Ketsui Deathtiny's up on US PSN, $34.99… the two DLCs (the 2007 IKD matsuri arrange & virt's DFKBL Ketsuipachi arrange) are $7.99 each
for those who've only been paying attention to M2STG as they drop overseas, know that Deathtiny's training options are a big step over those present in Garegga & Feveron and I think anyone without any prior experience should be able to jump in and start improving very quickly
all the custom settings, easy modes, etc kinda puts the burden on the player to know what it is they need to do to get better, so I think the structure of Deathtiny's training mode, straightforward as it is, helps lay out a safe path for ppl who can't visualise how to improve
oh and to clarify, virt's arrange is a BGM pack and the IKD 2007 DLC is an arrange mode—specifically, a remixed version that was solely playable at a Cave matsuri and never ported anywhere

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15 Nov
happy 35 years to Jaleco's adopted ninja son, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun! they took this character in a lot of different directions and most of them didn't fare particularly well but I do have a soft spot for the original (as does whoever designed GCCX/Retro Game Challenge's Haggleman)🇯🇵
icymi, Japan got a FC-era JaJaMaru-kun collection for Switch last year that includes a new retro game called JaJaMaru-kun no Yokai Daisakusen—the publisher said they'd be releasing Yokai Daisakusen as a standalone on Steam but I guess COVID messed em up
oh and the key art for the Ninja JaJaMaru-kun Collection was drawn by @personasama, which just goes to show that tweeting about Soldam is guaranteed to make cool things happen

here's a comment from the devs about his involvement
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12 Nov
another JP-only legacy release for Switch today: Medarot Classics Plus, an emulated Medabots collection featuring eight GBC/GBA games with wireless trading/battles, encounter rate toggles, fast-forward, NG+ etc

naturally, they're split into two versions🇯🇵
the games are Medarot 1 through 5 (GB/C) plus Medarot 2 Core for GBA (Medarot 2 remake, released internationally as Medabots), the GBA SRPG Medarot Navi & the GBA fighting game Medarot G (which is essentially the Japanese version of the internationally-released Medabots AX)
even just sticking to GBC/GBA games, there are a ton more of these they could reissue: there was a side-series called Parts Collection that had a bunch of games, a sorta-reboot on GBA called Shingata Medarot, a card battle adaptation, etc
Read 4 tweets
12 Nov
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is trending on JP twitter atm, super cool to see this 2-man doujin game blowing up

apparently people are marveling at the attention to detail of the farming systems, it's "use the FAQ on the government agriculture website as a strategy guide"-level deep
icymi, it's a hybrid between a combat-heavy action-RPG and a rice farming sim, sort of like a side-view Rune Factory

one anecdote is that one of the devs went so far as to start growing his own rice in order to make sure he got it right in-game
"Sakuna has ppl like

'I can't leave a single grain behind'

'I'm sorry for ignoring my sushi rice, it won't happen again'

'I got annoyed by the guy a table over for leaving rice on his plate'

they should use this game in elementary school diet class"🇯🇵
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9 Nov
the dude behind the Metal Slug 6 Atomiswave-to-Dreamcast conversion said it was a simple process but I didn't think people would adapt to it this quickly—Samsho 6, KOFXI and Neogeo Battle Coliseum have all been converted and I'm sure Neowave's in the pipe…
for the unfamiliar, here's the Atomiswave library there are a few sought-after games that were never ported, like The Rumble Fish 2 and Dolphin Blue, as well as games like ArcSys Hokuto no Ken for which the official home ports aren't really adequate
update: .CDI images for these conversions have started appearing, ie they're no longer exclusive to those with ODEs & can be played via CD-R (with unavoidable load times), but they're definitely not foolproof so hold off if you don't want to have to re-burn half a dozen times
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29 Oct
a fascinating (ongoing) thread from comic translator & former Capcom artist Katsuya Akitomo on his lifelong relationship with American comics🇯🇵 for context, Akitomo has been publicly credited by Akiman & Akira Nishitani for familiarising the '90s Capcom team with Marvel's work
"I didn't work on Darkstalkers outside of the pitch but I was asked for a chara for DS3 & suggested 'a man-eating bug disguised as a girl' who became Q-Bee; I was ripping off Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson's Chika, but envisioned smtg more grotesque & less silly"
"Kingpin, the last boss of the Punisher arcade game, was originally so big that he filled half the screen, but Marvel told us 'he's a regular human, he can't be /that/ big' and made us change it"
Read 183 tweets
29 Oct
IGN Japan's Indie Game Week STG showcase article's live, with features on Mechanical Star Astra, Squadron 51, BLUE SABERS Early Mission, DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge, Wings of Bluestar, CLIONEKO, 1993 Shenandoah, Star Hunter DX & SPACE / MECH / PILOT…🇯🇵
brief summaries on each game:

Mechanical Star Astra: "of all the games featured here, this is the one STG fans should get hyped for" "there's nothing particularly novel about it, but we can't wait for the final game"

(fwiw they said something very similar about Blue Revolver)
Squadron 51: "the most unique game featured in this article", "the game itself is fairly conventional, the audiovisuals are the draw", "the spoken dialogue's in Brazilian Portuguese & it was impossible to read the EN subtitles during gameplay; I hope they address this in loc"
Read 12 tweets

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