@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f I will say this again. The press and journalists haven't changed with the times. You write a whole load of Opinion based articles with no reference to where you formed those opinions. What you fail to realise in the new Digital Age people can actually go to the source documents
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f and read them. We can go to the hotel inquiry and read all of the documents there. That wasn't covered up. It was set up by the Premier. It's an independent inquiry. We can read all of the statements and the circumstances surrounding the setting up of a State based
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f quarantine system from scratch in 36 hours from 1pm on 27th march to 11.59 pm on 28th march. A responsibility which is normally a Commonwealth one. Yes I read the Section 51 of the constitution and also the biodiversity Act. I read the report of the learned Barrister/Commissioner
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f who conducted the Inquiry into the Ruby Princess and what he said about Quarantine and responsibilities. I read also that the federal government is responsible for the funding and regulation of Aged care homes. Not the ones in Victoria which the State government is responsible
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f for and which have had no deaths compared to the Federal ones. I know also that someone lied about the decision to use Security guards, but so what. This virus is 1000 times more infectious than the flu and so there is no certainty that it wouldn't have got out among the
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f community if the ADF had been guarding the people in hotels. What specific skills do they have? You just cannot say that a different result would have happened because you don't know. The press reported that some Security guard had sex with a Covid Quarantine person. That
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f apparently was a made up story. Why don't the public think the Press are doing a good job. Well for the reasons outlined above and the slant being against Daniel Andrews and the labor Government. The rude arrogant and demanding way, with complete lack of manners and common
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f courtesy which they demand answers to are just ignorant and way way out of the Social and societal norms people expect. Sure ask Questions. but be polite. Now lets deal with information. Every organisation has a right to protect it's information, especially in draft form, I can
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f well understand why a government wouldn't like that being leaked. Firstly the plan is not finalised and secondly, it is not the person's perogative to leak it. So being referred to IBAC is not unusual. Thirdly in a Pandemic situation, it is a good idea to have clear channels of
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f communication so that people are not mislead by information that isn't yet ready to be released and is likely to be changed anyway. That has nothing to do with freedom of the press. What that has to do with is the insatiable appetite of certain reporters, masquerading as
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f Journalists to get out the scoop. You guys haven't realised it yet but we are dealing with a silent killer here. If it doesn't kill you it will give you severe health affects for years (probably) after you have had it. And finally because you are all so arrogant and live
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f in a tiny little bubble of your own making you are out of touch with your readers, viewers and customers. And you abuse them and call them trolls when they complain (like me) about the completely rubbish journalism being practiced about this pandemic and @DanielAndrewsMP and his
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f @DanielAndrewsMP press briefings. All of the profession is stuck in the past, with the same old style, the same old arrogance and the same old attitude that you are the experts. Well the difference is now is that the public have much more access to information and they can see when they are being
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f @DanielAndrewsMP sold a dud. And what do the press do. Abuse us. call us Trolls and write pathetic articles making excuses for your poor form. hat you haven't come to terms with is that Twitter, is the new Letters to the Editor. With several differences. 1/ We always get published. 2/ We can't
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f @DanielAndrewsMP be edited and 3/ we can't be censored. I have said this a few times now and many journalists haven't listened because they don't want to interact with their readership or viewership. They want to continue the Journalism of old where what Journos said was the authority. So you
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f @DanielAndrewsMP (Journalists and Editors) have a choice. Actually look at the changing environment and look at new and innovative ways in which you can adapt to the changing circumstances of Media in a Digital Age, think about new ways to harness information to share with your viewership. In
@Gay_Alcorn @oz_f @DanielAndrewsMP short, start changing with Society and your customers, that way you may see a few of us come back to you. If you don't then the steady decline of all forms of media will continue.

• • •

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#GladysGate (Thanks @RonniSalt ) is $250M of shredded documents. #sportsrorts was $100M of Pork Barelling, #CDGgate (community Development Grants was $1.1BILLION of Pork Barelling #regionalgate (Regional Grants schemes was $714Million of Pork Barelling. Read about the Sport,CDG's
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There is a whole load of Press going on at the Moment about @JennyMikakos and what she has said about @DanielAndrewsMP . Can I suggest that before making a judgement about all of this, people actually read Jenny's submission to the Hotel Inquiry. quarantineinquiry.vic.gov.au/sites/default/… ........
Its also a good idea to have in the back of your mind when reading it, the nature of the Pandemic and the Decision of National Cabinet to depart from the defined responsibilities of the Commonwealth under Section 51 of the constitution and the Biosecurity Act. Responsbility that
was devolved to the Victorian State Government and other State Governments by a decision of National Cabinet. Having cast off that responsibility, a time frame of 36 hours was defined for the Victorian Government to respond and set it up. Jenny's submission points out to the
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Wow who was the reporter who was the Legal Expert on the Emergency management Legislation and the telecommunications interception Act federally? She also used the religion word Recant when asking Questions about commissioner crisp.
Ok lets pick apart the Question. The Question was (my words) Why shouldn't Andrew Crisp be stood down because he has a duty to brief the Minister under Section 32 of the Emergency Services Act 2013 and given he recanted his testimony to the Inquiry into Victoria's response
to covid 19. The transcript of which can be found here. parliament.vic.gov.au/paec/inquiries… The reporter also said under Section 29 the Commissioner could be stood down,Suspended or removed. She then asked Why Andrews doesn't have him removed. The Press conference link is here........
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Some comments on the budget. We hear a lot of talk about plans and subsidies which will create Millions of Jobs. What we also hear are the words "jobs of the future" What does that mean? Well I don't think the Budget framers know what that means at all. Job creation depends on
Consumers consuming a product or a service. That product or service depends on the demand for it. The making of the product or service depends on the skills of the maker of the product and the price of the product or service depends on the cost inputs of the product or service..
In real marketing language, this is called a master budget, where the market is evaluated extensively, the opportunity is dissected in detail and the required skills and expertise to produce a quality outcome defined. NONE of this has been done by the Australian Government, they
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I would just like to pen a message to all Journalists. I bought my first computer in 1981. It was a knock off of an Apple IIE, it had 5 inch floppy drive and Mouses weren't even a thing then someone said to me what can you do with that? And truth be known wasn't much. However...
39 years later. I look at my Personal computer and say "What can't I do with that" The Point of my little story is what Journalists call "The Digital Disruption" It is nothing of the sort, it's really the technological revolution, akin to the Industrial revolution which
began in 1700 when Jethro Tull invented the seed drill and continued through the Industrial revolution when the Steam engine was perfected and all sorts of machinery "disrupted" working conditions. And so today 39 years after the first O'Grady computer, the Newspaper are nearly
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Last Evening the @abcnews reported that PPE was scarce in Hospitals and nursing homes. This morning along the bottom of the screen They reported Nurses and hospitals are finding difficulty getting PPE. I want to report some real news. ON Wednesday 5th August, I attended the
Heidelberg repatriation hospital for a procedure. (See appointment letter later in this thread). It was mylast three monthly check up after getting rid of bladder cancer. I now go to 6 monthly checks. When I arrived, there was only one area where I could enter the Centaur
building, It was staffed by Nurses with Scrubs, plastic over garments, masks and plastic visors as well as gloves. On the table was a box of surgical masks for patients if required. It was full (50 masks). I was checked for temperature and my details were taken. I was given a tag
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