strategy, then you don't see a strategy; you see mysterious forces. @NormOrnstein in their book It Is Worse Than It Looks saw a deliberate strategy of destruction. John Dean and Thomas Frank see deliberate destruction. Hofstadter & Lipset saw the destructive orientation of
Read 7 tweets
5 Oct
Levels of trust in America—in our institutions, in our politics, and in one another—are in precipitous decline. And when social trust collapses, nations fail. Can we get it back before it’s too late? @nytdavidbrooks on America’s moral convulsion: theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/… // This
2/ is a very serious essay by David Brooks--much longer than what he can write in the NY Times. He does a very good job of looking at the macro indicators of social mistrust and the larger social-economic forces that drive social mistrust. But, like many conservative and liberal
3/ public intellectuals, the main driver of social distrust and destruction of institutions is completely omitted: the Christian Right. As I ended my interview with @PaulHRosenberg in Salon, salon.com/2020/09/26/beh… public intellectuals completely ignore Hofstadter's
Read 9 tweets
25 Sep
1820 Has a Lot to Tell Us About 2020 nytimes.com/2020/09/25/opi… My minority view is that the role of the US as a superpower is essentially over. We're done. We are so divided, that we cannot possibly conduct a relatively stable Cold War policy with Russia & China over the next
2/ several decades. The GOP has already proven that it will accept help from Russia. Despite the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Report, Sen Rubio, the new chairman, repudiated it as soon as it was published. Given our deep divisions, we're finished. Politics used to stop at our
3/ water's edge. Now, the GOP invites the Russians to directly attack our democracy while the GOP directly attacks our institutions. Trump & the GOP are doing everything within the constitution to institute authoritarian rule and delegitimize everything I've ever believed in. And
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25 Sep
‘Everything's for sale’: the shocking film on the privatization of American public lands theguardian.com/environment/20… What is vitally important to remember are two things: 1. The push to steal the public's land has been ongoing since Reagan. It would be theft of the ages by oil, gas,
2/ coal, timber, & other mining companies. They already pillage the lands for virtually free. Other key players are the Mormon Church & billionaires. 2. The ruling class who wants to steal the public's lands uses the Bundy's, the "patriot" paramilitary gangs, and others as
3/ ideological camouflage. The latter are the active measures disinformation campaign. I wrote about both aspects in this paper. academia.edu/8674729/CHAPTE…
Read 4 tweets
20 Sep
Weary Gulf Coast mayors say hurricane season has changed for the worse, which many attribute to climate shifts washingtonpost.com/national/hurri… // Just to put Mayor Robinson's (Pensacola) statements in context. He's the mayor of the largest, most important city in NWFL that is in Matt
2/ Gaetz's FL CD1 congressional district. It is a region filled with yahoos, morons, idiots, and imbeciles. You can go into the county-located Publix and see the hillbillies walking in grinning without masks. You can in the county. Pensacola, mask mandated. NWFL is really Lower
3/ Alabama. We have billboards all over the roads about how the imaginary sky daddy will bring peace, comfort, better life, whatever. Our billboards state, Geezus will judge you. So, he wants to talk about solutions and skip the climate change. The only thing the GOP understands
Read 6 tweets
10 Sep
"I’m not advocating for voting against the GOP merely to punish Republicans for Trump’s existence in their party. Rather, conservatives must finally accept that at this point Trump and the Republican Party are indistinguishable," @RadioFreeTom writes: theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…
2/ As good as this essay is, it says nothing about two things that drive Republican politics: race and religion. What would a "new" GOP offer regarding issues related to race, broadly considered? Second, what would a "new" GOP propose as an alternative to the Christian Right's
3/ break with reality on science and Christian nationalism? Are "new" GOPers going to support evolution, the Big Bang, and climate change science? Will GOPers still pander to the "Christian nation" crowd? @RadioFreeTom suggests that the Beltway issues of conservatives--small
Read 5 tweets

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