The Kano State Government in a dramatic show of shame and hypocrisy has destroyed liquid contents of alcohol (bear) worth 200 million naira, in a secular Nigeria.
Our take is that the act is retrogressive and, a direct hypocritical application of the letters and adherence of the hadith as we shall see. The dominant belief in Islam is that, not only is the consumption of alcohol in any of its forms forbidden,

A well-known hadith attests that God has cursed ten different behaviors—not only the drinking of alcohol, but nine kinds of acts that facilitate the drinking of alcohol:
Truly Allah has cursed [alcohol] and has cursed the one who produces it, the one for whom it is produced, THE ONE WHO DRINKS IT, the one who serves it, THE ONE WHO CARRIES IT, the one for whom it is carried, THE ONE WHO SELLS IT, THE ONE WHO EARNS FROM THE SALE OF IT,

I know Muslims whose praying Kettle is always stuff with alcohol: bear, gum mixture, cocaine, codein, weed. Yet, when we mention alcohol, the average Muslim only thinks about 'wine'.

Is weed, codein, gum etc, not alcohol?
Islam has a long literary tradition of advice about correct behaviour. In Islam, situations sometimes arise which do not neatly fit existing rules, in which moral principles are in conflict. However, this is changing. Technology is now allowing for changes.
It is our considered view that the Government should give due attention to this ravaging attitude of wastage. Revenues accrued from the sale of alcohol related content should not be sent to the north. It will be the highest form of wickedness and hypocrisy.
The law is clear in Islam: it is most prohibited to benefit or collect anything, gift or profit derived from the use or sale of Alcohol. If we want to follow the Hadith, being one of the pillars of Islam, we should follow it correctly.
Are there non-Muslims in Kano? Yes.

Are there non-Muslims who patronise the sell and consumption of alcohol in Kano? Yes. If that is so, why is the Kano State Government infringing on the fundamental rights of citizens who are not Muslims?

Does living in Kano make them Muslims?
Islamic scholars vary on taking proceeds from the sale of Alcohol. According to them, where such sale is for assistance, help in some form, it is not haram to make use of such proceeds - REVENUE DERIVE FROM THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC PRODUCTS - received from Govt to assist the state.
Islam is a religion which regulates and directs life in all its departments. It is not merely a body of dogmas or a bundle of rites and rituals; it is a practical code which governs life in all its spheres.
Its laws are as effectively operative in their commerce and politics as in their domestic life and social relations.
Islam censures political chicanery and economic exploitation (LIKE STUFFING DOLLARS IN BABNRIGA BY DEPUTY ALLAH @GovUmarGanduje) as strongly as social excesses and individual dishonesty.
Indeed, a true Islamic society is based upon honesty, justice and fraternity, and is absolutely intolerant of dishonesty in all its various forms.

That is the reason why perfect honesty in business and truthfulness in trade are much emphasised by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).
The words addressed by Hadrat Shu'aib to his people, the Holy Qur'an enunciates the fundamental principles of commerce as follows:

- Not to withhold from the people the things that are their due.
- Not to commit evil on the earth with the intent of doing mischief.

Destroying people's legitimate business is going against the Hadith of the Prophet (SAW).
The sale of Alcoholic products in Kano is NOT FOR THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY, BUT THE NON-MUSLIMS WHO SEE NOTHING WRONG OR BAD IN TAKING ALCOHOL. That they live with us, does not mean they should NOT continue with their trade and way of life. That is an infringement on their rights.
Muslims in the South are allowed to pray anywhere. They are allowed to live and carry their trade in a way and manner they like. Why does north condone this brazen acts of constitutional violations from Hisbah? The principles of Islam does not apply to non-Muslims in the north.
It is disturbing acts of constitutional violations of this nature that leads credence to the fact that Nigeria is not one.

1. Monopoly business (what Dangote is doing).

2. Speculative business basd on selfish interest. That is, buying something cheap and making it extremely expensive - like onions.
3. Interest transactions.
Transactions similar (in nature) to gambling.
4. Munabadha and Mulamasa. Islam recognises barter trade subject to the injunctions of the Qur'an and the Sunnah.
5. Mozabana.
6. Bai' al-'Uryan.
7. Bai' al-Mudtar.
8. Bai' al-Hast (i.e. sale by means of pebbles).
9. Sale of unripe fruit and unripe corn.

All these transactions are only applicable to known Muslims, not non-Muslims.
Agreed that Islam forbids trading in things that have a debasing or vitiating influence on the Muslim society. As you can see, these restrictions are for MUSLIMS ONLY.

How does the selling and drinking of alcohol by non-Muslim corrupt the Muslim community?

Hisbah is wrong.
When we talk about restructuring, one Nigeria, peaceful coexistence, love and progress, we must bring this disturbing issue to the fore and give them the due attention it deserves. Nobody has a monopoly of violence in Nigeria. We cannot continue like this.
Although alcohol is considered haram by the majority of Muslims, a significant minority drinks, and those who do often outdrink their Western counterparts. Among drinkers, Nigeria and a number of other Muslim-majority countries top the global ranking for alcohol consumption.
In Nigeria, nobody consumes alcohol more than a Muslim who secretly takes alcohol. That will be a story for another day. I have friends who are chronic drunks and they are Muslims. They are all here on my timeline. 🤓
In a reversal of four decades of hardline Islamist policies, Sudan scrapped its laws that had made leaving Islam potentially punishable by death, allow non-Muslims to consume alcohol and ban female genital mutilation.
It is now an offence to accuse any person or group of being an infidel in Sudan...this threatens the safety and security of society and leads to revenge killings. It is seems the version of Islam practised in Nigeria may need an upgrade.
Islam as practiced in Sudan, Morocco and Dubai appears to be more progressive and revolutionary.

According to Abdullah bin Bakhit, a Saudi writer, THERE IS NO VERSE IN THE HOLY QURAN FORBIDS ALCOHOL...the Qur’an doesn’t even mention the punishment over drinking alcohol.
The extant Bible verses show alcohol as not being explicitly forbidden (NT and OT) but drunkardness advised against , with a NT verse clarifying that those whom are drunk are not of the next kingdom.

The Quran went through 3 stages:
1- don’t pray whilst drunk
2- alcohols disadvantages outweigh advantages
3- consuming is the direction of the devil

The third one above would align with the biblical themes of alcohol taking you away from a God-centric outlook.
Truth be told:

Taking alcohol, has nothing to do with being a fake Muslim.

Israelite prophets introduced new jurisprudence (priesthood for example) for their nation, with the Yeshua being the final one sent to them.

Let us all be guided and embrace peaceful coexistence.

Contrary to the erroneous believe that Kano State is an Islamic State, section 10 of 1999 Constitution provides that "The Government of the Federation or of a State shall not adopt any religion as State Religion.". Therefore by this very provision, Kano is not an
Islamic State. It is just a state, like other northern states, that have a set out mechanism that seeks to protect and preserve the Public Islamic morality of every Muslim in Kano Sate, pursuant to sections 38, 275 & 280 of the 1999 Constitution and no more.
The establishment of Hisba-religious vigilante was part of government’s effort to implement Sharia law and a response to curb the pervasive insecurity and rapidly growing social anomie among youths WITHIN ISLAMIC FAITHFULS.
In a broader political vision, the enforcement of Sharia law was perceived as a return to Islamic values (divinely ordained laws) to foster societal re-orientation and redress moral decadence in the society, for the benefit of MUSLIMS.
Hisba is not provided for in the Nigerian constitution. However, they have the right to do their state functions, and by law, they are not empowered to usurp the power of the @PoliceNG. Hence, going after the properties of non-Muslims is unlawful and unconstitutional.

• • •

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My God!
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Why did he not travel to sections 34, 35, 36 to 41 of the same 1999 Constitution?

This is just a call to commit murder.
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