Sealioning "disguises itself as a sincere attempt to learn & communicate..." but = incessant, bad-faith questions. It is a tactic designed to exhaust a target community's patience, attention, & communicative effort in an attempt to portray the target community as unreasonable. 1/
Sealioning in its current incarnation is a pretty new phenomenon, because in part it depends on the nature of social media: while this may be the sealion's umpteenth communique with the same person or tight-knit community, outsiders may only see the point at which the target 2/
"inexplicably" runs out of patience. Because drama is what is shared/amplified (by both the target community AND the sealion), it's this explosion that then becomes the message, the last word. 3/
Sealions are moved by a burning desire to justify their own, pre-existing beliefs. Often, some event has conjured cognitive dissonance about their current beliefs, & they are seeking to renew their certainty through argument. 4/…
Sealions are almost always moved by beliefs & biases about PEOPLE. What they are almost always trying to prove is the superiority of the group to which they belong, over the target community. If the target 'breaks', the sealion feels a renewed moral & logical superiority. 5/
It can be challenging to tell a sealion apart from an honest seeker of knowledge. If you're in doubt, I recommend answering the question w/a source that supports your premise and leaving the conversation. 6/
Real engagement = a closely-related question or two, followed by doing research on their own. They will not shop around ad infinitum in hopes someone will give them more strawman-friendly answer to the same question. 7/7

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22 Oct
For all my interactions with people with chronic illness, I have never interacted with a chronically ill hypochondriac -- that is, someone who IS sick but invents additional symptoms or catastrophizes their existing ones. CW/TW: gaslighting. A THREAD. #MedTwitter (1/15)
I've met one or two healthy people with a morbid fear of ~becoming~ ill, but they don't invent symptoms: they worry they'll catch things. "This milk is one day off -- what if I get botulism?" Their fear is oriented to the possibility of one day becoming ill. (2/15)
But there is one person whom I know who everyone believes to be a hypochondriac though I strongly believe she is not. And it breaks my heart every time I think about it. (3/15) #neisvoid
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1 Aug
This boils down one of the most important issues with CBT: the unquestioned idea that the psychologist can tell what thoughts are appropriate or inappropriate in the context of the patient's reality. THREAD (1/)
Health anxiety often highlights the problem with this. If you are chronically ill, how often should you be thinking about it, and to what intensity? Often, newly diagnosed patients seem 'obsessed' to those who have a casual or zero understanding of disability. (2/)
Yet an intense focus when we're still trying to figure out what does and doesn't work for us is a natural & healthy reaction to the often intense onset of disability caused by chronic illness. (3/)
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2 Jul
Phoenix Rising had a series of pieces of advice for ppl (focus on women) with complex chronic illness in the average doctor's office. Some of it is of the 'tough pill to swallow' variety. Also be aware this is to GET BASIC CARE, not to change the medical paradigm! THREAD.
If you're a woman, bring a male partner or friend. Bringing a female friend, especially an older one, will infantilize you further in the clinician's eyes. Be ready for the clinician to address questions about your wellness to the man in the room. (1/7)
Look good but not elaborately so. Pick the median attention to detail re: outfit and makeup and go one step higher, the same way you do for a job interview.
"Shouldn't I look as sick as I usually do?"
Not unless you want to be dxed with depression or anxiety instead, no. (2/7)
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3 Apr
We had the space to do the research on viral infection transitioning to chronic, neurological disease before #COVID19. When we've cleared the acute outbreaks, there will be millions still sick, left without treatment or care. (1/13) #pwME
"How could we have anticipated this?"
The neuro disease #MEcfs has always been a time bomb. Up to 80% of cases are post-infectious. To see this coming, you would only need to know that someday soon, there would be a viral outbreak of some kind. (2/13)
Here's the math. COVID may have already infected half of the population of the UK, and previous projections estimated that half of the world's population would get COVID. Let's say that's so, for the purposes of argument. That's 3.9 billion humans. (3/13)
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