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🚨 BREAKING: Today, we've taken a critical & necessary stand for the First Amendment. @CenDemTech filed a lawsuit against @POTUS' “Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship,” which violates 1A by chilling constitutionally protected speech of online platforms & individuals.
@POTUS .@AlexReeveGivens: “@POTUS’ Order is designed to deter social media services from fighting #misinformation, voter suppression & stoking of violence on their platforms. Access to accurate info about the voting process & security of our elections is the lifeblood of our democracy."
@POTUS @AlexReeveGivens .@AlexReeveGivens: "@POTUS has made clear his goal is to use threats of retaliation & future regulation to intimidate intermediaries into changing how they moderate content, essentially ensuring dangers of voter suppression & #disinformation grow unchecked in an election year.”
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📬NC voters who wish to #VoteByMail may go ahead and request an absentee ballot NOW for the #2020Elections - no excuse needed.

THREAD on #voting "absentee by mail" in #NC:

🗳️To request an absentee ballot, registered NC voters complete this form to request an absentee ballot.

🖊️Sign the form (pen to paper)

📬Mail it to your county board of elections

Typically, only a small percentage of NC voters vote via absentee-by-mail & an increase is expected this year - so get your request in early to ensure you get a ballot in time.

NC Voters can find their county board of elections address here: 4/
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Imagine you’re members of the Republican party faced with declining membership, shifting demographics & increased registered Democrats Voter roll purging, voter suppression & gerrymandering are no longer enough to maintain power & people have caught onto your election hacking (1)
Support for incumbent president & Republican Senators & Representatives is at an all time low & it’s looking like Democrats will overwhelmingly sweep the #2020Elections (2)
Your party still desperately wants to cut Medicare Medicaid & Social Security but know that’s unpopular with voters. There are also aging liberal SCOTUS Justices you’d like Trump to replace before his term is up (3)
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@TheDailyEdge @FEMA is also purposely outbidding blue states for medical supplies.
This targeting is so Dems in those states can then be blamed by #IMPOTUS for #tRumpDeathToll.
This setup is to cause death for political benefit in #2020Elections.
Hes already lying that NY/NJ didn't act fast.
@TheDailyEdge @fema He also lies & praises red states actions, like Florida, but they have been the worst to respond to the #tRumpVirus #tRumpPandemic.…
@TheDailyEdge @fema This is also why he has refused to use the DPA, which DOD uses 300,000 times a year. He can't blame the Dems in Blue States if he takes control of the supply chain. He places responsibility on Govs so he can blame them later.…
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1. Do you think a person who has run as an "anti-capitalist" can win the US presidency? Here is Bernard Sanders as the Liberty Union Party candidate in 1972. Boston Globe Wednesday September 13, 1972, page 23.
2. Here is the wiki on @SenSanders party. It's Democratic Socialism that seeks the end of capitalism. This will make McGovern look like a democratic win.…
@SenSanders 3. What the current progressives don't seem to comprehend is for @theDemocrats to win and have any chance of advancing in Congress we have to get moderate independents. We die-hard Democrats may vote for Bernie but that critical electorate won't in numbers high enough to save us.
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The #2020elections are quickly approaching, yet four bills designed to safeguard our elections from foreign interference sit in the Senate. #ProtectOurVote
First up: the #SHIELDAct. This comprehensive bill would protect the legitimacy of our electoral process by requiring transparency and stopping disinformation campaigns.
Next up is the bipartisan Protect Our Elections Act. Sponsored by @SenRubioPress, @VanHollenforMD, @SenatorCollins, and @BenCardinforMD, this bill would prohibit foreign ownership and operation of companies providing election services.
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Over the next two days, @BET is hosting its yearly social impact conference, #META. A diverse group of leaders will collaborate around how we turn out the vote & how we protect the vote. We’re excited to see the work that comes out of this convening! #ReclaimYourVote
@BET Today, LDF Assoc Dir-Counsel Janai Nelson (@JnelsonLDF) will speak as a panelist at @BET‘s Media, Entertainment & Technology Alliance (#META).

@JnelsonLDF will illuminate some of the most pertinent issues of today: voter participation & election security. #reclaimyourvote
Right now, our nation is faced with rampant, unchecked election interference--and our elected officials have yet to take decisive action.

It is time for voters to act and take the integrity of the #2020elections into their own hands. 🗳️
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1. The @CDCgov has just released a report showing that life expectancy rose in 2018, for the first time since 2014, inching up to 78.7 years. This followed three straight years of decline marking the tail-end of @BarackObama's presidency.…
2.The 3 leading causes of death, heart disease, cancer & 'unintentional injuries' all showed decreases, although the latter, which includes drug overdoses, showed the most proportional decrease. This was the first decline in 20 years of drug-related deaths…
3. In fact drug overdoses had increased from 17,400 in 2000 to an astonishing 70,200 by 2017, disproportionately affecting poor communities as well as Americans living in rural areas. 47,600 were from #opioids & 78% of these, classified as White…
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Recently, some whose views I greatly respect like @DavidJollyFL are calling for @SpeakerPelosi to postpone an #impeachment vote due to statements by @SenateMajLdr and @LindseyGrahamSC indicating the United States Senate will NOT conduct a fair and impartial trial...

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#WeThePeople MUST demand @HouseDemocrats AND @HouseGOP proceed with the #ImpeachmentVote of President Trump on a bi-partisan basis. Subsequently, the Senate, MUST hold a fair and impartial trial in which the rules and witnesses are agreed to on a bi-partisan...

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...basis by the @SenateJudiciary @JudiciaryDems Committee. OUR House, the White House is on fire. The arsonist, Pres. Trump, was in the House setting it ablaze w/a blow torch. He’s exchanged the blow torch for a rocket launcher and taken aim at the #2020Elections.

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It's #GivingTuesday! A great time to support pro-democracy organizations. #2020Elections might seem like a long way off, but #TheWorkStartsNow.

Here are 5 organizations to help:

1. Spread the Vote (@SpreadTheVoteUS)

"An ID today is a vote tomorrow."
2. Higher Heights for America (@HigherHeights)

"Organizing and mobilizing the power of Black women voters through our #BlackWomenVote campaign."
3. Voto Latino (@votolatino)

"We provide culturally relevant programs that engage, educate and empower Latinos to be agents of change."
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Ahead of #2020Elections, here’s a thread of the 2016 election poll evaluation conducted by #AAPOR members… (1/7)
National polls were generally correct and accurate by historical standards.

They indicated Clinton had a 3 percentage point lead, and she won the popular vote by 2 points. (2/7)
State-level polls showed a competitive, uncertain contest, but clearly under-estimated Trump’s support in the Upper Midwest (3/7)
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Excited to announce we have an offer of up to $5,000 in matching funds for $$ raised via our GoFundMe thru the end of Sept! $ raised so far will be included! Thx to those who donated! Can you plz give as much as you can today to support #ElectionSecurity!…
2. Your donation will help me edit/distribute footage of #hackers dominating #election equipment from the @VotingVillageDC at #DEFCON27. #Voting machines & #registration databases from all over US were hacked/ all of it is in use. This port? easy to #hack.…
3. Your donation also supports my writing - like the op-ed I wrote for #TheHill describing what easy pickings our #voting machines are for #hackers.… The piece was shared almost 3k times.…
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I’m proud to announce my endorsement of Senator @RonWyden's election security bill, the PAVE Act.

This bill would ensure secure & accurate federal elections by requiring paper ballots, which would be subject to the voter’s verification before counting. 1/
The PAVE Act would prohibit the use of paperless machines, like those used in the 2018 elections here in #Georgia, where election security experts found deeply flawed vote counts that could have had a dramatic impact on the outcome of our election. 2/
In my race for Lt Gov, we saw a suspiciously large drop off of almost 160,000 votes, although those voters did cast ballots for remaining down ballot races.

As has been reported by multiple data security experts & news outlets, this is highly unusual. 3/…
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In the 2016 Democratic Primaries, Hillary Clinton got around 55% of the vote, Bernie got around 45%.

Current polls show approx: Warren 6%, Harris 8%, Klobuchar 1%, Gabbard 0%, Gillibrand 0%. That's a total of 15% of the vote going to women candidates, 85% to the men.
That means there's around 30% of the Democratic base (like 5 million people) who supported Hillary in 2020, are choosing a male candidate to support rather than one of the female candidates. Assuming she had 50/50 support, that is around 2.5 million women, give or take.
The notion in 2016, and even stronger today, is that you must inherently be a sexist if you prefer one of the males to the women. This is often said by women (as you'd imagine) If that's the case, why are there so many women (around 2.5 million)not supporting a woman candidate?
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Sara Carter Tweet - Tiny Decode!

Sara Carter
With @sethmoulton the 19th, and @JoeBiden the 20th candidate in #2020Elections...the Mayor of NYC @BilldeBlasio would love to be #Lucky21 #democrat to go against @realDonaldTrump. Can his #GreenNewDeal save him?


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It's going to be HISTORIC!
Planned long ago.
Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place.

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#22GOP Senators are up for re-election in #Elections2020
You see how great it is to have Flipped the House Blue, yes?
So, let's get started to #FlipTheSenate with #BlueWave2020

THREAD of all 22 with (POTENTIAL) Democratic Challengers (so far)
per @Politics1com
@SenMcSallyAZ up for re-election!
Democrat challengers for #SENATOR for #ARIZONA (per @Politics1com):
Chris Deschene @chris_deschene
Mark Kelly @ShuttleCDRKelly
Greg Stanton @gregstantonaz
Juan Vasquez, Physician
#Elections2020 #FlipTheSenate

Democrat challengers for #SENATOR for #ARKANSAS
There are 2 potential Democrat challengers for SENATOR for ARKANSAS (per @Politics1com )
Wesley Clark, Retired Army General, Ex-NATO Commander @GeneralClark
Joyce Elliott, State Senator, Ex-State Rep, Retired Teacher @xjelliott
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