I was asked to write the smut for this so here I am
Lan Zhan enters the living room to find Wei Ying doing stretches in yoga pants that hide absolutely nothing.

Only looking away and reciting his family rules prevents him from crushing the box of condoms and bottle of lube where he stands.
“Wei Ying, are you ready?” he asks.

Wei Ying straightens with a bright smile on his face. “Yeah! I got myself nice and loose for you Lan Zhan!”

Lan Zhan is THISCLOSE to a conniption.
“Wonderful,” he says, voice tight.

Wei Ying gets closer and Lan Zhan can feel his heart pounding wildly in his chest.

“So, what should I do? Where do you want me?” He’s so calm, meanwhile Lan Zhan is on the verge of a h*rny induced breakdown.
“It is...fairly straightforward, I think...and since you have already opened yourself up—“

Wei Ying tilts his head, confusion coloring his features. “I did what?”

Lan Zhan is really struggling right now. “Since you have...taken the time to...prep...”
“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying says nervously. “What do you think that we’re doing?”

Lan Zhan is about ready to return to his maker at this point. “You said that you wanted to train your...hole...and I offered to help you. What do /you/ think we’re doing right now?”
“I did WHAT?” Wei Ying says again. “When did I say that?”

“Wei Ying, what do you think a bussy is?” Lan Zhan asks, ears burning.

“My butt? But like, the cheeks. Is that not what it is?” he squeaks.
Shaking his head, Lan Zhan says quietly, “A bussy is your...anus...”

“Oh,” Wei Ying says. His eyes flick down to the condoms and lube in Lan Zhan’s hands. “And you were going to do it?”
“Yes,” Lan Zhan says hoarsely, almost wincing.

“Okay,” Wei Ying breathes. “Let’s do it.”

Lan Zhan had entered the room expecting to fuck Wei Ying, and yet this is what breaks the man. He stares at Wei Ying in silence.
Cheeks flushing, Wei Ying starts to backtrack. “I mean— only if you really want to, I. don’t want you to do it out of obligation or anything.”

Over the years of their friendship, Wei Ying has often misinterpreted Lan Zhan’s intentions. He hurries to stop it from happening again.
“I want to,” he says, voice firm.

“Really?” Wei Ying says. Lan Zhan nods, wondering why Wei Ying is pushing the limits of his self control so much today.

“So now. Where you do you want me?” Wei Ying says, voice barely above a whisper as he moves closer to Lan Zhan.
This close, Lan Zhan can count each of his long lashes, see the darker ring around the edge of his iris, the tiny freckle beside his nose. His lips are parted slightly, wet where he’s licked them, and looking so inviting.
Lan Zhan has fantasized about this many, many times. He lets this guide him.

With one gentle hand, he cups Wei Ying jaw, and then leans in to kiss him. Their mouths slide together, tentative at first, then rising in fervor as they sink into the kiss.
The kiss is wet and messy and better than anything Lan Zhan could’ve imagined. He feels like he’s on fire, he feels like he can’t get close enough to Wei Ying. Their clothes are an irritating barrier.
Tugging Wei Ying flush against his body, he wraps one hand around his waist, the other cradling the back of his head in a desperate bid to be closer closer closer
His fingers find their way to the waistband of Wei Ying’s yoga pants, pushing them down. Wei Ying helpfully pushes them down for him.

Lan Zhan is reluctant to break the kiss, but he really thinks that they should not be wearing clothes anymore.
So he pulls away, but first he kisses Wei Ying chastely, once and then— he just has to do it again. And one more time. Wei Ying laughs, and then Lan Zhan *really* wants to kiss him again. He restrains himself and tries to undress as quickly as possible.
Wei Ying steps out of his pants and tosses his shirt across the room. Then, he steps forward, hands outstretched, reaching for Lan Zhan’s last item of clothing: his underwear.
Before Lan Zhan can say anything, Wei Ying tugs them off without ceremony. Lan Zhan’s cock bobs, now freed from its fabric prison, and Wei Ying stares at it in a mixture of shock and awe.
“WHAT ARE YOU SO BIG FOR,” he exclaims.

“I am...sorry?” Lan Zhan replies, unsure how to respond to that.

Eyes flicking up to Lan Zhan’s, Wei Ying asks, “Can I touch?”
Swallowing hard, Lan Zhan nods. Wei Ying’s hand looks so small around his cock as he strokes it gently.

“Maybe I really do need some training,” Wei Ying says. “I don’t know how else I’m going to take this thing.”
Lan Zhan huffs a laugh and Wei Ying’s attention snaps to his face, eyes wide and mouth smiling. “You laughed!” he says. “Who knew that dick jokes were the way to unlock the most special Lan Zhan sound.”
“Ridiculous,” Lan Zhan says, but there’s a smile tugging at the edge of his lips.

“That’s me!” Wei Ying says, eyes scrunching. “Since I wasn’t expecting to be doing this sort of activity, I actually have /not/ prepped myself.” He looks up at Lan Zhan, a question in his eyes.
“I will take care of it,” Lan Zhan says quickly. He’s been fantasizing about this, too. “Lie down on your stomach.”

Wei Ying does without protest, ass in the air. He wiggles it side to side. “You gonna eat me up?” he says, joking.

“Yes,” Lan Zhan says. He is not joking.
He gets onto the couch behind Wei Ying and lowers his mouth to his hole. Wei Ying gasps and then says /oh/ and then he’s not saying much else as Lan Zhan licks into him, opening him up with his tongue and his fingers.
Once Lan Zhan is satisfied (with his work, not with eating Wei Ying’s ass. He could do only that and be happy. But they have a goal in mind), he reaches for the box of condoms.

“Ah wait um,” Wei Ying says. “I haven’t had sex with anyone else in a long while. Have you?”
Lan Zhan has in fact, /not/ had sex with anyone else any time recently. They discover that both of their recent tests have been clean.

With faux dramaticism, Wei Ying gets down on one knee and says, “Lan Zhan. Will you raw me?”
Lan Zhan laughs again and Wei Ying grins so wide that Lan Zhan’s heart twinges a little. He’s so beautiful.

He decides that the couch is much too small. If he’s fucking the love of his life for the first time, he needs some room.
Kissing Wei Ying, he slides his hands down his back until they find the curves of his ass. He squeezes once, then lifts Wei Ying up, eliciting a delighted shriek from Wei Ying.
Arms winding around Lan Zhan’s neck for support, Wei Ying kisses Lan Zhan again. “You’re strong. That’s so sexy. Can you fuck me standing up?”

Lan Zhan gives that some consideration. “We can try it.” He leans over. “Grab the lube.”
Tightening his left arm around Lan Zhan’s neck, Wei Ying plucks the bottle of lube from the couch. Then he immediately squirts some onto his hand and reaches underneath himself, where Lan Zhan’s cock is rubbing against his ass.
“Wei Ying, what—“

Sticking his tongue out in concentration, Wei Ying lifts himself up a little bit. He directs Lan Zhan’s cock inside of his hole and then drops down onto it.
A loud moan escapes Wei Ying as he throws his head back in ecstasy, and Lan Zhan nearly chokes from the sudden rush of pleasure.
“Come on, you’re strong. Fuck me,” Wei Ying says in a husky voice.

So Lan Zhan does, moving Wei Ying on his cock. Wei Ying’s breaths come in gasps, and his grip on Lan Zhan becomes shaky.
Lan Zhan knows that if they stay standing they’re going to collapse. He lets Wei Ying drop back onto his cock and wraps one arm around his back, the other still holding onto his ass.
Wei Ying tightens his arms and tucks his face into Lan Zhan’s neck, hot breaths fanning over Lan Zhan’s skin.

Lan Zhan kicks his bedroom door open and doesn’t even care that it slams against the wall.
He throws Wei Ying onto the bed and sinks down over him.

“You know I thought about this? So many times I wondered what it would be like,” Wei Ying says. “Who knew that not knowing what the word bussy meant would finally get me the dicking down of my dreams.”
“Is it what you imagined?” Lan Zhan says.

“All that and more,” Wei Ying replies.

“Good,” Lan Zhan says, and then he lays down on top of Wei Ying, sucking bruises into his skin, licking his nipples, hands roaming everywhere because he /finally/ gets to touch.
He turns Wei Ying onto his side and sits down on his leg. The other leg he pulls to rest on his hip, holding it against himself.

“Ah that’s so hot,” Wei Ying murmurs.

Lan Zhan sinks into him, his hole already wet and open, and fucks him painstakingly slow.
Each thrust shoves Wei Ying up, and then Lan Zhan pulls him back down as he thrusts, and Wei Ying moans openly.

As his breaths quicken, flush spreading to his chest, Wei Ying reaches for his own cock. Lan Zhan pushes his hand out of the way, stroking it for him.
Wei Ying keens and arches off of the bed as he comes. Lan Zhan watches, awed, as Wei Ying’s mouth drops open, eyes screwing shut, and his come spills over Lan Zhan’s hand.

Moments later, Lan Zhan comes too. He falls forward and gulps down air as if he’s been deprived of it.
Turning a little, Wei Ying pets his face affectionately. Lan Zhan opens his eyes just slightly, taking in the wrecked expression on Wei Ying’s face.

He rearranges Wei Ying so that he’s lying in between his legs and drops his weight onto him.
He presses a soft kiss to his lips and touches their foreheads together, eyes sliding closed again as he waits for the feeling to return to his limbs.

Wei Ying kisses him. “Is it too soon to ask if this means we’re dating?” he whispers.
Lan Zhan smiles. “That would be the ideal situation for me, yes.”

“Oh,” Wei Ying says. “Me too. I want that.”

And so, they were ‘only roommates’ no longer. The end!
Thank you for reading along as I went! Qrt/rt/comments and likes all appreciated! If you’re feeling generous, leave a kofi, they help me have the ability to make more content! ko-fi.com/lazulink

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