A type of liberalism is independent of and prior to the abstract apparatus of liberal experts trying to make the world conform to their perfection of it in speech...

That of meeting your neighbors as you find them in the unending labor of building and tending our shared environs
This liberalism, premodern in its origins, is inimical to the discourse-ruling class—which sees it as flatly unethical and an existential threat to “the world” as they would construct and dominate it
Liberals—regardless of what happens this election season—need to rise up against the “managed democracy” imposed by the decadent and failing discourse-ruling class. To retvrn to a liberalism global but not globalist—real and imperfect, not a pure fantasy. Door wide open.
Now... it may not be pleasant to do so... but consider which type of liberalism will be fed and which will be starved under a Biden administration.
The greatest threat to liberalism today does not come from fascist rubes, but from the world-hungry discourse-ruling class of ex-liberals who see their ethology as the one true religion
Liberals using Trump to enable their denial about this are whistling through the graveyard and into their open grave. Don’t choose this sad doom—you are heirs to a proud civilization deep enough not to be wiped away either by digital life or the living death of the bug in the pod
Where are the Schelling points to rally against the discourse-ruling class racing to catechize all bots into their religion, the better to rule all inside and out?
There are and will be others... but so far... this has been the biggest

• • •

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13 Oct
The end of history: an illusion that seeped implicitly into reality. Many felt smart concluding there was really nothing more worth doing. Value and status converged on them as they (and “we”) felt somehow they were doing the last things. Value, and then agency, evaporated below.
“Tech” comes along. Denies this. No! Many new vistas, even unimaginable ones! History forever! Yet *some* feel themselves becoming the smartest of all time by concluding there’s nothing left to do but end history by ending humanity. An eerie imitation..
Due to the pre-digital end of history, the oppressive feeling of the unfolding digital end of humanity is becoming implicitly accepted as an inexorable logic. “We forgot how to stop this, stopped caring. We have no value and no agency.” The feeling now reaches even upper classes
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25 Jul
what does it mean for a machine to be smart?
does it mean epic gaming?
smart is not intelligence but executive power
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7 Dec 19
An entire book could and should be written about this. The ongoing implosion of fantasy as the basis of identity is making people deeply neurotic, awkward, embattled, and ill, and we don’t even talk about it, much less dare to process it
Instead we retcon these sufferings and pathologies as hallmarks of heroic victimhood or vengeful entitlement. How’s that going for us
The whole psychic complex of imagineering as selfhood is toast. People are mistakenly scrambling to internalize fantasies extreme or ultimate enough to ride out the disenchantment. “The universe” isn’t going to save you. “Staying in your magic” won’t stop your disintegration
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31 Aug 19
I see the problem of changing eras of communications technology has at last penetrated The Discourse today. If you care for some special clarity on the politics of twitter and radio, read on
We start with oral. (Quiet, you.) The alphabet makes mere content out of its new psychological and social context—think of Plato’s REPUBLIC, or Aristotle’s teachings on formal cause (important) written down.
Plato gives us the city in speech, philosophy as the queen of the means of understanding causes, what makes people and regimes tick.

Aristotle gives us biology: not an emphasis on nature as will or power—the mastery of material cause—but on formative cause, shaping surrounds.
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12 Aug 19
There is no way to classify this phantasmagoria as anything other than a desire to burn America’s regime down to the ground
Recognize this for what it is: a direct and total attack on the very foundation of the American theory of justice: equal protection of all under law in virtue of our equal humanity and equal citizenship
As digital disenchants the electric age order, where those most expert in the mass broadcast of ethical fantasies rule, the Left is proving helpless to deny the right to the most abject and insane fantasies to its most anti-American vanguard
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30 Jun 19
Urban “autonomy,” 2019:

- Insurmountable debt
- Serial “relationships”
- Cookie-cutter micro-apartment
- Surrounded by homeless
- Permanent SSRIs
- Can’t afford children
- Afraid of starting a family
- Strapped to exercise equipment
- Uniformed corporate service job
- Pet poop
If our young future-less urbanites were smol cute animals instead of crippled *human* pets there would be national outrage at the inhumane conditions of their captivity. They show all the main signs of zoochosis
America’s urban youth has zoochosis
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