In episode 7, the @bbc series 'Mayday' actually obfuscates key evidence with respect to the alleged chemical attack in Douma, 2018, which has been the focus of research by @chloehadj @ruskin147 @Tim_Hayward_ Some facts:-
1) When requested by Professor Paul McKeigue to ask whether Raed Saleh of the White Helmets knew the burial location of the Douma victims, @chloehadj evaded as can be seen here:-…
2)… fails to address the fact that BBC producer @Dalatrm has stated, repeatedly, that the hospital scenes at Douma were staged @bbclysedoucet @NikGowing @BreesAnna @cerumol
3) This is critical information because, if the hospital scenes were staged, so too were the scenes at location 2 (reported around the same time as the hospital scenes) in which 43 decedents were filmed.
4) @Dalatrm has refused to pass this information to either the @opcw or journalists researching this issue whilst a leaked toxicology report from NATO toxicologists states clearly the victims were not killed at location 2 by chlorine gas.… @LenP91535865
5) If not killed at location 2 by chlorine gas, they must have been killed in some other manner and a full discussion can be found in this presentation to the Harvard-Sussex prog. on chemical and biological weapons:-…
6) This presentation was at the invitation of the leading weapons expert the late Julian Perry Robinson who was supportive of the working group research on this issue….
7) The conduct of the @bbc is consistent with a broader pattern of deception through obfuscation and censorship of key information regarding Douma and the @opcw investigation @RealDeeptiC @garethrw @RobertF40396660
8) This includes multiple procedural and scientific flaws relating to the Final Report and which were reported to the @couragefound by an OPCW person:-…
9) As reported by @ClarkeMicah, an unknown OPCW person secretly redacted the original interim report and attempted to publish it. The redacted report obfuscated key information that brought into doubt the alleged attack…
10) The OPCW failed to consider its own engineering report that contradicted the Final Report's claims regarding the cylinders allegedly dropped from helicopters:-…
11) The engineering report questioned whether the cylinder at location 2 could have caused the observed damage in the roof
12) And it also questioned the feasibility of the cylinder at location 4 performing a remarkable sideways bounce to land on a bed
13) Interestingly, clear evidence that the cylinder at location 2 was actually manipulated by hand was deleted by @bellingcat, as discussed here by @MichaKobs
14) this evidence shows the cylinder being rotated un order to line up a dent with a steel bar, and then tipping it so that the gas nozzle is pointing into the hole in the ceiling
15) Obfuscation and censorship relating also to chemistry results and witness testimony was documented by the @couragefound panel:-…
16) Against this backdrop of suppressed evidence, the conduct of senior management at the OPCW needs to be investigated. We know that senior staff are aware of serious problems within the organisation; as indicated in this email from a senior official
17) In recent weeks an OPCW person leaked disinformation to @bellingcat who then used this to try an smear one of its most experienced former scientists. As reported by @aaronjmate, the leaked material appears to have been aimed at misleading the DG…
18) This incident confirms that someone within the OPCW is using @bellingcat in order to spread disinformation and, apparently, also passing misleading information to the Director General of the @opcw @UK_OPCW @CanadaOPCW @NLatOPCW @China_OPCW

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17 Nov
20) This is why many eminent individuals have called for transparency and accountability at the OPCW:-… ImageImage
21) These include Professor Noam Chomsky… @aaronjmate @MaxBlumenthal
22) And Jose Bustani himself, the first director General of the OPCW, whose voice was heard even though the US, UK and France tried to silence him at the UN Security Council
@Tim_Hayward_ @GeorgeMonbiot @2ndNewMoon @VanessaBeeley @esvanana
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7 Nov
@2ndNewMoon @ClarkeMicah @bellingcat @LapCat @aaronjmate @bbclysedoucet @NikGowing @OborneTweets @PeterCronau @TulsiGabbard @SusanSarandon @Tim_Hayward_ @PhilipWatson_ 1) @bellingcat were caught deleting a tweet which confirmed the cylinder at location 2 was manipulated by activists/SCD shortly after the alleged attack. See @MichaKobs discussion here
@2ndNewMoon @ClarkeMicah @bellingcat @LapCat @aaronjmate @bbclysedoucet @NikGowing @OborneTweets @PeterCronau @TulsiGabbard @SusanSarandon @Tim_Hayward_ @PhilipWatson_ @MichaKobs 2) the deleted tweet confirms that the cylinder was rotated through 180 degrees, so that a small dent in the cylinder lined up with a steel bar in the roof and tilting the cylinder so that the nozzle was pointing into a hole in the roof.
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2 Nov
@georgemonbiot 's accusation of atrocity denial and truth distortion' by @ClarkeMicah is misleading. In fact, it is Monbiot who has consistently ignored extensive evidence that challenges his beliefs regarding alleged chemical weapon attacks in Syria. This evidence includes:-
1) the @couragefound panel which heard testimony from an OPCW official regarding procedural and scientific fraud during the @opcw 's investigation of the alleged chlorine chemical weapon attack in Douma, 2018:-… @Tim_Hayward_ @2ndNewMoon
2) Leaked documents have confirmed that OPCW inspectors had their analyses censored and suppressed in order to ensure the final report reached a 'preordained conclusion'…
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1 Nov
@MaxBlumenthal @L_Gale517 @MaxAbrahms Interesting. @James__Harkin wrote an article on Douma for @theintercept , one which suggested an attack had occurred but was surrounded by much propaganda. @Dalatrm concurred and claimed the hospital scene were staged:-
@MaxBlumenthal @L_Gale517 @MaxAbrahms @James__Harkin @theintercept @Dalatrm 1) @James__Harkin also chaired the @cijournalism debate between @EliotHiggins and Professor Postol whilst @weizman_eyal & @ForensicArchi provided technical support to Higgins in that debate:…
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29 Oct
A key question now concerns why individuals within the OPCW are leaking false information designed to smear one of their inspectors? And why is this being leaked to @bellingcat, a state-sponsored propaganda outlet? @RealDeeptiC @ClarkeMicah @PeterCronau @johnpilger @SMaurizi
1) We know from @MichaKobs' investigation that @bellingcat were in communication with individuals manipulating a yellow cylinder at location 2 in Douma:-
2) Remarkably, this manipulation involved the rotation of the cylinder through 180 degrees, lining up a dent with a rebar, and then tilting it so that the nozzle is pointing into the hole.
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27 Oct
Rather than addressing substantive issues raised by many regarding their investigation of the alleged chemical weapon attack in Douma, Syria, the @opcw has responded by leaking a letter from its DG, Fernando Arias, & revealing the identify of one of its scientists. @RealDeeptiC
1) Remarkably the @opcw has chosen to leak this information to @bellingcat, a well-known state sponsored propaganda outlet. Interestingly @bellingcat was in communication with individuals manipulating the alleged crime scene at location 2 in Douma:
2)@EliotHiggins is well known for his abusive behaviour whilst @bellingcat conspired with @ForensicArchi and @cijournalism to rig a public debate between Higgins and eminent US scientist Ted Postol (report forthcoming) @James__Harkin @weizman_eyal see also…
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