1/3 For 2 years I haven’t been able to take a loan from @CelsiusNetwork, until 2 days ago when I just decided wtf, I’m moving, and moving right now.

I got my first loan of $10,000 from @CelsiusNetwork at 1%. I paid off my Capital One credit card bill of $5,705.44 immediately.
2/3 Capital One was charging me $75.88 per month in interest alone and $59 for a member fee. This is how banks steal from you every day and keep you poor. Year to date I’ve paid $1,078.50 in interest alone. Well, thanks to @CelsiusNetwork and @Mashinsky, no more.
3/3 I’m cutting up this Capital One credit card and throwing it in the garbage.

I would encourage every one of you who can take a loan to take a loan and get rid of these pesky credit card bills and say a big “fuck you” to your credit card company, which is a bank.

Best, Otis

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19 Nov
1/7 "@CelsiusNetwork does not charge you withdrawal fees, we pay your withdrawal fees. @CelsiusNetwork does not penalize you for early withdrawals, there is no early withdrawals, you can withdraw at any time. So all of these mechanisms that you are using on
2/7 “Cred or cryptodotcom or on @BlockFi where you lock up stuff for 6 or 9 or 12 months, all those things, people are crying over them right now. Anyone who locked up at cryptodotcom for 6 months and couldn’t sell their CRO and it lost over 50% of its value is not happy
3/7 “about that today. @CelsiusNetwork doesn’t do any of these mechanisms. We never had a lockup, ever, on any asset in our history, because that is not in your best interest. Now people understand it and say oh, yeah, yeah, Celsius is better, Celsius cares about me, Celsius
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18 Nov
1/4 Banks can’t give 6%-10% on coins because, as you’ve so eloquently said, it’s unsustainable, so how can @CelsiusNetwork do it? In that case, it’s either @CelsiusNetwork is a scam or your bank is a scam. I’ll leave you to figure out which one is a scam.
2/4 Here’s some FYI: Banks can pay you 10% on your USD/Euro/Pound, as they make 17% ROI, and 24.99% on credit cards. They just don’t want to and you don’t demand it, so they use all that profit to do stock buybacks and executive compensation. This is all public info. Look it up.
3/4 Lost your keys not your coins. In the old world, I didn’t keep all my cash at home under my mattress, it sat in a bank, a custodian. The same applies here: @CelsiusNetwork is my custodian and I sleep well at night. Not everybody is an expert on holding their own keys.
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25 Oct
1/15 "You have to think of money as water; it always wants to flow downhill where the yields are higher. Money is trying to go to the places where it does the most good. You have to think of the banks and the financial system we have today as like this dam
2/15 “that the financial system built that’s holding the money where they want it, because that’s where they can extract enough value out of it. So if you just crack the dam, or if you just allow the water to go around the dam, it will all flow up to the other place.
3/15 “I totally agree #Bitcoin is open-source money, we call it MoIP, or money over IP, just like VoIP is another form of free communication that, again, bypasses the dam that the phone companies created to hold back communications and charge us as a toll collector huge
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25 Oct
1/6 Thomas Jefferson warned us, yet the US Congress still passed the Federal Reserve Act on Dec 23, 1913 &installed a criminal cartel central bank in the US called the @federalreserve, whose real name is the Jekyll Island Criminal Bank Cartel, a private corporation w/shareholders
2/6 The Federal Reserve Act was passed & signed into law by Woodrow Wilson, the worst President in US history, on Dec 23, 1913, 2 days before Christmas, in secrecy. Ask yourself why they needed to pass this law 2 days before Christmas when the public was not paying any attention.
3/6 All this political fighting among us is useless, bc as long as there’s the @federalreserve in the US who prints money out of thin air and gives it to the rich, We The People will forever stay poor and fighting amongst one another as Democrats and Republicans, which is
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17 Oct
1/5 @icecube, I know you don’t know me. I just saw your interview on CNN with Chris Cuomo. Yes, you’re right, black people have no capital. Here’s the solution, and if you listen to me, I promise you this will change the situation for black Americans. Simply join @CelsiusNetwork
2/5 I’m an immigrant, from Jamaica, but this is my adopted country and I understand the pain and suffering. Politicians will never do what’s in the best interests of their constituents; the capital system is designed to keep us — We The People — poor, esp minorities.
3/5 Everybody keeps talking about this wealth inequality gap but no one has ever done anything about it except one man: Alex Mashinsky (@Mashinsky) who founded @CelsiusNetwork & gives back 80% of his company’s revenue — NOT profit, revenue — to his depositors. He has minted about
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15 Oct
1/13 Q. "You said that obviously if we see a digital dollar, a digital yuan, that they will not be deflationary, they will continue to print, it will be inflationary. What do you make of the commitment of the Fed and Powell to continue printing endlessly in this sort of
2/13 “exponential curve — I mean, we’ve seen them printing for years, but this real exponential growth in printing?"

A. "If you look at kind of like the fundamental ideas behind capitalism, you will see basically they believe in economic cycles, they believe in recession versus
3/13 “good times, and you’re supposed to save during the good times so you have money to get through the bad times. Over the last 20 years, we effectively — the monetary activity of the Fed and fiscal activity has basically told us that none of that matters any more, right.
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