If people want a sop for Trump's ego or a compromise or something they should just remind him that he doesn't need a fancy title to watch TV for 12+ hours a day and do nothing to help the people of this country.

That won't work, though, because what he needs is the protection.
Nothing stops Citizen Donald from staying in bed until 11, watching TV all day, and rage-tweeting into the wee hours... EXCEPT that Citizen Donald is subject to criminal prosecution and Twitter's terms of service in a way "President Trump" is not.
He likes the power. He likes knowing he can ruin lives by the hundreds of thousands, that he can set fire to our reputation and destroy our foreign policy on a whim.

But what he needs is the protections, both formal and informal, the office gives him.
From 2015 onward my answer to the "He doesn't even WANT to be president!" people has been that it doesn't matter what he wants, he *needs* the presidency in a specific and powerful way that no candidate or politician ever has.
The mythmaking on the far right, particularly in and around QAnon channels, is that he just loves this country so much he gave up his perfect billionaire life to fight for us... but his life as he knows it would have been over by now without those protections.
And oh, the bridges he has burned and enemies he has made and targets he has painted in the past four years have if anything only exacerbated that.

• • •

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21 Nov
The thing is that claiming to be gender balanced while showing on screen that you're not and touting ethnic diversity by showing your three non-human characters in a bunch of stereotyped outfits is like, the definition of lip service.

This feels like more than it is. A theory...
While I give no credence to the concept of "virtue signaling" as a thing that people actually do in the way the right-wing culture warriors think happens, I feel like the lyric rewrites in the theme song are there to send a signal, but it's not to us. It's to the culture warriors
They're saying up front to the sliver of the original fanbase and potential new audience who would be scrutinizing the reboot for any signs of "agenda", any "ruining" of their childhood... keep walking. This is not for you. We're not here for you. We won't coddle you.
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20 Nov
me every day of Tommy's life: Could you chill out a little? Learn to chill? Acquire some chill? I love you but I'm trying to work right now.

Tommy, today: *chills*

me: OMG what's wrong?

(Nothing, she just really likes the memory foam pillow I put on her chair.)
She relax. Photo of a black cat, Tommy...
Our cats were very sick when we got them from the shelter and I was still dealing (and not very well) with trauma around the death of my previous cat, and so I tended to check on them obsessively when they were sleeping.
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20 Nov
I am now soliciting opinions on the Castle Rock TV series and whether it's worth giving a try.
Haven't read any of his recent stuff but I was pretty big into him in high school. The spate of made-for-TV movies/miniseries that ABC did around the time I got adult book privileges at the library got me hooked.

...first episode may have made me a believer inside of 10 minutes with the shoutout to Norton. I am exactly the kind of nerd you can win over with pandering via Easter eggs, so this might be exactly my jam.
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19 Nov
My grandmother actually did have dementia around the time that my social transition extended to me being out around family and for a while I consciously "dialed things back" around her, as much to make things easier for myself as her or anyone else.

Buuut then there came a holiday where I was at my parents' house and not really expecting an extended family visit and she and some of my aunts showed up anyway.
I don't know what, if anything, had been told to her before or was explained later, but it didn't really come up. She just rolled with it, which is the best case scenario for anyone, honestly.
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17 Nov
My basic impression from the live tweets is that Rudy Giuliani has lost sight of the difference between "arguing to a crowd of Fox News fans and redditors" and "arguing before a judge."
Again, Rudy doesn't know how to argue in front of a judge so he's falling back on how he would argue with a TV personality.

I am no Nate Silver but I would give it at least 1 in 20 odds that Rudy tells the judge, "No, you're out of order. THIS WHOLE SYSTEM IS OUT OF ORDER!" before this is all over.
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17 Nov
"And for the record, Your Honor, I was tucking in my shirt."
When Rudy Giuliani enters a courtroom, do you think everybody present hears "Entry of the Gladiators" in their head, or do some people get "Saber Dance" or "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down"?
...although I guess since his arrival basically signals that the circus has caught fire, "Stars and Stripes Forever" would be the most appropriate musical selection.
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