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17 Nov, 9 tweets, 2 min read
No one explains away the the post colonial mental condition called "Macaulayism" better than late Shri Sitaram Goel. He always had a special way with words while describing the ills afflicting contemporary Hindu society. Allow me to quote the great man in the next few tweets (1)
SRG on macaulayputras/putris in his own words

"A sceptical, if not negative, attitude towards Hindu spirituality, cultural creations and social institutions with solemn airs of scholarship and
superior knowledge. Nothing in Hindu India, past or present, is to be approved...(2)
...unless recognised and recommended by an appropriate authority in the West.

A positive, if not worshipful, attitude towards everything in Western society & culture, past as
well present, in the name of progress, reason and science. Nothing from the West is to be rejected..(3)
... unless it has first been weighed and found wanting by a Western evaluation.

An intellectual inclination to compare Hindu ideals and institutions from the past not with their contemporaneous ideals and institutions in the West but with what the West has achieved in its.. (4)
... recent history-the 19th & 20th Centuries.

A mental mood to judge the West in terms of the ideals & utopias it proclaims from time to time, while judging the Hindus with an all too
supercilious reference to what prevails in Hindu society and culture at the present time..(5)
...when Hindus have hardly emerged from a long period of struggle against foreign invasions.

A psychological propensity to scrutinise,interpret & evaluate Hindu culture,history,society & spirituality with the help of concepts
& tools of analysis evolved by Western scholarship(6)
...It is never granted that the Hindus too have well developed concepts and tools of analysis, derived from their own philosophical foundations, that it would be more profitable to use these concepts and tools of analysis for a proper understanding of the Hindu heritage.. (7)
If the Hindus use their own concepts and tools of analysis to process and weigh the Western heritage, our Macaulayists always throw up their hands and denounce the exercise as unscientific and irrelevant to the universe of discourse" (8)
Now put this in context & understand what we are dealing with. Macaulay is long dead & gone. But his highly mentally conditioned children continue to hold us hostage. Only a very few (those rooted in tradition) have managed to break free from the shackles of this mental condition

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20 Nov
A Thread on the description of Bharatavarsha & its sacred mountain ranges, river systems & its people in the Brahma Purana

Rishi Lomaharshana begins the description of Bharatavarsha with this verse:

उत्तरेण समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणे।
वर्ष तद्धारत नाम भारती यत्र सतति ॥ (1) Image
To the north of ocean and to the South of Himalayas is the sub-continent Bharata. The subjects are called Bharatis.

नवयोउ नसाहस्रो विस्तारश्च द्विजोत्तमा । कर्मभूमिरिय स्वर्गमपवाञ्च इच्छताम् ॥

He describes Bharat as the land of of karma where swarga can be attained. (2)
महेंद्रो मलय सह्यः शुक्तिमानक्षपर्वत ।
विध्यश्च पारियात्रश्च सप्तात्र कुलपर्वता ॥

Then he describes the 7 Kulaparvatas i.e chief mountain ranges of a Bharat, namely : Mahendra, Malaya, Sahya, Suktiman, Rksa, Vindhya and Pariyatra. (3)
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18 Nov
Never go looking for modern science in our scriptures.Moment you do that, you are discrediting it. Its not necessary that each & everything in our scripture should adhere to the principles of modern science.Leave such comparisons to marxists.Intellectual dishonesty is their forte
For eg Varahamihira in his Brihatsamhita made some very critical observations on planetary bodies. His work is nearly 1500 years old.

Marxist types will compare his work with Kepler or Newton who were born over a 1000 years after him & discredit Varahamihira's works as primitive
Forget Kepler & Newton,they'd want Varahamihira's work to adhere & satisfy the equations of Einstein's general relativity & Planck's quantum theory before they can approve his works.Marxists have no sense of proportion.They use Modern Science as a stick to beat Hindus around with
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18 Nov
In today's India it is not sufficient to be a Hindu by birth. Hindu society and culture are under attack from several quarters. One has to be a CONVINCED and CONSCIOUS Hindu to meet and survive that attack. One has to find one's roots in Sanatana
Dharma ~ Sitaram Goel in 1982.
Shri Goel in his own highly inimitable style goes on to describe the nature & mindset of the forces that constantly attack Hindu society & culture. I'll directly quote him simply because no one else can put across the point with piercing clarity than Shri Goel himself (2)
Goel on forces inimical to the Hindu society :

"To start with, he refuses to recognise any danger to Hindu society and culture even when irrefutable facts are placed under his nose. He accuses and denounces as alarmists, communalists, chauvinists and fascists.. (3)
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17 Nov
Heavy Weights 🏋️+ Heavy Metal 🎸🎶 = Awesome feeling 💪🏻

That's the great thing about Metal, it gets you up & going even on days you don't feel up for the task.
Am quite amazed that people have started going back to the gym in the current situation. Its impossible to perform strenuous exercises with the mask on & so is maintaining social distancing. Not even talking about sanitization.

Don't understand why people would take such risks.
Especially if you have parents or elderly folks at home. I'd say it is pretty selfish of anybody to put their personal interests over the safety of family members

Any place where one cannot mask up properly & perform sanitization should be a no go. Gyms r not safe in this regard
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15 Nov
The loss at Talikota in 1565 CE led to multiple tragedies for Hindus. Until then the rulers of Vijayanagara, especially Krishnadevaraya kept the portuguese scumbags in their place. They went full barbarian after 1565. Between 1565-67 more than 300 Temples were destroyed in Goa.
By 1569, just 4 years after Talikota, all Hindu temples were razed & burnt down to the ground by the portuguese. On one side we had jehadi barbarians burning Hampi down during the same period.

The importance of Vijayanagara to preservation of Hindu culture is so understated.
The culture of South India to this day is heavily influenced by Vijayanagara. From Kanyakumari to the banks of the Krishna river. One can literally feel the cultural difference when traveling by road once you cross the Krishna river.
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14 Nov
Extremely muted Naraka chaturdasi so far. Will have to wait & see how it goes on Balipadyami on Monday. Kannadigas celebrate it with much fervor. Its a shame how the secular state has dampened our biggest festival just to win some brownie points from some liberal elites.
I remember as a kid how we'd have finished several rounds of bursting crackers by 2PM noon today. It would start with us waking up by 4AM. Mother would apply gingelly oil on head, put a tilaka & take a drishti. After that I'd go out & light a small cracker as part of shastra.
I'd come back & take head bath with shikakai before sun rise, perform sandhya, wear new clothes & go out for another round of crackers by 6AM. Would come back for idli breakfast by 8 & head back for another session of crackers. Kids these days grow up not experiencing all this.
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