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21 Nov, 25 tweets, 5 min read
For a lunar mansion talisman at least 3 things must be fulfilled:
1 The moon must be in the mansion
2 she must not be combust
3 she must not be in a hard aspect with Saturn or Mars.

Given these parameters, it is interesting to work out how quickly you can make a complete set.
Condition 1 sets a lower bound to the number of days this can be done. As the moon takes ~28 days to travel round the zodiac- and hence the mansions, a complete set cannot be made in less time than 1 lunar month.
Now, a Lunar mansion is about 12 degrees; approximately how far the moon travels in 24 hours. <This fact is vital for what follows>
Regarding condition 2: combustion, the traditional limit of combustion is 8.5 degrees either side of the sun, or about the size of a mansion. It follows, the mansion immediately before, and immediately after the sun cannot be used for talismanic purposes,
or to put it another way, the days immediately before, and after the new moon cannot be used for making talismans.
However, the sun also moves.
Suppose the Moon and the Sun meet in 0 Aries
It follows the 1st and 28th mansions cannot be used.
However, after 8 days, the sun would have travelled into the 2nd Lunar mansion
After 16 days he's in the 3rd
After 24 days he's in the 4th
By the time he meets up with the moon again 29 days later, he would be into the 4th, or indeed, 5th lunar mansion.
At that point, the combust mansions are the 3rd and 4th
The 28th Lunar mansion, previously combust, is now clear of the sun’s beams, and hence can be safely used.
It thus follows, that of the 28 lunar mansions, within a given month, combustion taboos only one of them.

As such, we are left with 27 days.
We are now left with the last condition. Over the course of a month, the moon
Squares Mars twice
Squares Saturn Twice
Opposes Saturn once
Opposes Mars once
That’s a total of 6 hard aspects.
As the orb of each aspect is about 10 degrees—more than one mansion, (8 degrees) six of the 27 mansions are tabooed. This means we are left with only 21 mansions.
Now, Mars travels about 0.5 a degree each day; it follows he would take ~16 days to travel the distance of one mansion, and cast his malefic rays into a different mansion.
Likewise, Saturn travels 2 minutes each day; he thus takes about 240 days to travel 8 degrees; wherefore, for the better part of any given year, three mansions of the moon are tabooed by being badly configured with Saturn.
The malefic aspect with saturn thus forms a "Lower upper bound" for making a complete set, for one must wait at least 240 days for the mansions that are being afflicted by saturn to change.
At this point, we can quite clearly see that making talismans is no easy feat. The three taboos I mentioned are only sufficient to avoid making a bad talisman; making a good talisman requires many more factors...
Take for example Lunar phase:

Generally one would want to have the moon increasng in light when making a talisman. So, for example, if the sun is in Aries, one can only make talismans in one half of the zodiac...
It follows, the complete set of waxing moon talismans in the other half of the zodiac can only be made after 6 months, once he ingresses into Libra.
Witness the fact that @RyhanButler's astrology videos <eg > only have about 2-3 elections for making talismans *Per month*, and not all of them are lunar mansion ones.
Correction: Re: the aspects with the malefics, there are actually 4 ways in which the moon can be connected to them. They are
- 2 squares
- 1 opposition
- 1 conjunction;
thus, ceteris paribus, there are 8 mansions that will be unusable, rather than 6
But then again, not all aspects with the malefics make the mansions unusable-- eg. if the moon is in Aries, and she is coming to a conjunction with Mars, this is reception & is beneficial.

<Whether this condition applies to lunar mansion talismans, I know not; if anyone skilled in this art can clarify his point, I will be most glad>
Thus, in conclusion,
1) at any given moment, only 18 of the 28 mansions are suitable for elections:
- 2 mansions are combust
- 8 mansions are afflicted by the malefics
2) The hard aspects by saturn show a lower bound .Saturn throws hard aspects to four mansions at a time, Barring the unusual situation when this makes the moon receive Saturn, these mansions are unusable
as Saturn takes 240 days to shift 8 degrees, it takes at very least 240 days for these 4 mansions to be removed from Saturn's malignant influence.
This is the lower limit for the time taken for a complete set to be made.
Any other factors-- such as conjunction with the ascendant, reception by sign ruler etc-- would only serve to make the oppotunities rarer.
NOTA BENE: I made a mistake in my calculations;

a lunar mansion is 12 degrees rather than 8. as such, the real durations for the lunar mansions being afflicted are:
Mars-- 24 days
Saturn-- 360 days.

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21 Nov
I like these Chinese descriptions of deep time.

Another nice eg of immense eons is the story behind the idiom 滄海桑田- “The emerald sea becoming a mulberry field"
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i recall another story-- whose source I forget-- in which an immortal who lived in the same area put a stone in a basket every time the change was complete (which took ~800 years); across the time of his life he filled 3 rooms with such baskets
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The Classic of Pure tranquility.
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I am presently translating some Daoist texts; and at times I am nervously veering towards using Buddhist-influenced English translations for the some Chinese terms...
This is not to say that Daoism and Buddhism are not closely interlinked-- of course they are. Just take a look at the first line of this "Precious notice of the Jade Purity" 玉清宝诰, a hymn in praise of the Daoist deity the Jade Purity:
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Interesting to note that the verb for creating an astrological chart is shifting from "Cast" to "Pull up"
iirc this verb was also used on the most recent episode of the astrology podcast. Image
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One of the more interesting resources of Daoism is the FYSK Daoist Culture Centre Database
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The Chinese version is far more complete than the English one, but then again, considering how vanishingly little there is on Daoism in English, this project is one of the better compilations-- and it seems to be growing, like a wiki.
Particulary useful pages are this one which contains short articles on major Daoist scriptures
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In this thread I will display a bilingual edition of the rather notorious "Blood Basin Sutra" 血盆經. This work has been studied by many scholars of Buddhism, in particular its relation to women.
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The English translation featured here comes mostly from Beata Grant and Wilt. J. Idema’s "Escape from Blood Pond Hell" (University of Washington press, 2011). Their translate most of the relatively short sutra (~400 chars), but one or two passages they leave untranslated...
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