I've been warning you for a long time that once Trump lost, he'd be focused entirely on trying to avoid prison, and he might try to scare us into giving him an immunity deal. He'll only pull it off if we fall for his bluff. I'm not inclined to gullibly make Trump's life easier.
How do I know he's bluffing? Because he's Donald Trump. He's a bullshitter. He's always bluffing. He loudly threatens to do Impossible Evil Thing A, to scare us and distract us from the fact that he's quietly doing Evil Thing B. It only works if we fall for the impossible threat.
Trump spent 2018 loudly threatening to pardon his co-conspirators, which he couldn't even do, due to legal complications. But we were so scared by it, it took us way too long to notice that Trump was secretly locking immigrant kids in cages. The imaginary pardons were distraction
I could give dozens of other examples. Trump threatens to do Imaginary Evil Thing A, to distract us from Quietly Evil Thing B. The only way we've stopped him is when we've realized Thing A is impossible, looked past it, and spotted Thing B in time.
Right now Trump is trying to scare us into believing he can magically overturn the election. I've spent thousands of words explaining why all of these scenarios are imaginary. I won't rehash them again. But it's crucial, because his plan requires us to believe he can pull it off.
While we're busy fretting over him magically flipping a legislature or the electoral college or whatever, we'll pay no attention to the pardons he's drawing up behind the scenes. Those pardons wouldn't have been viable for him in 2018. They're viable now that he's lost anyway.
While we're fretting over the imaginary, Trump will quietly find ways to extract more money from the Treasury and give it to himself. He'll quietly cut more corrupt government deals for his friends, who will give him kickbacks after he's gone from office.
This is why fretting over imaginary doomsday scenarios doesn't make you "vigilant." It makes you gullible. It makes sure you get taken advantage of by bullshitters like Trump. He's counting on you gullibly falling for his every imaginary threat.
After everyone can see that Trump isn't going to magically overturn the election, he'll threaten to shut down some crucial social program, or threaten to start a war. He's hinting at those things already. And those will be bluffs too.
How do I know? Because Trump doesn't want to lose. Even he knows that if he actually shoots the proverbial hostage, his leverage will be gone, and he'll end up with the worst possible outcome for himself – which is not what a narcissist like him wants.
Trump has very little leverage at this point. He's threatening to do things that are either A) impossible, or B) would guarantee the worst possible outcome for himself. His plan relies entirely on us not understanding that, and caving to the bluffs he's making.
The only way Trump will gain any real leverage over us at this point is if we gullibly choose to give it to him, by falling for his threats that he knows he can't pull off. I beg you not to give him that leverage. We already beat him. Let's not be suckers to him now.
Palmer Report has been saying all of the above for a year. It's more true than ever. Actor and activist Edward Norton posted one hell of a thread this morning, which touches on a lot of the same concepts. I would urge you to read it as well:

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21 Nov
The remainder of Trump's life will largely be dictated by whether the judge gives him 1) bail, 2) house arrest, or 3) jail, while he awaits trial. If it's 1 or 2, he'll likely try to delay his trial for the last couple years of his expected lifespan. If it's 3, he'll just rot.
Trump will argue that with his age and poor health, he shouldn't rot in a cell while awaiting trial, particularly during a pandemic (which he ironically created).

Prosecutors will argue that Trump is a risk of flight, and a risk of selling state secrets, if he's not monitored.
It'll all come down to the whim of whichever New York state judge gets his case. But the most likely compromise could be house arrest at Mar-a-Lago, with his visits and electronic communications monitored.
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21 Nov
Donald Trump skipped out on a G20 panel today and went golfing. Don't try to tell me he still has some hope of magically remaining in power. He's not even trying to keep up the illusion that he can pull it off. He's just golfing while he still can, before the criminal charges.
Trump International Hotel is in deep financial trouble after Donald Trump’s loss palmerreport.com/analysis/hotel…
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21 Nov
Liz Cheney is now telling Donald Trump to move aside. No surprise. The longer he pretends he's contesting the election for cash, the more he gets in the way of other Republicans who are running their own evil schemes. They were always going to selfishly turn on Trump in the end.
It's never about whether a Republican will grow a conscience or a spine. Those concepts simply do not exist on the Republican side. It was always a question of at what point a defeated Trump would begin to get in the way of their own corrupt ambitions.
The Republicans are each going to get there at different times, because they each have different math about how Trump's squatting act is impacting their own corrupt schemes. But they were never going to remain personally loyal to him. That concept doesn't exist in the GOP either.
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21 Nov
In the past few days:

- Vornado cancels property sale that would have benefited Trump

- Deutsche Bank moves to offload Trump loans to other creditors who will call them in

- Trump International Hotel sale falls apart

Now that Trump has lost, his financial world is collapsing.
Trump International Hotel is in deep financial trouble after Donald Trump’s loss palmerreport.com/analysis/hotel…
Michigan’s Republican legislators could be in deep trouble over Trump Hotel stunt palmerreport.com/analysis/michi…
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21 Nov
The Michigan certification is not being magically postponed by two weeks. That wouldn't even be legally possible. Everyone please stop panic tweeting nonsense. You are absolutely not helping our cause by spreading this kind of doomsday false information.
"But I heard..."

No, don't do that.

"But I heard" isn't a source.
Also, just because someone on the other side announces that they want something evil to happen, it doesn't mean that thing is true, or will happen, or is even physically capable of happening.

We have GOT to stop mistaking the other side's fantasies for actual real things.
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21 Nov
Leaks about cabinet positions are often false. Someone who wants a job leaks that they're under consideration when they're not, etc. Feel free to loudly push back whenever a bad name leaks. But don't assume Biden is behind that bad name. Most of these cabinet leaks are bullshit.
Remember the nonstop false leaks about Biden's running mate? Same thing with the cabinet. The media knows it won't face any penalty for publishing a cabinet leak from a sketchy source, because when it ends up being someone else, the public will just assume Biden changed his mind.
And yes, sometimes an administration leaks a name in order to take the public's temperature on that name. Like I said, feel free to loudly push back, just to leave no doubt.
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