There is something fundamentally wrong with @femigbaja's explanation on the shooting and killing of the Newspaper vendor, whose death was caused by the security operatives attached to him.

According to the Speaker, the gun was fired 'in the air' to disperse excited crowd.
Generally, a bullet, fired straight up at the maximum speed into the air, will never leave the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere. A combination of gravity and air resistance will slow it down until it reaches a maximum height, whereupon it will fall back down to Earth’s surface.
When it does, however, its landing location will be wildly unpredictable owing to the effects of wind and air. It will be traveling much slower than when it was first fired, as its terminal velocity (due to air resistance) is far lower than the initial muzzle speed.
Again, falling bullets can injure, and may rarely kill depending on the part of the it touches - say the heart/chest region (if the person was lying upward), head. But rarely kills. A 150 mile-per-hour bullet won’t be lethal in most instances, but there are two factors that
can change the equation dramatically.

Bullets that are fired at an angle, rather than straight up, may never stop and begin tumbling; instead, they can maintain much greater speeds: many hundreds of miles-per-hour.
If a bullet has enough speed to break the skin, it can potentially be lethal; this occurs at different speeds for different bullets and different individual people.
The type of bullet used is tremendously important for determining whether it’s possible for a bullet to break
your skin or not, as well as the type of skin in question. In general, the accepted threshold for where a bullet will break the skin barrier is 136 miles-per-hour, but the true figure varies wildly. Some combinations of perfectly round bullets impacting
thick skin will bounce off a human at speeds up to 225 miles-per-hour, but that’s the ideal case.

A pointier bullet can move slower and still break the skin, as will a smaller-caliber bullet, having its force concentrated over a much smaller area.
For instance (according to Mattoo’s equation):

buckshot will perforate skin at 145 miles-per-hour,

bullets from a .38 caliber revolver break skin at 130 miles-per-hour,

9mm handgun bullets can break skin at just 102 miles-per-hour,
and a .30 caliber bullet will break skin at only 85 miles-per-hour. Firing a gun into the air creates a potential hazard for anyone within a two mile radius of the person firing the gun, and the danger will not subside until a full two minutes have passed since the final gunshot.
When the Nigerian Army was called upon by @jidesanwoolu to go to Lekki Tollgate, on the 20/10/20, which led to the massacre of many #EndSARS, they claimed that they 'kill' no one, that they only 'fired their bullets into the air'. But how come people died?

Do Nigerians fly?
How come that whenever Nigerian fire guns into the air, people die?

The gun used by the security operatives attached to the speaker does not have the capacity of killing someone, if truly it was fired into the air.

That explanation by my 'distinguished' speaker, makes no sense.
Was the Newspaper vendor flying at the time he was hit by this bullet fired into air?
It will appear that the security operatives attached to the Honourable Speaker FIRED DIRECTLY at the deceased Newspaper Vendor. You may want to take a look at the spot where the bullet hot him.

• • •

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More painful is the fact is that, the whole reply from morning by that agent and sympathiser of Agbalumo were based on speculation of his own imagination. I tried to endure him since morning. I also accommodated his brazen idiocy.

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2 As a professor of law, YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT no law SUPPORTS the demolition
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3. According to your Agbalumo link, the owner of the building flouted the FCDA Housing scheme. When he converted what was designed for 'car park' to a shop.
4. When it comes to Housing scheme in Abuja and the entire Federation, where does the Buck stop? Can you say that FCT and Agbalumo nonsense again?

5. Mind you, you are dealing with people's source of livelihood, hence the need for governance to have human face.
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