Just some of the manyyyyy inconsistencies in Sia's abysmal story.

*was researching for 3 YEARS*
*somehow never knew Autism $peaks is a hate group*
*turns out she DID know they were horrid awhile ago*

But also, A$ didn't come on-board for 4yrs after the 3yr research began? Wut?
*claims she tried a FEW autistic actors, but some phantom overhead suggested she use Maddie*

*jk they tried one non-verbal autistic girl, she didn't cope well, so Sia herself picked Maddie*
....or was it her autistic friend who found the shoot to be too stressful and overwhelming? The world may never know.
But in either case, she both repeats that SHE ALONE made the call to use Maddie (out of compassion), and NOT some mysterious "they" who said to after trying others.

On that note, she also repeatedly stresses it was ONE non-verbal actress. Not "a few" like originally claimed.
She also claims she had TWO autistic folks advising her at all times, but cast 13 other autistic actors. Why not let some of them advise you with their lived experience, too?

Or even try out for the role of Music?

Or tell you Autism $peaks is bad?
On the topic of her "heart always being in the right place", this "doing more good than harm", "a love letter to this underrepresented community" and the insistence on having only the BEST of intentions...?

Here's how she rly treats #ActuallyAustistic people, in the same breath:
Post Note:
Oh. Wait. She wrote this FOR Maddie. So, she's either lying now, or was back then.

Closed captions in next tweet.

Sia: Now, I've actually written a movie for her, so, she's done with the music videos, so... She was part of a trilogy, so now we're moving on to...idk what next! I-- haven't-- really decided.

Interviewer interrupts: You- you've written a movie script?

Sia: YES!
Ew. She also was encouraged to make this movie bc WHO encouraged her to????

Lena fcking Dunham.

The worst EDS 'face' we have, overall genuine horrid human, and who hurts everything she touches - including her sister.

There is no bottom.

(Cite: Zach Sang interview)
Okay fck this
Maddie was deeply upset about this from go. Didn't want anyone to think she was making fun of them or doing something wrong. Cried to 2 adults, who told her they'd NEVER let that happen bc they knew it was okay.

She tried to tell you.

But you "made this for her".
So, you write a movie for her, as her mother since she was 11 (her words), have PROMISED to protect her...

And when she expresses concern, says it doesn't feel right, you ignore it and convince her it's amazing and good. She can't say no. Manipulated the girl to repeat garbage.
Welp, case closed.

Not that we needed any more evidence, but Sia 100% only ever wrote and cast this role for Maddie.

I highly doubt any autistic girl was ever brought in at all -- except maaaaybe once Maddie broke down on set bc it felt wrong. Which, Sia knew was wrong, too.
So, not only did she write an ableist script overall, repeatedly use ableist language discussing it/us, attack and swear at #ActuallyAutistic folks, work with a hate org, annnnnd lie about 6 different times yesterday...

But she manipulated, neglected and hurt Maddie, too.
She wrote this script 5 yrs ago, when Maddie was newly 13. Maddie knew it was in the works since then. And as she grew up and learnt this could hurt people, sharing her heart was ignored and brainwashed away.

And she can't say no or truly feel safe to leave now. Not after 5yrs.
All M's thoughts on disability, inspiration p-rn, caregivers, autism, developmental disabilities, parents' exploitation of their kids, etc was informed by Sia, for yrs, beginning at 13.

And as Sia always does, Maddie was used as a mouthpiece to regurgitate these ideas to media.
She can't defend herself against her literal godmother as she gets so much backlash from very hurt #ActuallyAutistic folks. For something she knew in her gut wasnt right. Where's Sia?

Not protecting her. She's fighting, shaming & insulting disabled folks; a firehouse of ableism.
And now I'm sure Maddie - the more favourable of them - will be expected to make a statement supporting Sia, reimpress her good intentions, say how beautiful it is & encourage people to see it before judging.

It's predictable. And Maddie's hands are tied. Bc toxic relationships.
Last thing I'll say

For those wanting to better understand Sia training Maddie to look/act/move exactly her autistic friend, Stevie -- learn and mimic his physicality, as taught by her.

As well as her relationship to the man the character is based on, and how Sia identifies.
Some troubling things to note, w/o doing 5 tweets per issue:

- Did Stevie consent to you telling the world he was in AA? It *is* anonymous.
- Doesn't sound as close of a friendship as her tweets made it sound
- "Tics". Do you mean stims? Or does he have another disability too?
- The concept of a 100% "convincing" performance of disability
- Relating her EDS/chronic pain etc with non-verbal autism
- All discussion of Stevie is past tense. "Loved him" "Was a friend" Was he not the one consulted or training Maddie how to behave just like him?
- The film being about "freedom from your body". That's awfully inspiration p-rny, and autism is a developmental disability; you can't escape it without losing you. Unless, again, she's to be physically disabled as well. Which...

Many other things but those are the highlights.
I've said it before and I'll end the thread on this note:

You cannot ACT disabled. Your body either does those things or it doesn't. It's not an emotion, an essence, a character, or a feeling to convey. Acting is for THOSE things.

You don't act out a disability. That's mimicry.

• • •

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21 Nov
ICYMI: Maddie wasn't comfortable with this from the jump. She cried on set, so upset. Sia convinced her it was good and right and she'd never let people question Maddie.
Oh! Also. I didn't include this in the orig thread bc I'm exhausted and fried, but if you have the stamina to watch the full interview, Sia also discusses training Maddie 'like a dancer' to mimic Stevie's "tics and movements" exactly.

To study our physicality w/ 100% accuracy.
The way she describes it is honestly a really disgusting way to treat a "friend", to pick HIM apart and mould Maddie into him. And then call it "perfect".

"Stevie" btw is her "friend she met in AA whose mom did ASL interpreting". This love letter film was to HER. Not us.
Read 5 tweets
21 Nov

I tried to make jokes last night but this isn't funny now.

I actually did email my landlord last night - something I've never done in the 7yrs I've lived here - and she was great about it.

But it's possible we have some retaliation and I'm sooo sick now.
Bc it was addressed I reopened my window (on this 70° day). Cigarette smoke flooded my apt soon after. This has happened before from ALL my neighbors. But this was different somehow.

I got suffocated quickly and so nauseous I thought I would puke. It got trapped and Im so sick[
But I mention retaliation bc she was notably "slammy" earlier tidy in the day, then hung every picture left, vacuumed, etc.

But when the bf came, let a HUGE dog race through a the apt, ransacked the entire floor, and made more noise than moving day. Doesnt feel coincidental now
Read 5 tweets
20 Nov
Why isn't there a lock screen button on basically EVERY phone that only opens up to relevant emergency medical information if enabled?

This should be standard.

I would HAPPILY look at a big red button every time I unlocked my phone if I knew it'd save my life.
And if we all KNEW this was something almost everyone had and likely had on them, it'd be what we all automatically look for in an emergency.

Medical ID bracelets aren't accessible or even helpful for me. But no one even knows to look in my phone...and can't if locked.
Double awesome if it also allowed us to put 1-2 contacts that the phone automatically allows the stranger to call, without opening up any other part of the phone.

Saves time, keeps phone locked, makes it extremely easy and clear for the panicking person, is easily changed by us.
Read 4 tweets
19 Nov
To me, this is what happens when you make receiving absentee ballots on time nearly impossible - in a battleground state like PA. Image
Less than 2wks after voting day, PA is exploding in ways it hadn't - even at the start of the pandemic when it was bouncing from #3-5 for several months.

We hung in there for awhiiiile. Then suddenly, in mere days, everything fell apart. Voting and a certain someone's rallies🤬
As for the absentee issue:
1. I barely got mine on time despite requesting early Sept
2. By the time I got it, it couldn't be mailed in on time. I had to go to the courthouse to drop it off
3. It was inaccessible, and a lot of people on the street in the same predicament
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10 Jul
I'm having such a visceral, pained and admittedly 'flashback-y' response to imagining all the currently undiagnosed children w/ OCD (or trauma) going back to school where they're forced to wear masks.

Young me would've had a straight up terrorized existence that I cannot fathom.
Ofc some kiddos will feel relieved by masks if they have germ-based obsessions, understand the virus, and feel safer w/ others in masks. But most who are too young to rationally walk through that will still panic about surfaces, distance, washing, etc anyway.

What about others?
I was a kid who had very obvious behaviors/compulsions at 3, but my family couldn't quite place what it was bc I stopped speaking during panic.

But I was convinced I couldn't breathe - permanently - if anything came near my mouth or just couldn't come off.
Read 8 tweets
9 Jul
Why the concept of person-first language is inherently ableist, from its inception:

If you have to go out of your way to remember and communicate that disabled folks are still PEOPLE, it means you're constantly aware of, but just trying to reject, our dehumanization.
Even some of the most frequently dehumanized identities, those consistently compared to animals (Black and/or LGBTQ+ folks), aren't referred to as "people w/ Blackness" or "people w/ lesbianity".

You aren't constantly fighting the notion they're subhuman or "it defines them".
Why is disability different? Bc ableism.

Longstanding beliefs that if you ID as disabled you're somehow succumbing to it, letting it hold you back, arw permanently lesser or will never have a life worth living. If we're "defective humans", we lose all personhood/identity.
Read 11 tweets

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