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1 Nov, 6 tweets, 3 min read
With 200deaths+50Kcases/day, millions jobless, NHS winter crisis, & #WeWillNotComply trending in Lockdown2...

Every journalist who used NHS delays to argue against lockdown, when lockdown is how you keep hospitals from being overloaded:
You should be **** ashamed of yourselves.
There's literally no scientific basis for their argument.
How does letting the virus run wild mean the NHS has more capacity. Yet they argued this anyway, and now here we are. So by way of example:

That means @IsabelOakeshott should be ashamed of herself.
That means @Montie should be ashamed of himself.
That means @CPhilpOfficial should be ashamed of himself.
It's (one of the many reasons) why @nigel_farage should be absolutely ashamed of himself.

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1 Nov
While I'm OK with shutting schools for 1 month to make the lockdown effective, the reason I say it MUST NOT BE A DAY LONGER, is:

Those kids didn't vote for a government with a widely-known record of recklessly ignoring experts. It's time we shifted the burden off their futures.
P.S. There's a blunt way of saying that last paragraph. I chose the barely subtle way of saying it. But hear me when I say... I meant the blunt version.
Screw it.
Given a choice between:
Very bad Covid scenario for those who statistically voted for a party whose policy was to do something the entire UK medical community said would trash UK health
Ruining the education & futures of a generation who would've voted against them. Image
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31 Oct
The biggest weakness in the NHS as we head into the #Lockdown2 isn't space, because we have the Nightingale Hospitals... it's staff shortages.

I sure hope we haven't done anything in recent years to alienate a group of people who statistically improve our doctor-patient ratio.
This is @AlisonPittard from the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, proving that I'm not making this up.
Brexit has made lockdown one and #Lockdown2 worse.
And now Michael Gove has admitted that NHS staff shortages (which have been made worse by Brexit) are going to be the worst thing about Lockdown2.
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31 Oct
I will not stop saying it until this fact becomes universally accepted:

If every vote in the UK was counted equally, we would still be in the EU.
One man, one vote, right?
Yet Labour got 32%votes and 31%MPs, while Tories got 44%votes and 56%MPs.

Thar translates to:
Tory voters: 1.28 votes
Labour voters: 0.97 votes
Lib Dem voters: 0.15 votes
Green voters: 0.07 votes
Brexit Party voters: 0 votes

If everyone was equal... 🇪🇺
I'm done being polite about the intelligence of anyone who doesn't understand that if huge parts of the 52% who originally voted for Brexit, don't like the Brexit we've ended up with, you can't keep quoting the 2016 referendum to justify Brexit.

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29 Oct
Chris Philp just said lockdowns cause cancer treatment delays. I'm sorry... Which tier is it where you CLOSE THE F**** HOSPITALS?!

Lockdown doesn't delay treatment. COVID DOES. It overloads hospitals so they can't do anything else.

Why doesn't #BBCqt have scientists on anymore!
It's bloody infuriating. These @IsabelOakeshott types who say almost everyone should get back to normal, justify their position by referring to delayed NHS treatments... And shows like @bbcquestiontime let them get away with that BS!

If infection rates run out of control, then not only does that mean more hospital beds are used on Covid, but it means with the increased risk of infection, hospitals have to take more safety measures, both of which, effectively lower their capacity for standard healthcare.
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19 Oct
Hi @KayBurley,
You've generally been awesome in dealing with politicians on Coronavirus and I'm grateful to you.

But this Brexit interview with Robert Jenrick was simply unacceptable given the effect Brexit will have on our economic recovery & the politics to follow. #KayBurley
This is a 5 minute "blame the EU for everything" monologue.
This is simply facilitating propaganda @KayBurley.
Please see below for an explanation of what I said. By definition, we're the ones negotiating in bad faith. Yet you let him blame the EU.

E.g. @NickFerrariLBC doesn't even claim to be a neutral journalist and even he was like a dog with a bone about the "Australian terms" line.

We are heading towards a very dark time in our country. We cannot let the anger be directed the wrong way.
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18 Oct
What you just did to Michael Gove was BEAUTIFUL!

(Not perfect though, @AndrewMarr9, as you didn't point out that it's the UK negotiating in bad faith by going back on the political declaration, but still) #Marr
There's so much to unpack in that.

First off:

"We should... be part the network of free trade deal... from Iceland to Turkey".

Iceland is in EFTA. Turkey is in the Customs Union.

So #Marr is pointing out that Michael Gove promised Brexit voters we'd be in one of those two.
Then there's this.

Michael Gove promised that our country would NEVER face No-Deal tariffs or tariffs of any kind if it voted to Leave the EU.
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