This from my local police is disturbing. The interviews w the two young people, Jo & Kaitlyn from 3:20

How can it be in the interests of vulnerable young people to tell them they were "born in the wrong body"?

And that anyone who does not see these two as women hates them?
The support group helps young people feel like they are 'not alone' while telling them they are outcasts and raising the stakes

...telling them that "who they are" is a person of the opposite sex, that people have "died for believing who they are": the world is hostile.
"the support group has done a world of good for helped me feel like i was not alone. I've grown in confidence. I've helped people. The group does a good job at helping people who need to feel normal and feel like they are not alone. All we want is to be accepted in life"
Who doesn't want this?

Especially young people who don't fit in.
The Who Not What Project is run by @HertsYoungPride @YCHertfordshire with funding from @TNLComFund… Image
It is aimed at "LGBTQ young people aged between 13 and 24, providing them with safe and confidential places to meet, socialise and talk about issues of
interest and relevance to them as young LGBTQ people.

They do cooking, games and crafts. Image
The most common declared sexual orientation of the children (mainly under 16) is "panromantic"

73% of the children and young people answered the sexual orientation as pansexual, bi, asexual, don't know or NA (...or possibly just teenagers figuring life out...) Image
These are kids growing up with an intense pressure to declare a sexual and gender identity Image
Many of the young people who attend the group are troubled.

Two fifths say their mental health or emotional health is not good.

Only a quarter say it is good. Image
The group seems to provide a supportive place to be for young people who don't have more organic social groups Image
Everyone need a place to go.... but are these children and vulnerable young people only being offered a welcoming 'second home' based on a focus on the political and sexual identity of being "LGBTQ"? Image
Only 45% identify as either male or female

- the rest have adopted the idea of mind/body mismatch as solving their social and emotional issues Image
And of course to question whether the two young people interviewed are really women makes you transphobic and hateful, isolating them from any other source of support which might not involve hormone treatment, surgery & the dream of being accepted as the opposite sex.

• • •

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22 Nov
This conversation between @BretWeinstein and @DouglasKMurray is interesting - both for the visitor-local conversation on what's happening in Portland (it's really bad) and for the liberal-conservative discussion
There is an interesting tension between Murray's individualist view about liberty & responsibility & Weinstein's evolutionary lens. Murray keeps rejecting "we" talk (we fucked up etc) & Weinstein makes the case for understanding history as emergent systems where there is "we"
There is a really interesting (to me) bit from 1:22 where Weinstein is talking about incarceration rates of black men and impact on the bargaining power of women in relationships, & then on children. Where Murray says but not all uncommitted dads are incarcerated...
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21 Nov
Who are the US religious right orgs seeking to influence the sex and gender debates?

This analysis from @openDemocracy is interesting (but not evidence of funding to UK gender dissidents)

Clip below is orgs tagged "anti-LGBT" spending in Europe, 2018… Image
Some observations:

1) No gender critical campaigns or legal crowdfunders are getting funding from these organisations.

Crowdfunders are anonymous of course. This is what mine looks like - mainly small donations from lots of people. Image
2) The total is not that big $2.8m (£2.1m)

...for the whole of Europe.

(and around $7m for the world outside US)

By comparison Stonewall's annual budget is £8m, including £3m from the Diversity Champions programmes with employers, universities and schools
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19 Nov
The Gender Dissidents Survey Results are here!
In the summer I asked people to fill in an online survey about why they were concerned about the push to replace sex with gender identity in laws and polices.

More than 700 people completed the survey over the course of a couple of weeks
They were 90 % women, 80% left wing, two-thirds parents, mainly non-religious, almost a quarter LGB
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18 Nov
Stonewall is keen on branding people "bigots" & denying them employment.

I wonder if Nancy also want gender critical civil servants and judges fired?
This is what the independent report on interpreters actually says.

Suggests there is an issue here - belief, tradition, training, language?

Interpreters must be able & willing to do the job…
The report emphasises general training and quality assurance.

Stonewall jumps straight to they are bigots and must be denied employment
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18 Nov
Reed & Castiglia sound just like the kind of Professors you would want at university, and the axioms and their letter sing.

Its amazing just how surprising and unusual it is now to read grown ups using wit, speaking clearly & standing their ground to defend open conversation
Which makes their final recantation all the more heart-breaking (& I read Jane's thread one-by-one as she posted.... i didn't see the ending coming)

I talk to administrators, shop floor workers, police officers trying to defend themselves against these same totalitarian demands
We don't all have the language and space to express ourselves as the Professors, and the arguments on Twitter are not as elegant, but perhaps we don't have the same crushing incentives to fall back into line.

Or perhaps we do and enough of us refuse to anyway.
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17 Nov
Harry Josephine Giles has a point here

Males are excluded from female-only spaces by default

(not just *can be*: the rules exclude them, the question is do they follow the rule or try to break it)

But as Harry says there is a problem because asking "are you the right sex to be in here?" is seen by some people as an invasion of their privacy

So organisations adopt stupid policies like this

Because they are told by @ehrc and @GEOgovuk that it is the right thing to do.

And they are confused and afraid to stand up against their own internal lobbies.…
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