Thread: Many people have asked me about the grassroots effort to recall Gavin Newsom, backed by a growing number of Californians. It takes a lot to recall a politician, but Governor Newsom has given us so many reasons! Here's the link to the petition .../
2/ And here's how it works. You need to download the official petition and get wet signatures on it, with a different sheet for each California county you gather signatures in. The signatures are verified at the county level, so different pages is key/
3/ Who would replace Gavin, you say? We get to decide that down the road, but the first step is qualifying a recall for the ballot. I've recently learned about new efforts to support the original grassroots effort with a broader coalition of Californians, including party leaders/
4/And county chairs & donors & elected officials to help with signature collection and verification. I'm pleased to learn that these different efforts are working together toward gathering over 1.5 million signatures. The grassroots effort is more than halfway there!/
5/ and with a broader base of support we can gather the signatures needed within the remaining time of less than 120 days. If you live in California and you want to see some change, join me by downloading, signing, and filling up petition pages!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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20 Nov
A Kirkland & Ellis associate left a hateful/harassing voice message last week for the lead lawyer for the Trump campaign — campaign lawyer asked for sanctions but so far the court has done nothing on this. The Trump lawyer has had death threats, courtesy Lincoln Project doxing.
Over 9,000 attorneys made contributions to Lincoln Project, including over $1k contributions from partners at 40 large firms... the money is used in part to attack and crowd-source harassment of attorneys representing clients in court, a protected constitutional act. Despicable.
I’m told the court scolded the firm, did not sanction the attorney. Maybe the client asked firm to withdraw, or maybe firm suggested it. Firm tried to excuse the conduct by saying associate did it on her own time, was not on case, had gurgling baby in the background. Nice try...
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18 Nov
I just did a webinar on this topic with @JonathanTurley for the @TheRepLawyer. Successful partners at America's top law firms -- many of which represent foreign dictators, polluters, inside traders, price-fixers, sexual harassers, government bribers, False Claims Act violators/
2/ have contributed substantial sums to an effort that is currently targeting and harassing law firms advancing Republican election integrity lawsuits in court. These are Antifa-style tactics. A lawyer who makes contact with a represented party concerning the representation,
3/ may violate state bar rules. A lawyer who uses threats of baseless bar complaints against lawyers to get them to drop a case or client, could face bar sanctions. A lawyer who leaves nasty voicemails or threatening social media posts or emails for other lawyers, could too.
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18 Nov
Thread: I joined @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson tonight to discuss @realDonaldTrump’s legal representation. We discussed the abuse and death threats that #TeamTrump lawyers are getting everyday from partners at major law firms. Please watch and share!
2/ It is important for the course of #justice for there to be two sides. If you are unpopular, there is a mob waiting to intimidate you and take you down. This fight is about the legitimacy and integrity of #2020Elections and lawyers leading this charge should be ashamed.
I got curious so I checked FEC reports. Lawyers from 40 of the top 100 law firms in the U.S. contributed at least $1,000 to Lincoln Project, which used that money to dox & harass their competitors, interfere w/client relationships. Yes, I made a list.
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13 Nov
This is a thorough and eye-opening piece. But @GavnSample pulls his punches on the real villians/grifters of the bunch -- the campaign consultants and mail vendors who identify, groom, harvest, and then manage first-time, attractive, minority candidates. The consultants are the/
2/ ones getting rich here, not the candidates necessarily. Don't get me wrong -- I know some failed celebrity candidates who take to flying first class and staying in hotels that I, a modest country lawyer who makes payroll twice a months, would never frequent -- all with OPM/
3/ or Other People's Money. Flying alongside are the grifter consultants. Those candidates may run again, or not -- but 💯, the consultants will strike again, find a good-looking minority candidate to run against a loathed fixture of the left -- and ride that sucker to the bank!
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11 Nov
I find it interesting that BigLaw partners, who for their napalm/asbestos/big tech clients will refuse to accept service of process and will file every pointless motion to dismiss, are mocking/attacking citizens trying to get to the bottom of the outcome of an election...
2/ lawyers who paper over decades of systematic discrimination against women & minorities at their own firms with token hires & committees, who laid off lower-paid workers at the first sign of economic trouble, who defend “owners” of Nazi-looted art stolen from Holocaust victims,
3/ who defend every instance of sexual harassment/racial discrimination/insider trading/white collar crime/price fixing that their clients allegedly commit, who lobby the government to sell out our country to our enemies, who represent polluters, defective product manufacturers/
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8 Nov
When this election is certified & over, we conservatives need to have a hard family conversation about several specific rotting organizations and a class of mediocre but cunning grifters who control the establishment. I say this as a volunteer, donor, & member of the RNC. #Change
Categories include think tanks, scam PAC promoters, certain consultants, professional credentialing cliques, many “former” Beltway bigwigs, media orgs, lobbyists, party officials who hold their positions through decades of controlled failure. And all the attendant saprophytes ...
We need party organizations, we need thinkers and doers and donors and believers, but we have been underperforming in many ways even as we continue to win elections and advance liberty. I’m an immigrant, an outsider, someone who gives my time & money because I love my country.
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