Exactly. Anything that was supposed to be, is no more. Anything purchased has been paid but not delivered. Anything previously owned has already been sold. Exactly like Trump's bankruptcies but on GARGANTUAN scale
Let me show a few examples HOW this may be done

Remember the Strategic Oil Reserve? And how Trump took advantage of filling it, when oil prices were so low? Imagine USA ordering the oil, Mnuching approving payment, and later we find, the oil was never delivered? Money? Vanished
Remember Saudi big weapons purchase? Often weapon systems are sold from existing stockpiles and the money used to replenish USA stockpile. We may find a MASSIVE hole in US military inventory, Saudis paid (money vanished) and the WEAPONS are now missing...
Then there are treasury instruments. Debts and commitments bought & sold. If you get a crooked banker who refuses to have Congressional oversight, he could have sold America's bonds and taken on TONS of debt from Japan, Germany, Britain etc - that WE HAVE TO PAY BACK (taxpayers)
If America was a Banana Republic, it would then REFUSE to pay those debts.

Then please look into Zimbabwe and what would happen to value of US dollar. The end of American greatness. Of course America will honor its debts. Not paying is not an option

Taxpayer pays

• • •

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21 Nov
Trump's Biggest Heist is Not Yet Visible Thread 1/27

We need to keep an eye on Mnuchin. With all that noise going on by the nation's Toddler-In-Chief, his crooked-to-the-core Treasury Secy Steven Mnuchin is conducting biggest heist in history of humankind.

Mnuchin Heist 2/27

This thread explains the biggest heist in human economic history. It is not the crime of the century, but the crime of the MILLENIUM.

This crime dwarfs EVERYTHING you've heard Trump do, or ANY OTHER CRIMINAL ever from Al Capone to El Chapo to Bernie Madoff
Mnuchin Heist 3/27

How would you feel, if you had a tax return of $125 dollars. BUT it was NOT paid, because a corrupt accountant in your Governor's office stole ALL tax returns that year, and flew away to Russia with tax billions? You'd be livid, and DEMAND your money be paid?
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21 Nov
I drafted an end to Trump #AndImNotEvenSorry

Extraordinarily long life with
-Sentence of life plus 1,000 years (eligible for parole in 800)
-Cellmate Pence reading the Bible at him every damned day
-No internet & of course
-No Twitter
-Only 1 hr of TV daily: MSNBC with Maddow
Trump end 2/4
(in prison)

Prison means no cheeseburgers or Diet Cokes
No orange makeup
No tanning
No long hair (That Thing that nests on his head will be gone)
As we'll have a Covid vaccination. there's no early release for pandemic reasons
No Adderall
No Dexamethasone
No golf
Trump end 3/4
(in prison)

Prison means healthy food
Vegetables (I'd love to have them feed Goya beans to him every stinking day. The aroma in his prison cell would be epic)
Government provided free healthcare
Regular check-ups
No fake doctor notes
No telephone calls to Hannity
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18 Nov
Thread on Crime Prosecution Cycles 1/10

Donald Trump is finished. He will not be President after noon on 20 January 2021. & regardless of what final gambits Trump tries on pardons (with or without Pence), he cannot be pardoned for NY State crimes starting with fax fraud
A thread
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 2/10

Because Trump cannot be pardoned for STATE crimes (starting with New York State but also IL, CA, FL etc) - & as Tax Fraud crimes never expire, and we KNOW from NY Times story on Trump taxes, he committed NY State tax fraud, he goes to prison
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 3/10

The reason Trump tries every dirty trick to hold onto his Presidency is simply to avoid prison. He WILL go to prison, that is certain. Once he is convicted of serial tax frauds, it becomes ever easier to convict Trump on DOZENS of other cases
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Trump's faith was sealed in April 2018. While the GOP held both the Senate and House, and Trump was on the top of his power as President.

Trump personally KNEW in Apr 2018 his house of cards was collapsing. He has just prolonged the moment

My thread of what sealed Trump's fate. It happened 2.5 YEARS ago, in April of 2018. That was when Donald Trump knew he will end his life in prison, it became totally unavoidable. Something happened in April 2018. You may have forgotten..

Donald Trump was in 2nd year of his Presidency, with GOP holding the House & Senate. He was on the top of his world, which suddenly collapsed. What happened in April 2018? Something that is VERY rare in America. A judge approved an FBI..
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BUNKER BOY Table of Contents

This series of Tweets is to help you navigate the 13 Scenes and 121 Tweets of my 'Twitter Movie' entitled Bunker Boy. If you find a broken link, go to next Scene & scroll backwards..

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The Final Installment In White House Trilogy

After Olympus Has Fallen. After White House Down. Comes #BunkerBoy.

I will narrate the blockbuster movie of 2021 here on Twitter for you. What happened in the Bunker from 19 January 2021, to the bitter end.

A Twitter story, for you
Bunker Boy Prologue 2/9

This is the TW prologue so you know what is happening. Imagine this being a movie described in Tweets. We all know the classic Bunker movies, The Alamo, Downfall. We know the White House siege movies, White House Down & Olympus Has Fallen. In that style
Bunker Boy Prologue 3/9

I have seen lots of 'worried' Tweets on, 'What if Trump doesn't leave voluntarily from the White House?' What if he truly barricades himself into the White House with die-hard supporters, and refuses to leave. THEN what?

I know what. I'll tell you what
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