Watching the same media people who spent 4 years claiming the Kremlin had infiltrated and taken over the US now sanctimoniously mock conspiracy theories is exactly like watching Gavin "Dinner Party" Newsome and Nancy "Salon" Pelosi lecture & scorn people for COVID violations.
Just like the Democratic Party refused any real self-critique after their defeat in 2016, the US media loves to complain that people don't trust them and turn instead to Fake News, but *never* ask whether their own behavior is a cause for why that is happening.
It's easy and fun to mock other people's conspiracy theories - a bit harder to confront the ones we ourselves spent years spreading, causing a further erosion of trust in people's ability to believe they're hearing truth from news organizations.

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21 Nov
Very important exchange with @ninaturner on her great new podcast, in which @TulsiGabbard explains why it's so imperative for Trump to pardon Edward @Snowden & Julian Assange before January, and why the worst national security goons are so against it.

A Trump pardon of Snowden & Assange would be historic on so many levels. It would cause civil liberties groups, press freedom groups & leaders from around the world to praise him. He'd be the first President willing to confront the Deep State since Eisenhower's Farewell Address.
People across the spectrum - right, left and in between - would cheer .The only people furious are those whose abusive powers they revealed: @JohnBrennan, James Clapper, @Comey, @AmbassadorRice & @GenMhayden.

And Biden/Harris would be forced to denounce it, isolating them.
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21 Nov
LOL. The notion that you can’t point out NBC’s long-standing role in spouting CIA propaganda without “endangering” their employees is manipulative bullshit.

They hired *John Brennan*, Ken Dilanian & every other operative puked up by the security state. People already know.
If you don’t want to be a news outlet globally notorious for disseminating propaganda in partnership with CIA, don’t hire the ex-Director of CIA to “deliver the news,” or people like this who are notorious for serving the Agency.…
The CIA lies of the Iraq War were principally sold on Meet the Press. Ground Zero for mindless CIA stenography of the most unhinged Russiagate conspiracies was MSNBC.

If you don’t want to be known as a CIA outpost, then .... don’t be one.
Read 4 tweets
21 Nov
Throughout the Trump era, mainstream liberal media outlets elevated the most deranged, neurotic and ridiculous people as “experts” to scare the shit out of everyone. Well beyond NYT putting *Louise Mensch* on its op-ed page about Russia, look at what this person is *still* doing: ImageImage
This @sarahkendzior person was so blatantly a completely unhinged maniac, scaring the crap out of followers, telling them Trump was definitely going to nuke people, maybe even them. MSNBC put her on constantly. Look at the fear & sickness she spread: ImageImageImageImage
And look at what media outlets even *now* are saying about her. Just look at these two tweets. Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind trust the media, saying stuff like this and elevating people like her? Trump permanently broke the brains of liberal America. ImageImage
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20 Nov
This point from Jonah @peretti, now the owner of BuzzFeed & HuffPost — that the NYT can’t be the “Paper of Record” because its subscription model means it only speaks to one like-minded group — is 100% true. But.... Image
But it doesn’t have to be that way: millions & millions wants a media outlet they can trust: unconstrained by ideology. The mammoth success of Rogan, among others, proves that.

Huge opportunity to break free of the NBC/CNN/NYT/Fox prison & create that:…
Relatedly: there’s suddenly a huge spate of articles about The Substack Craze in media outlets & I’m seeing an oft-repeated myth: that while a journalist can make more money there, your audience size shrinks. That assumption is false....… Image
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20 Nov
As @mattgaetz there was joined by @TulsiGabbard & @RoKhanna in a failed July effort to allow troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, you can see Liz Cheney in front of him. After accusing him of being pro-Terrorist, she joined with Dem Chair Adam Smith to smash them. Here's Smith: Image
If you're angry it was Matt Gaetz who made eloquent pleas with Ro & Tulsi to end the war in Afghanistan, while the Raytheon-funded House Armed Services Committee Dem Chair joined with Liz Cheney & other neocons to block withdrawal, blame them, not me:…
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19 Nov
The New Ruling Coalition: Opposition to Afghanistan Withdrawal Shows Its Key Factions…
An unholy union of the National Security State and the neocon-backed and corporate-funded Democratic Party are about to assume power: with media-supported internet censorship a key weapon.
Here we see the new coalition of power that has formed during the Trump era: hawkish and corporatist Democrats, united when necessary with pro-war/neocon Republicans, Bush/Cheney operatives, the national security state and large corporate media outlets.…
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