Why Frankfurt?
Eye Opener Election News

Michael Shrimpton’s article on Veterans Today

Michael’s Book Spyhunter
Robert E Kaplan’s book connecting Germany, Schwartz György (George Soros) who is of German descent - note name change from “Black” to “Sun” and German infiltration into the USA
The history Germany’s , Gehlen network and the creation of the CIA.

Re Soros name change from Black to Sun. This may connect him to the P2/P3 Masons that worship the Black Sun, which a mason told Benjamin Fulford that they worship, showing him this church window in Milan.
This symbol appeared in Christchurch NZ false flag as a “white supremacist” symbol.
It appears that there’s been quite a fight in Frankfurt.

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21 Nov

Among Strategies,
There are those that result in Flight,
Those that result in Insubordination,
Those that result in Collapse,
Those that result in Disintegration,
Those that result in Disorder,
Those that result in Desertion.
Generally, these Six come not from natural catastrophes,
But from the mistakes of leaders.

Flight means:
Other conditions being equal, one confronts another ten times more powerful.

Insubordination means:
The team is strong and the officers are weak.
Collapse means:
The officers are strong and the team is weak.

Disintegration means:
The senior officers are angry and defiant.
They meet the opponent hatefully and challenge on their own behalf,
Without the knowledge of the leader.
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23 Aug
Thread (another v long one)

It is about the work of Rory Duff over a no of years. Duff a geologist worked for oil & mining companies. Working in South Africa he learned to dowse for water to help farmers drill & find water on their land. It led along paths to The Grail & beyond. Image
You can read about his work in his books & videos roryduff.com/videos/
This 👇is 1st book in the series. I urge everyone to get hold of a copy. It is likely to be life-changing. I am going to attempt to Twitterise his findings to encourage you to explore this subject further. Image
It ties in with my threads on the ancient geo-matrix based on the Great Pyramid at Giza
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7 Jul
I’ve been looking at some specific terms used by Q. In particular this morning I’ve been looking at Snow White and what else she is, apart from a computer. But then looking at Q142 I didn’t think I’d seen any answers to the questions about the Hindenburg crash. Image
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16 Mar
This day, 51 years ago, on 16th March 1968, was the My Lai massacre in Vietnam in which as many as 500 unarmed villagers were murdered by US Soldiers.
A Description of the events britannica.com/event/My-Lai-M…
One of the many mistakes made by the Johnson Administration was to not recognise that Ho Chi Min was the highest ranking asset of Germany's DVD in Hanoi.
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14 Mar
This day, 76 years ago, 14th March 1939 saw the second sinking of HMS Thetis. This 2nd time that she was afloat she was called HMS Thunderbolt.

As the reincarnated Thunderbolt she had somewhat avenged the men who had drowned in the her sinking in 1939.
She had sunk the Italian Submarine Capitano Raffaele Tarantini, the light cruiser the Ulpio Traiano and the freighter SS Viminale.
The first time she was sunk as HMS Thetis was on 1st June 1939. She had left Liverpool Bay for Birkenhead to conduct her final diving trials. As well as her normal complement of 59 men she was carrying technical observers from Cammell Laird and other naval personnel, 103 men.
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5 Mar
This day, 7 years ago on 5th March 2013, Hugo Chavez officially died. The DVD (branch of German Intelligence) had kept him "alive" for several months for political reasons. Havanna are quite good at spinning untruths. They've had quite a lot of practice at it.
Such as claiming that Fidel Castro was a Communist. "Who was no more communist than my sainted Aunt Agnes was" says Shrimpton. The CIA's plan to invade Cuba was betrayed to Havanna
via Allen Welsh Dulles, Director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961 and German spy. He oversaw the 1953 Iranian coup d'état, the 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état, the Lockheed U-2 aircraft program, the Project MKUltra mind control program as well as the Bay of Pigs Invasion. He and
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