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Introducing Daily Mail columnist, Australian Amanda Platell.

"Pundits say the PM has a 50/50 chance of surviving. me? I'm so confident Boris will win the next general election I've had a large bet - a designer handbag - on it" - Platell in the Daily Mail, February 2022. Image
From 1999 to 2001 Platell became the @Conservatives head of media, during which she supported William Hague.

Since 2002, Platell has contributed as a toxic, divisive, hard-right culture-war-fuelling freelancer to the Daily Mail, & is a regular on GB "News" & the #Marr show. ImageImageImageImage
On 21 November 2011, at the #LevesonInquiry into the culture, practice & (absence of) ethics of the British press, @HackedOffHugh Grant accused Platell of a "hatchet job" on his then recent fatherhood, following a shit-stirring toxic article she wrote for the Daily Mail. Image
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Hi, @sophieraworth

Please don't let Dominic Raab or any Tory MP brag about the Policing Bill as if it's a good thing, without telling people it's part of the UK's descent into fascism.
The Parliament Human Rights Committee and the UN have condemned this bill's human rights violations.

So, @sophieraworth, think about how you'll feel watching police violently suppress peaceful protesters, knowing you let Dominic Raab promote it UNCHALLENGED.
#SundayMorning #Marr
I hope you just didn't know this, @sophieraworth, so I'm appealing to your conscience.

The Parliament is the body that will pass this law and it already concluded it's a human rights violation.

So the threat this law poses isn't up for debate.
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Exc: NHS put on a "war footing" ahead of Omicron with thousands of Covid patients to be treated in their own homes. @NHSEngland chief medic reveals plan to deploy 20k reservists and boost ICU bed capacity by 10%…
Read all the details in tomorrows @thesundaytimes #TomorrowsPapersToday Image
"We expect 20% of NHS staff in London may be absent by Christmas Day...we are likely to see the same effect outside London later" - @NHSEnglandNMD tells @thesundaytimes Image
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Updates on the spread of the Omicron variant in the UK have been fast moving over the past 24 hours

🧵 Let us bring you up to speed…
Yesterday, ministers revealed that hospitals are admitting patients with the Omicron variant for the first time…
Dr Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser for the UK Health Security Agency, told #Marr a wave of cases was “coming straight at us” and warned further restrictions – beyond WFH – might be needed… Image
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Here we have @Keir_Starmer saying on #Marr that he’s voting for Vaccine Passports Tues while ‘concerned’ but ‘persuaded’ necessary

On what basis? Scientific evidence? None. You know this. You called them “unBritish”. You could stop them

V wrong. We will keep opposing #together
There’s absolutely no evidence of any value of Vaccine Passports but lots of evidence of damage to business, discrimination & segregation

It’s unconscionable & the moment you have opportunity to stop it @Keir_Starmer you don’t

Utterly wrong
Tell MPs your vote hinges on this
“I am concerned” he tells us

But I’m going to do it anyway

What ever your wider political views are this moment is crucial to us & it’s being cemented by Keir. So wrong

Let’s use next 48 hrs to make voices heard to MPs #together #TogetherDeclaration
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Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab says “people should enjoy Christmas and get their loved ones around them” despite soaring cases of omicron.

“I think it’s going to be a great Christmas”, he says, continuing to repeat the line of other ministers earlier this week.

“People should go to their parties” he says. It’s up to employers to use their “common sense” he adds.

Dominic Raab says the claims of a Downing Street party are “unsubstantiated”. #Marr
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📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon live on #Marr this morning, as Day Three of the #SNP21 Conference gets underway.

⏰ Tune in on BBC One from 9:35.
@NicolaSturgeon 📣 First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "There are no cases of Omicron identified in Scotland yet that we know of, but clearly it's a moving picture and we're monitoring this very closely." #Marr
@NicolaSturgeon NS: "It's important to get a proportionate response to this - but I think we might have to go further on travel in the next few days. I hope I'm wrong about that but we must keep our options open." #Marr
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This is correct. The reality is more time/analysis is needed. Senior U.K. health official last week: most cases are 20-40 age group because they’re the most mobile/active in a population. Variant only around a couple of weeks, so cases won’t be going to hospital yet anyway.
Maybe Omicron causes less severe illness, maybe not. Nobody knows for sure yet and anyone claiming they know differently is wrong. This is why govts are taking precautions until they have more evidence
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Andrew Marr is leaving the BBC

In Sept 2020, #Marr wrongly & publicly cast aspersions about me

I asked him for a retraction & an apology

I’ve been waiting 14 months

I’ll accept @AndrewMarr9’s apology if given - publicly or privately - in good faith

A proper apology is needed
#MARR: Is it raining?


MARR: But we're standing here getting wet, so surely - even by your own definition - it’s raining - & why are you holding an umbrella?

@MattHancock: I'm holding an umbrella to keep the bloody rain off me.

MARR: I see.
A fortnight after @AndrewMarr9 had failed to comprehend my criticism of his @MattHancock interview & had insulted me on @Twitter, I was in a pub & he & his wife sat nearby me

My friend said I should say something to him

I let him eat his supper in peace.
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Andrew Marr is leaving the BBC.
Thanks for helping to make UK politics so toxic. 👍🏿
#Marr @AndrewMarr9
A number of people are accusing me of selective editing. So here's the full clip.

Andrew Marr refers to the above as "a few thoughts of my own".
To those saying he was just explaining why people voted leave.

He didn't present that racism as flawed views held by others.

He said the presence of ethnic minorities was "eroding OUR sense of self".

So he didn't just legitimise those views; he IDENTIFIED with them!
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The wannabe Labour leader & PM unapologetically causing a pile-on to a person calling for mask wearing on Manchester public transport like in Scotland.
Burnham accuses narrow ‘Scottish Nationalism’ despite the person being Dutch....
Saving it for when he usurps Starmer.
Even when his followers tried to have a word - he didn’t care. I’m sure he will be on #Marr shortly calling for a more convivial type of political debate....
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Kwasi Kwarteng says he's "very resolute and clear" that the energy price cap stays in place. Also rules out Spring increase being brought forward from April to January, as demanded by some suppliers. #Marr
Kwarteng says there will be no green levy on gas bills in the next period of the energy price cap - but doesn't say what will happen after that...
Kwasi Kwarteng admits of the 5,000 HGV visas offered just "double digits" have been taken up - and blames it on global shortage of drivers.

Of course if you face shortages in eg Poland or Germany you can recruit drivers from next door EU countries w/o needing visas.
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"I think people should trust our police," the Prime Minister tells #Marr @BBCOne
Prime Minister: "We are not convicting enough rapists and we need to deal with it." #marr
"Too many women are waiting too long for their cases to be heard" -- Prime Minister
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Starmer #Marr interview leaves a random selection of Labour faces here in Brighton pretty dour... energy nationalisation is the only possible solution: you can't run the National Grid as a co-op... 1/
2/ Rayner's "scum" comment reflects exactly how working class people talk - and how many voters want to see the super-rich crooks characterised ... yet Keir couldn't bring himself to endorse it...
3/ There's already quite a bit of disquiet over the rule change SNAFU - even among the Labour right... who are rightly obsessed with speaking outside the bubble ...
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Andrew Marr: "Is someone who thinks that only women have a cervix welcome in the Labor Party?"
Keir Starmer: "We need to have a mature, respectful debate about trans rights."
The question was about WOMEN.
Starmer continues: "Bear in mind that the trans community are among the most marginalised and abused communities."
We will *never* have the respectful, mature debate about trans rights that Starmer claims to want while politicians are unable even to utter the word 'woman'.
This is a women's rights issue - at stake is who should access women's rights, spaces, provisions and on what basis. Responding to questions about women with a lecture on trans oppression is the problem, not the solution. Thank you @AndrewMarr9 for pursuing this. #WomenMatter
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Shapps told @bbcr4today on Friday that "We have doubled the number of places available for HGV drivers to get tested; in other words twice as many tests as before the coronavirus". What did he mean?


@BBCr4today He plans to change the testing regime so that drivers can qualify to drive a rigid lorry and an articulated lorry in a single test rather than two. Does he assume that enables testing centres to offer twice as many tests?


@BBCr4today A training company boss points out that moving straight from a Fiat 500 to an articulated lorry will require a longer course, and is almost certain to produce more failures. It will not double the passes.


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Problems in #NHS today are not caused by #COVID19 but worsened by it. As proof-here’s some quotes from @ChrisCEOHopson 5 years ago on #marr

Hint:not about face2face appointments then & isnt now, whatever some in media say (#GPCrisis)
-be good if Sajid Javid points this out!
All areas of the #NHS have been under pressure this summer from GPs to hospitals to ambulance services to mental health services. Covid cases will increase this winter (seasonal variation) and this extra workload will cause prolonged & deepened pressure

#marr #phillips
Attacks on GPs in the last few weeks have been aimed at drawing attention from supply issues stopping routine blood tests and hospitals bursting at the seams in summer - real problems that attacking GPs doesnt solve (substitute junior doctor for GP 5 yrs later)

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As we recover from the pandemic, we must futureproof our economy and get it firing on all cylinders.

Today, Labour launches how we would start that: by making, buying & selling more in Britain, and building the skills and jobs of the future. Thread.…
There are three parts to this plan.

The first is to give more public contracts to British companies, big & small.

We'll do this with stretch environmental and social clauses in contracts, to spend & make more in Britain, while also raising standards as a global trading nation.
Second, we will bring the industries of the future to Britain, by reshoring more jobs here.

From green jobs in offshore wind, to fin tech, media and film, we must grow our modern industries for a long-term economy that provides good jobs and thrives.
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My personal and academic background mean I have a particular interest in the intersection between Brexit and Good Friday Agreement so I listened to #Marr exchanges with Edwin Poots & @MarosSefcovic with some interest. Some reflections (thread)
From the beginning it was obvious that if UK left Customs Union/ Single Market there had to be a border in Irish Sea or on island of Ireland. Good Friday Agreement ruled out latter ... unless ...
... as many English Brexiteers explained to me, Ireland would "see sense" and rejoin UK (recall, this was 2016 and as I pointed out Ireland was celebrating 100 years since Easter Rising and EU was more popular than ever, but then what do I know?)
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Jenny Harries ( world famous for being....WRONG ) has been spotted this morning on #marr ... I have called the police.
#ToryCovidCatastrophe #jenny #JENNIE
She just said that herd immunity wasn’t the plan ...... pretty sure that confirms it 🤨
#ToryLies #ToryLiars
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What I think happened with the announcement of new data of the AZ/Pfizer effectiveness against B.1.617.2:

- a press release was issued earlier in the day on Saturday which prompted positive headlines in today's papers

"It's really good", as #Marr has just said

(a quick thread)
This I assume is the press release…
This news was I believe embargoed until 10:30pm yesterday. Note that the press release *does* contain a link to a full preprint of the data.…
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Extraordinary thread additions from Cummings ahead of evidence. Suggests if only he, No10 and DHSC paid attention to people such as @devisridhar and had actually watched programmes like #C4News et al they might have prevented tens of thousands deaths, economic disaster and more.
Did they read this, for example?…
Several experts who were derided as lockdown obsessives had wanted to avoid lockdowns, had explained how they might be avoided if Test, Trace and Isolate had ever been actually sorted and pointed to places that had. ‘It’ll never work in UK’ they were told.
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This is ALARMING. Last night while #Eurovision was on Public Health England released a delayed report showing that #B16172 so-called Indian variant has spread v. fast across the country, now in all regions and is deemed high risk re: transmissibility and *some* vaccine escape.
Large % of B1617.2 India variant have been identified in NW, London, East England & East Midlands BUT it is everywhere. And while 2 doses of #CovidVaccine ~81% effective against B1617.2 variant, 1 dose only 33% efficacy. That leaves 60% of adults and ALL children still at risk.
On Friday Boris Johnson said he sees no *current signs* of having to "deviate" from plans to scrap the last lockdown curbs YET both he and PHE were fully aware of ALL this alarming data. They are also holding back important data on number & extent of school outbreaks re: #B16172
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