Parafield, South Aust #COVID19 Media Update 20NOV2020
🎙️14,400 tests in past 24h
🎙️Restrictions to be rolled back but circuit breaker was needed
🎙️Contact tracers show person linked to pizza bar misled the team ("they lied")-new group being sought
🎙️SA public urged to get tested
🎙️Outside exercise permitted for those you live with or family groups, immediately
🎙️Stay at home order being repealed from midnight Sat, replaced by density rules (1/4m2 in premises; 100 in hospitality premises, 10/table; funeral-50, weddings 150)
🎙️Masks required for personal care provider
🎙️Gyms to reopen from midnight Saturday
🎙️Schools back from Monday
🎙️#PizzaLie=the person was working there for several shifts, not just purchased a pizza from there (no lockdown if they'd been honest!😬)
🎙️The #PizzaLie person was actually a close contact of another *known* case; not transmission due to a very short casual exposure
🎙️A security guard at medi-hotel (Peppers), worked at Pizza shop; *their* close contact (Stanford Hotel kitchen) lied to the police
🎙️Now 1 cluster
🎙️Seems this was integral to fears about transmissibility of this variant
🎙️Laws being looked at around penalties for these sorts of misleading statements
🎙️Masks not mandatory, strongly recommended
🎙️3 new cases (Prof Spurrier) - all in quarantine
🎙️2 security guard family members and a worker from aged care
🎙️still tracing
🎙expect cases to rise in next few days - because we got ppl in quarantine so early (2-14 day incubation period people😉)
🎙️much less "frightening" tone today👏
🎙Almost 100% of family member became positive (previously seeing 20-30% in SA)
🎙️Now saying similar things seen in Victoria
🎙️Now walking back "novel strain" vibe-all about first time *SA* to have seen this strain. "You can't really say" about characteristics of this virus
🎙️"Nothing about the genomics makes it particularly special" 😒

• • •

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20 Nov
I think these graphs from @NSWHealth are both beautiful and really interesting.
Look at that RSV take off. This will be impact young kids and those with asthma I'd expect. But it's a *very* late season. Highlights that "seasonal respiratory viruses" are about more than "season"
RSV and RV peaks don;t line up - but RSV lags RV. Here's one hypothesis (lest call it the RV as MASTER hypothesis)- RVs wane - for whatever reason, lots of immunity - RSV able to get a foothold and takes off.
Or RSV as MASTER, hypothesis: huge cohort of immune naive kids for RSV to take hold in, pushes out RVs (lag due to this happening in the background, not being captured by testing for some reason)
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18 Nov
"the trial did not test the role of masks in source control"
-which is a key role for masks in reducing transmission *from* and infected 'source', to others…
But, you know, it had some acknowledged overall issues.
"Inconclusive results, missing data, variable adherence, patient-reported findings on home tests, no blinding, and no assessment of whether masks could decrease disease transmission from mask wearers to others."
-there doesn't seem to have been a baseline PCR test (would have been nice, but not essential except to catch ? Image
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17 Nov
I wonder if we'll ever really discuss eye protection for the public?
Useful? Over-the-top?
So many things still have so little actual evidence to makes these calls.
An yet you see images like this...
Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in human post-mortem ocular tissues…
Small studies have rarely found (old links):
😷SARS-CoV-2 RNA in tears & conjunctival secretion in 1 of 30 COVID-19 cases…
😷2 of 72 COVID-19 cases with conjunctivitis had viral RNA detected in a conjunctival swab…
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16 Nov
Where is South Australia, I hear you ask (hopefully I hear no Aussies ask that!)
A couple of amateur but curmudgeonly Comms thoughts
🦠Parafield cluster - the name of this #COVID19 event in #SouthAustralia.…
🌊This isn't Wave 2 for SA-it's a cluster. And talking about it as if it is the start of Wave 2 may induce fear rather than caution and risk reduction activities.
Qld dealt with a cluster recently without statewide lockdown. Can be done.
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12 Nov
This is a key point that should be discussed more (if you don't understand it) or repeated more (to get it past other, now outdated paradigms).
And yes. There is⏩actual evidence⏪ that small particle *aerosols* (SPA; not droplets-although I can't find the specific SPA size range in this paper) infect & result in inflammation and can generate ARDS (highlighted below were SPA infected) in primates…
Some studies don't adequately discriminate larger droplets from SPAs in their "aerosol" so which was the more likely, or whether both were equally likely, cannot be determined and so the precise route remains unclear
e.g.… and…
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9 Nov
"I am not a biologist, but have been discussing this article with a university student who is studying the field. He is questioning whether a PCR test can distinguish two viruses which differ in segments that have a few different base pairs but are of the same length"
-puts aside
I love the quality of expert who comes to comment on my blog.
"There are several millions of different viruses, but we only have a little more than 10.000 full genomes..."
-I know some head just exploded
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