It’s blatantly obvious that your “smarten up!” voluntaryist policy is an abysmal failure.

No, catastrophic failure is more apt. Rigid ideology is endangering & killing Albertans.
It is completely irrelevant how many times you mention the importance of masks.

The point is this useless govt allows radical extremist libertarians, Q’Anon, and Dominionist Christians to choose NOT to wear a mask. Putting everyone else’s health at risk.
You’ve clearly made a choice. Support the kooks of society and screw the rest of the population.

Extremist beliefs and values have no place in civilized society. Especially in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Your govts policies are making the pandemic worse & more deadly.
So you do NOT get to pat yourself for a job well done when Alberta has the highest transmission rates in the nation and a healthcare system under extreme stress. And we haven’t even hit the peak of the second wave.
Citizens can view the UCP govt with utter contempt and disgust.

There are 1 of 2 options causing this catastrophe.

1. UCP is utterly incompetent, inept and incapable of effective governance in an emergency pandemic

2. UCP is actively trying to exacerbate the spread of COVid in some ill advised attempt at herd immunity (unnecessarily sacrificing innocent people’s lives to allow entrepreneurs to make profits) & force all Albertans to adopt the toxic and repugnant paleolibertarian ideology.
Personally, I believe it to be the latter.

Kenney and the UCP cabinet are demagogues and ideologues who answer to big business and dark money donors demands.
UCP has abdicated the role of caretaker of the people and sacrificing Alberta’s seniors, children and health compromised to keep big business profiting and small businesses struggling to survive.
150 years ago, your govt would have been run out of the province after your entire group of miscreants had been introduced to copious amounts of tar & feathers.

Fortunately for you options in the past were better suited to demonstrating public sentiment, but are not available.
We are limited to using words. My disgust is palpable. As is the vehement emotional response your govt and policies elicit from the majority of Albertans. Your time is limited.

The second the vaccine is widely distributed, we Albertans are coming for you and your govt.
I’m not threatening violence, I’m promising protests until you step down and leave office. Hundreds of thousands in the streets of major cities to push you out. Cowards, extremist ideologues & govts that abandon the people during a deadly pandemic have no legitimacy to govern.
UCP are FINISHED in Alberta Politics & a perfect example of what needs to be banned from office and avoided in the future.

I’ve never been so disgusted by a government. Your cowardice, opportunism and corruption End SOON!
Count on it. You’re DONE.

Regardless if I’m able to lead the charge, millions of Albertans will gladly volunteer.

TRUE ALBERTANS have had more than enough. It’s just the opportunistic carpet baggers that need worry.
There is no more tolerance of a govt that kills and infects its citizens through ignorance, arrogance and rigid adherence to ideology in order to keep oil and gas shareholders and multinational corporations happy.


• • •

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21 Nov
The high level of COVid gaslighting, disinformation and propaganda emanating from many conservatives is repugnant and horrifying.

Here we have an MP promoting disinformation, and completely dehumanizing those with co-morbidities.
According to MP Harder, you are irrelevant and just taking up valuable hospital space if you are not young, beautiful, completely healthy and resilient to COVid infection.

Reminds me of a Toni Collette movie clip from “Muriel’s Wedding.”

The women aghast at being labeled two-faced malignant people by their acquaintance in a wheel chair are incredulous that someone who isn’t perfect criticizes their hypocrisy, double standards and excessive egotism.

It’s one of Collette’s best screen performances.
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21 Nov
This account is promoting disaster capitalism.

People make huge profits from medical devices, equipment and drugs. Guaranteed many have bought shares in the corporations that stand to benefit from the drug approvals regarding COVid. Whether that’s testing or a vaccine.
Incredible pressure has sped up the approval process and cut corners in regulation that assures safety and health.

But shareholders still get to cash in on the sales of the speedily approved healthcare products.

That’s what this account is promoting.
Whomever this account is (Graeme Moffat) has sold their education and integrity to make a fast buck.

Jason Kenney has promoted these values and policy as well. In regards to rapid testing. For the same reason. To assist the owners to make quick profits.
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21 Nov
It’s been my observation that when Alberta MLAs (especially cabinet ministers) shout down criticism of UCP actions, it’s to intimidate the dissenting critic and offer a narrative to confuse the public.
Furious that his announcement about useless carding virtue signalling is being revealed as just obfuscation of data collection, Kaycee Madu attempts to humiliate a highly educated and respected community member.

Intimidation doesn’t work on those who defy suppression.
The community will not back down. Educated members and those with critical thinking skills (not always the same people) are refusing to back down from criticizing the perfunctory political narratives offered by a party that has no intention of limiting systemic disadvantage.
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20 Nov
This is in French, but a partial translation is included below.

Legault is telling Quebecers to spend Christmas together.

PHAC warns there could be 60K COVid cases per DAY if we don’t reduce our contacts.

Insane far right politicking.
Government sources indicate that some members of the Liberal caucus are unhappy with the Quebec government's announcement of permitted Christmas gatherings, as the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) prepares to release a screening on Friday. pessimistic.
According to the model established by the PHACA Public Health Agency of Canada, the daily number of cases in the country could reach 60,000 if social contact increases.
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19 Nov
While this embedded thread contains a lot of profanity, it’s because people are beginning to realize what has been done to garner support for the far right.

The plot to kidnap and execute the governor of Michigan was more detailed than previously released to the public.
It included a back up plan. If the governor couldn’t be deposed, then 200 armed militia would storm the government buildings and perform public executions for an extended period.

The violence and diabolical nature if this plan is unmistakably horrifying, malignant & sadistic.
The shock and disgust is understandably palpable in the responses to this information. As it should be.

I’m encouraged that shock is still possible in our current circumstances.

So many similar actions are no longer eliciting extreme reactions of disgust and horror.
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18 Nov
Absolute abdication of responsibility for protecting public health. Refusal to implement proven strategies to stem viral transmission.

This is called extremism. Clearly, personal responsibility is NOT working. But NDP & UCP rigidly adhere to ideological policy.
It’s the equivalent of continuing to bang your head against a brick wall, even after your head starts to bleed. It’s obvious that the policy and ideology is insufficient to meet the need. But ideology over logic & reason prevails. Along with human deaths and illness.
Any ideology, regardless of its political origin, is NOT meant to replace observation, logic, responding to reality and informed decision making.

It’s obvious the honour system is NOT working. It’s time to enforce mandatory restrictions.
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