Kate, is that you? Image
Kate is here, says there have already been 1000 new cases TODAY. It's noon.

She says nobody wants to get in an ambulance and be told there's no where to take them.
Announces a two-week phrase for the ENTIRE state. No more eating in restaurants, gyms and venues are closed. Churches and other "face-baithed" gathering as capped at 50 ppl (and socially distanced).

Says folks traveling from out the state should quarantine 2 weeks.
Says she is limiting family gatherings. The details are bit confusing, and she's giving an example for Thanksgiving dinner...

Says families should wear masks indoors if multiple households are meeting. Basically says no more than 2 households should mix.
She's saying certain counties, including Multnomah County, are on freeze for FOUR weeks.

She's going over historical increases and curves now. Says hospitals are nearing capacity.
She's asking people not to panic.

Says medical/health facilities will stay open with stringent restrictions, parks and outdoor activities are OK, schools that need the metrics, daycares, restaurants with take out, stores (with limited capacity) are OK.
Says personal gatherings should be limited to two families, or a maximum of six people.
Some other person is talking now. I think Kate said they are an epidemiologist. He's giving numbers now, the one that sticks out to me is 753 deaths (42 last week).

The 54K total number and the consistent 1000+ new cases a day this week are also highly problematic.
Person also says that a large number of new cases were traced to Halloween parties and spread through workplaces. This explains Brown's concern with Thanksgiving parties.

Nobody is suggesting how people can get tested.
They are discussing non-symptomatic spreaders... low ICU availability... and how different people can have very different reactions.

Says weather is pushing people inside, spread rate is now closer to 1.5% (from >1%). Expects to see 1500 new cases a day as soon as next week.
Talks about us being tired of quarantine. Says we gotta stay distanced, wear masks, wash hands.

Starts hyping vaccine trials. Asks us to stay vigilant. Passes mic to Renee Edwards from OHSU.
Renee says less than 20% of COVID carriers become hospitalized. Says our state is now on the exponential upward slope that we've seen around the country.

Says social gatherings are the cause. OHSU is at 90% capacity. Reminds that ICU is for more than just COVID patients.
*freeze, not phrase 🤦🏾‍♂️
Dr. Renee is trying to stay upbeat whilst reminding us that we're all going to either die or cause each other to die if we don't stay home.

She ain't wrong, but her poignance is creepy.

Another lady is up to speak. I think I've got the point.


• • •

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15 Nov
Because culturally speaking, white violence is widely regarded as either "necessary" or "celebration".
OK let's talk about white violence a bit.

Why is it celebrated?
Why is it allowed?
How does it advance white supremacy?

The answer to both the first and second is the third, so let's mostly talk about that one.

But first...
If you're not sure what I mean when I talk about "white violence", please plug the phrase into your Google box and that will render you better results than hopping into my mentions with questions.

If you need evidence this exists, there are centuries of examples.
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I'm supposed to write something this morning so I don't wanna waste my morning burst...

... but lemme get these lil' tweets off real quick. Just a warm up.
Staying safe and not transmitting COVID - i.e., flattening the curve - does not mean that protest activity needs to end.

It does mean that tactics need to change and networks need to be hardened. Indeed, habits need to be formed and actions need to be focused.

Gotta smarten up.
The instinct to focus on mutual aid during the winter, I think, is both natural and logical. The climate is harsh, and chances to do not just good but better by the people most vulnerable to the environment are plentiful.

The potential to collect blessings is overwhelming.
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I want to talk about "Black Lives Matter" and the evolution of its meaning within various subgroups, but I have not had my coffee yet.

I have come to hold the opinion that the term "Black Lives Matter" has become as dangerous as it is useful, mainly because it has been coopted by the very folks - Black & white - who ostracized the organization for both valid and invalid reasons.

Perpetrating frauds.
On its face, BLM makes perfect sense, it's a more passive way to say "Black Power". Its genius in protest terms is the statement's uncanny ability to draw racists into open debate, where bigotry always loses (because we matter).

White privilege is thus exposed for all to see.
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17 Oct
Well dressed white lady at the BLM Ribs stand was talking to folks about the raid on the homeless camps earlier, so I got in and asked a few questions, specifically why she felt she had the authority to remove the encampment.
She repeated multiple times that "it's about peace", and claimed that the houseless were doing drugs and leaving needles around. She also claimed that they had thrown molotovs the prior night, a point which was contested by people in the crowd.
I asked if the rib spot was a charity. She said it's not, but says they feed the houseless (?).

Someone suggested that the issue between the camps was personal; she said that it might be, but repeated that it's about peace.
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16 Oct
One thing I love doing at work is making people admit that they don't know how to do something, and then forcing them (thru awkward silence and faux aloofness) to ask for help...

... only to tell them that I don't know either and to ask someone else.

Men be mad.

And I'm the only Black male at my job so you know which "men" I'm talking about.

For maximum effect, first I like to cut the request of "I need somebody to do X" down with "You don't know how to do X?"

This catches the coworker off-guard and creates unnecessary defensiveness.
Once the coworker is properly perked, verify that they have all the tools required to do the work themself, then force them to self identify their lack of training as the issue.

I call this "stewing" because this is where you really get the flavor. Best if others are watching.
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15 Oct
Took my dog in to treat an ear infection and she ended up getting surgery and a biopsy.

$1,000+ later... I'll be at the crib doing post-op care for a few days.
I think it's important to keep in mind that many of the people we see out doing the work in this revolution of sorts (protesting, fund raising, housing, organizing) are not "full time activists" and we are out here IN ADDITION to our already busy, difficult and stressful lives.
Not complaining cuz I love my life (couldn't always say that) but I have 4 kids (1 in college), a marriage, an ill dog, parents moving back, a bro being harassed by Vancouver PD, a full time job, and I'm dealing with MULTIPLE income streams being cut off due to COVID.
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