@Grumpa @bcnjsn @russianasshat @marypladsen @michael_david41 @dontlickchalk 1/6 Longtime immigrant rights activist here with links! Let's talk about why Liberal Democrats never do the #dontforgetaboutkidsincages thing when their team in charge. First, let's look at their policies for the past few decades. jacobinmag.com/2016/08/immigr…
@Grumpa @bcnjsn @russianasshat @marypladsen @michael_david41 @dontlickchalk 2/6 Next, let's remember that the practice of caging children started with Obama-Biden, who built and used the cages that Trump later greatly expanded upon. Links to sources on each image.
@Grumpa @bcnjsn @russianasshat @marypladsen @michael_david41 @dontlickchalk 3/6 Not only did the nativist Obama-Biden Administration lock migrant children in cages, but they subjected them to horrific conditions. #kidsincages inthesetimes.com/article/lockin…
@Grumpa @bcnjsn @russianasshat @marypladsen @michael_david41 @dontlickchalk 4/6 Putting Kids in Cages was highly profitable for the Obama-Biden Administration's allies in the private prison industry, which grew under their governance. Source in tweet
@Grumpa @bcnjsn @russianasshat @marypladsen @michael_david41 @dontlickchalk 5/6 Adding insult to injury, the Obama-Biden Administration also allowed migrant children to be turned over to human traffickers. Sources in tweet.
@Grumpa @bcnjsn @russianasshat @marypladsen @michael_david41 @dontlickchalk 6/6 Enough about nativist, anti-immigrant politician #JoeBiden though. Let's not forget that TOP COP #KamalaHarris 👮‍♀️ turned undocumented youth over to ICE. Source in tweet.

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14 Aug
1/5 Liberals frequently claim there was broad Black support for the vicious 1994 crime bill authored by vile segregationist #JoeBiden and vigorously enforced by TOP COP #KamalaHarris. Professor Michelle Alexander says that's "misleading at best".

#NeverBidenNeverTrump #KHIAC 👮‍♀️
2/5 Indeed, speaking on behalf of his constituents and supporters, the Rev. Jesse Jackson blasted the vile 1994 crime bill penned by #JoeBiden and enforced by #KamalaHarris. Jackson called it "Jim Crow, Esq."

#NeverTrump #NeverBiden #KamalaHarrisIsACop 👮‍♀️
3/5 As Attorney/Activist @MalaikaJabali recently pointed out, the NAACP framed the 1994 crime bill — that #JoeBiden wrote and #KamalaHarris enforced — as "draconian" and "a crime against the American people."

#NeverBidenNeverTrump #KHIAC 👮‍♀️
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9 May

Liberals supporting Joe Biden today, like far-right supporters of arch-reactionary Kavanaugh in 2018, have been throwing around the phrase “due process” as part of their rape apologetics.

2/21 Both Biden and Kavanaugh are powerful white males credibly accused of rape. Rather than scrutinize these men for their lecherous conduct, their partisans hide behind the phrase “due process”.

3/21 Let’s talk about due process for a second. The US Constitution discusses it in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. The guarantee is that no one shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”

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4 Apr
1/22 Thread. A few of the reasons why I'll never vote for @JoeBiden. Let's just say he's been doing evil my entire life. That's over five decades of evil! #NeverTrump #NeverBiden #JoeBiden #NoMoreRapistPresidents
2/22 When I was 1, cheating @JoeBiden plagiarized in law school. Even as a cheat, he still graduated bottom of the barrel. nytimes.com/1987/09/18/us/… | #NeverTrump #NeverBiden #JoeBiden #NoMoreRapistPresidents
3/22 When I was 3, draft dodger @JoeBiden had already received the same number of deferments as Dick Cheney. newsday.com/news/nation/bi… #NeverTrump #NeverBiden #JoeBiden #NoMoreRapistPresidents
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29 Jun 19
1/5 Kamala Harris is a COP. An educational thread regarding her vicious truancy laws. 👮‍♀️ #KHIAC Top Cop Kamala Harris is a cop.
2/5 Objective material facts: Kamala Harris, as San Francisco District Attorney, PROSECUTED and obtained numerous CONVICTIONS under the then existing truancy laws.👮‍♀️ #KHIAC sfgate.com/news/article/S…
3/5 During her tenure as California Attorney General, Kamala Harris personally championed SB1317 which enhanced truancy penalties. District Attorneys in other cities used the law Harris pushed to lock many hapless parents up—for up to 180 days! 👮‍♀️ #KHIAC washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/…
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15 Apr 19
1/10 Researching for a case and came across a personal injury settlement between a charter school corporation in the Central Valley and multiple student plaintiffs for some $6-million+. The amount is on the low side considering the… #EdReform #SchoolChoice #EdChat @DianeRavitch
2/10 horrific injuries some of the students suffered. It was the typical charter school money-making scam. They had a former employee form an unregistered and uninsured transportation company. The charter's Vice Principle provided one of their family's vehicles to… #EdReform
3/10 that company. They paid themselves $6K a month from public money to operate a vehicle that had several defective seatbelts. Moreover, they consistently exceeded the vehicle's passenger capacity. Students had to share seats and some had to ride on the floor. #EdReform
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1 Feb 19
"A picture is worth a thousand words" #KHIAC 👮‍♀️ #CarceralState

However, I'm going to transcribe the sign in the image here because it so profoundly speaks truth to power.
Kamala Harris: For the Ruling Class

#KHIAC 👮‍♀️ #CarceralState
Kamala Harris: Oscar Grant's life did not matter to you

#KHIAC 👮‍♀️ #CarceralState
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