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Marr 1st Q to Corbyn: Do you want to leave the EU? No answer
Corbyn accuses Marr and British media of being "obsessed" with how people voted in the referendum 3 years ago
Corbyn says free movement of people would be a matter for negotiation between Lab govt and EU #Marr
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*FINAL* Guide to pro-Remain Tactical Voting at the European Elections

The aim of the guide is to maximise the pro-Remain vote so that it produces the highest possible number of MEPs.

#marr #ridge #pienaar #bbcsp #WestminsterHour #bbcnews #BBCPolitics #C4News #itvnews #skynews
Since we're trying to maximise the number of MEPs won by pro-remain parties, that means voting for the parties that have the best chance of getting MEPs, not necessarily those you usually support. Brexit's the massive issue that's front and centre this time around.
Brexit trumps party loyalty. It trumps past grudges. It trumps everything. This isn't a winner-takes-all general election. Nobody's forming a government on the back of this. But it's a chance to send a loud, clear message.
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Five main guests on the #Marr programme in the weekend before the European elections and all five voted Remain.
Well done BBC, you’ve outdone yourselves.
Hard to disagree with this. Leavers need to realise that the BBC isn’t even trying anymore.
Crap. Almost every week - in and out of election periods - #Marr is stacked with Remainers. We’ve been keeping count.
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Problem is, a lot of people seem to be excited about Nigel Farage's interview on #Marr this morning for the wrong reasons. Yes, he got shouty. Yes, he refused to answer questions. But if you watch it carefully, there will probably be half a dozen usable soundbites he can exerpt.
It's unalloyed Trump playbook. Show yourself facing off an "aggressive" media that isn't asking the "right" questions and sprinkle with a generous amount of "betrayal" and "attack on democracy". Consequence is, viewers think you lost. But your base by and large won't be watching.
But they might see that 15 second clip somebody forwarded to them on Twitter or Facebook of you facing down that bully interviewer and desperately trying to get him to focus on the thing that matters i.e. the European elections.
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I've just screen-recorded the full Farage-#marr interview so I can do some commentary, and I don't know how I'm going to even cut it down. Almost every second was glorious!
Side note. Well done for sticking to things you can prove. No accusations without documented evidence to hand:
No "Who funds you" without evidence of inappropriate funding, no "you're racist" without clear and logical evidence of his racism. Because they make people switch off.
OK, I've just recorded my commentary and I'm starting to edit it together.
Caption suggestions anyone?
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HE'S DOING IT!!! YEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!! #MARR!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Nigel Farage: "Why don't we deal with the politics of the day"
This is the response of a politician who know's he's conned everyone!!
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Nigel Farage has declared that the Brexit Party will be ‘intolerant of intolerance’. So I did some investigation on pro-Brexit Party Facebook groups, and passed the results to the Sunday Times. And it’s worrying stuff.…
2/ It was depressing to see that so many lslamophobes that I’d previously reported to the Tories had simply switched allegiance to the Brexit Party.
If Nigel Farage is serious about not wanting the @brexitparty_uk to descend into UKIP-levels of racism and bigotry, he needs to take firm action. Perhaps he’d like to address this on the #Marr show later?
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Dear @AndrewMarr9,
Your reputation and that of @BBCPolitics are on the line. Nigel Farage told you we'd get a great EU deal when you raised Brexit's economic issues.
If you don't call out No Deal (and use this info: )
You & the BBC are populist tools.
Realistic simulation of if Marr did his job:
#Marr: You say we should leave the EU without a deal. Can you guarantee that's what all 17 million people who voted for Brexit wanted in 2016?
Nigel: 17 Million people voted for us to become a free self-governing independent nation.
#Marr: But did they all vote for a No Deal Brexit?
Nigel: I've always said that No Deal is better than a bad deal.
Marr: But when I told you in 2015 that people were worried about the economic damage, you reassured them by saying we'd get a "far far better" deal than Norway has.
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There was NO Leave option in UK local elections:

Cons Remain TM WA is Perm Slavery to EU
Lab Remain Customs Union & ECJ, 2nd Ref - Keir Starmer is Trilateral Commission
Lib Dems & Greens Remain - Globalist Est Shills
SNP Remain
UKIP - now a racist extremist party

Latest poll of EU voting intentions:

Brexit Party Soars In European Parliament Polls, Well Ahead Of Remain Parties - Labour, Cons, LibDems, Greens & NoChangeUK…

Secret History of Globalism:

What everyone should know about the Oligarchs plot to control the world
Part 1.
The Rise of the Round Tables (1864-1945).…

Cecil Rhodes
Alfred Milner
Lord Rothschild
One World Government
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UKIP is currently lead by a man who called Islam a death cult on #Marr and who works with Tommy Robinson.
The Brexit Party is led by a man who this video proves is racist.

If you don't turn up to the #EuropeanElections THEY will be the ones representing us on the European stage!
UKIP doesn't win General Elections, but they won the 2014 #EuropeanElections because only 34% of us bothered to turn up.

Can we maybe elect some MEPs that actually reflect true British values, rather than a bunch of 1930s tribute acts?
Can we try that?
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I’ve been watching the response to @DavidLammy’s comments on #marr today. And you know what: I’m right there with him. In the past three years I have received more anti-Semitic abuse - emails, tweets, sometimes directly to me- than ever before. The question is... 1/
When do we just shrug it off? Say it’s just a lunatic fringe? the left are mired in a cess pool of anti-semitism they don’t know how to deal with (because not enough of the leadership fully disagree); the right has rampant islamophobia, petty nationalists retweeting 2/
...far right parties and referring to themselves using language stolen from the KKK. I don’t care that these people are elected. And don’t give me bollocks about their supporters feeling marginalised as an excuse for their racism. When even that notorious lefty....3/
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One chilling commonality struck me about nearly all the political interviews on #Ridge and #marr this morning: MP after MP talking as if Brexit's something way off in the distance, rather than the brick wall our economy is about to shatter itself on in just *5 days time*!
Only Jess Phillips and Caroline Lucas showed more than a flicker of recognition at the impending nature of our doom. But it is extremely arrogant to expect the EU will simply roll over and extend Article 50 for no reason. They know Theresa May's capable of wasting infinite time.
So we might get a temporary reprieve. But we need to behave as if we won't. MPs must act now, immediately, without hesitation. Another 48 hours and it will be too late for Parliament to impose revocation, even as the last last last resort. The legal processes just take too long.
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Most dictators are voted in.
Once voted in, all opposition is betrayal. They do whatever they like and claim that the original vote gave them the legitimacy to do so. But they never let you vote again despite the huge change in circumstances because... "the people already voted".
That is all I could hear during this #Marr interview.
Of course...
"hansard society"…
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1 year & 1 week ago, I was invited on #Marr to ‘talk about my story’. In fact, it was @shahmiruk’s story. And I was not asked a single question. Nothing about Vote Leave’s overspending. Nothing about Number 10’s outing. Nothing about Johnson & Gove’s complicity. Nothing
..I tweeted that because after show on way to canteen, Marr said he didn’t think story added up to much. Wasn’t it just a lovers’ spat?I couldn’t have been more devastated for @shahmiruk & all he’d been through. His experience & BBC’s treatment of this story has haunted this year
The @bbc never covered the story. Panorama’s producers had seen all the evidence. The weekend news editor & political team knew ahead of publication. But nothing. It was incomprehensible to me at the time. But now it’s not. Number 10 briefed & lied. And it worked.
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Let's make them famous!
"Conservative leadership candidates Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are facing growing calls to account for illegal behaviour by the official Vote Leave Brexit campaign.
#marr #ridge #pienaar #bbcsp…
Background... At exactly the same time things were reaching a peak on Brexit-Day-that-wasn't, this happened: "Vote Leave has dropped its appeal against a £61,000 fine for electoral offences committed during the Brexit referendum."…
Re. Vote Leave: "This is the group that has met every day during the campaign to plot strategy and decide on the messages to put out to the media."
Within that group:
- Michael Gove
- Boris Johnson
- Gisela Stuart
So BJ & MG were meeting *daily* with VL!…
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There'll be lots of talk about Customs Unions in the Suncay shows this morning #ridge #marr... so what do you need to know.. here's your handy @instituteforgov guide
First - the essential @awstojanovic guide to five things you need to know about a customs union…
key is to remember it doesn't solve the Irish border.. you need to deal with Single Market as well for's our guide to "frictionless trade" - with some fun graphics on integrated supply chains…
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Covering the #GiletsJaunes protests across France, now in their 20th week.

Yellow Vests start the march from Gare de l’Est, #Paris calling for Direct Democracy and a Referendum on #Frexit from the EU

Vive La France!

#GiletsJaunes march in #Paris against Macron's disastrous Neoliberal policies at the start of #ActeXX

Violent arrest of a #GiletsJaunes in Rue de Rivoli, #Paris.
Multiple Tear Gas grenades have already been used by Macron Regime Forces.

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Iain Duncan Smith suggests he might vote for Theresa May's deal next week to avoid a softer Brexit: "We need keep our options open on this... We don't know what the alternatives are" #Marr
IDS says Cabinet ministers who have briefed against Theresa May in the Sunday papers are "appalling" and "should be sacked" #Marr
Letwin, Cooper et al take note...

Stephen Barclay says that HMG might ignore the result of indicative votes

He says any majority "will not be binding" and that HMG "will have to look at what's voted on" as it may "collide with fundamental commitments in the [Tory] manifesto"
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Which successful economy in the world trades with its closest neighbours on just WTO rules?
I'll wait...
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For me, @LordCFalconer ruled himself out as an investigator of #LabourAntisemitism when he excused Jeremy Corbyn’s defence of the Brick Lane Mural, saying ‘he hadn’t looked properly at it’. It betrayed how unsuitable he is for the job. <thread>
However, I needed to confirm what I remembered of the incident for an article I was writing - so I decided to go back to the #Marr interview of 23rd September, in which Corbyn was asked about the mural in interview for the first time.
Corbyn (thrice) repeats his original 'artistic expression' objection, saying he “was worried about the idea of murals being taken down” When Marr points out how obviously antisemitic it was, he retorts: “It also has other symbols in it as well, doesn’t it?-from the Freemasons”
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Among all the flim-flam you may have missed this utterly extraordinary response from International Trade Secretary Liam “all the deals will be ready one minute after midnight” Fox, when asked by #Marr how many trade deals are currently on track.
Basically, the Secretary for International Trade is telling UK companies that currently do business under EU FTAs - companies with goods on ships that have *already set sail* - that, whether there’s still a legal framework for trade IN FOUR WEEKS, will be one big surprise. wtaf
Of course, as many pointed out at the time Liam Fox promised trade deals would be ready to go, this was always impossible, since the first and most important question any sane country would ask in relation to a trade deal with the UK is “what will your relationship to the EU be?”
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"If you HAD to choose, which would you prefer?"

Accept #Brexit deal & leave EU 60%
Leave EU without a deal 40%

83% Remainers say accept deal & leave, 63% Leavers say 'No Deal'
75% Labour say accept deal & leave, 57% Tories say 'No Deal'

YouGov Feb 28 #marr #ridge
"If you HAD to choose, which would you prefer?"

Leave EU with no deal 46%
New referendum on whether or not to leave 54%

85% Remainers say "new referendum", 79% Leavers say "No Deal"
75% Labour say "new referendum", 72% Tories say "No Deal"
"If you HAD to choose, which would you prefer?"

Accept draft Brexit deal & leave EU 49%
New referendum on whether or not to leave 51%

76% Remainers say new referendum, 76% Leavers say accept deal & leave
67% of Labour say new referendum, 72% Tories say accept deal & leave
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That Tom Watson interview was extraordinary. Step back for a moment and realise just how much anger there is within the highest levels of the Labour party being vented in public.
NEW: Tom Watson unleashes savage attack warning Corbyn of 'crisis for Labour's soul'…
News lines from that Tom Watson #marr interview include:

- He issued a direct warning to Corbyn that he needs to change Labour if he wants to be PM

- He demanded Mr Corbyn make a "personal intervention" to tackle anti-Semitism claims - sending him a 50-case dossier
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Hope #Marr grills Michael Gove over food tariffs in the event of no deal. He's already said we will impose them to protect domestic industries. But if we go by current WTO tariffs, that would increase the price of the food we import by over £9, or 25%. Instant massive inflation!
Oops, sorry. Just noticed I missed a "billion" out. £9 BILLION! (I won't delete the tweet because it would break a number of comments).
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