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*Thread* Somebody asked us earlier how we had so many connections - with the good side & the bad side, so I decided to make a thread about this. The Guardian Council is 1/3rd of the SJL councils; the Guardians work with the Sentinel(@SentinelCouncil) & Beacon (@The_BCouncil)
Councils. As many of you know, this account was originally used by Joab Valsyno, while he was still alive. Joab and his brother Igor (@IgorFightsBack) founded the Guardian Council as a vigilante group to evil, trafficking, terrorism, & other heinous crimes. However, the G Council
gained a reputation with ICs across the world and we’ve worked with the #FBI, #Mossad, #Interpol, #MI6, and several other ICs to stop and eliminate terrorism and false flags, bust up paedophilia and trafficking rings, & stop occult crimes, as well. There are 131 Guardians in the
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#FridayThe13th #FridayFeeling @Alexand89562701 @chris43094330 @forambrose1984 THIS IS A MAN THAT CLAIMS TO HAVE BEEN TREATED JUST AS WE HAVE BY THE #PoliceBravery, WHO HAS NOT HAD HIS CHILD MURDERED BY THE ~@metpoliceuk @MetCC , TO HAVE HIS SONS BODY DISPOSED OF AND
#Bernard .


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#OpChildSafety #PedoGateNews #OpStopMAP
Who does the future belong too?
Who's responsibility is it to protect that future? #ChildrenAreNotToys
Please read & RT thread 🙏 #SAVEOURCHILDRENOK #PedosVsKids 🎭🐉

#Anonymous #TheDragonsDen #OpChildSafety #SaveTheChildren Can all only do so much & expose this so many times before it is too late. WE NEED YOU ALL TO PAY ATTENTION! #Pedophiles are out there right now by the 1000s hunting OUR kids EVERYWHERE, as I type!…
Put out this article & when WE found it, it had 1 RT on it 😔
We are not paying attention 2 what is going w/our #Children!
5TH ROUND OF #ChildSexAbuse charges filed against former substitute teacher Carlos Bedoya since 17'!
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If you believe children shouldn't be separated from their families
If you believe women should have control over THEIR OWN bodies
If you believe that our planet is worth protecting
If you believe that racism should be fought every step of the way

Then you better make some noise
If you believe that men, even 'stars', are NOT entitled to sexually assault women

If you believe that bullying, domination, exploitation and violence will not bring us a better world

Then you'd better make some noise

Join us
Because, friends, we intend to be heard.

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CIA is pushing out fake news about NK to reporter and (CIA asset) Ken Dilanian
CIA is pushing out fake news about NK to reporter (and CIA asset) Ken Dilanian
How long has Ken Dilanian been a CIA asset?
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1-The evening of the 22nd of June, Miss #SarahSanders (#WH press secretary) went for dinner with her family to this little place called ‘The Red Hen’. It seems that she was unceremoniously kicked out &harassed some more all the way across the street to the next restaurant
2-It seems somehow this incident has created some sort of mob-mentality wanting to harass Miss Sanders that has gotten to a point in which she now needs protection.……
3-What kind of person chases somebody down the street based solely on political opinions?
If u ever worked in a restaurant, u learn quickly that u have to deal with a lot of assholes &people you don’t like. You smile, curse them inwardly &hope you’ll never have to see them again
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America today is being governed by the minority because the majority is not consistently and collaboratively speaking up and speaking out. That has to change. Here’s my advice/rant to effect that change…
#resist #democracy #liberty #truth #justice #America #freedom
For all of us who care about our democracy & who cherish the freedom and liberty of being Americans, now is the time. Raise your voices. Contact your elected representatives at every level. Write letters, call in to radio programs, share on social media. VOTE. 2/6
To the Republicans who are concerned about the decline of our democracy: you must join your colleagues Ana Navarro, Steve Schmidt, & yes, George Will & speak out. Contact your party leaders and let them know this is not okay. Stand up for America and for American principles. 3/6
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!!New Q!! 06/27/18 00:05 Q says there is chatter about trains and buses and to be vigilant!! #Q #QAlerts #QAnon @FalseFlags #BeVigilant @realDonaldTrump
Anon Comments/Research/Theories/Memes/News!! From the board!! #Q #QAlert #WalkAway #AllForALarp #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
Anon Comments/Research/Theories/Memes/News!! From the board!! #Q #QAlert #WalkAway #AllForALarp #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
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I'm one of a few million Americans awake when we should be sleeping because of the pain of #cancer or some other chronic illness.

Adding to our sleeplessness is knowing #healthcare is under threat. We may not be able to afford it due to the #GOP's actions.

It's terrorizing.
My parents were Civil Rights workers. My father was a Freedom Rider. As a small child I was taught the legacy of #MLK.
I watched people invoking MLK on Monday. Not in defense of #votingrights or in outrage over how the #SCOTUS ruled on two pivotal cases on gerrymandering.
MLK wasn't being invoked for #votingrights but for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who lies to America every day about policies that could very well kill me & others.

Policies that are hurting millions.

Policies that have kept me a citizen without equal rights in my own country.
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1) #Qanon #QArmy #Justice #TheStorm
This thread will go on for a few days concerning #Justice
2) #Qanon #QArmy #Justice #TheStorm
Q is saying there won't be arrests until the justice system is cleaned out. That has to include state judges. Do you have any idea how long that will take? We are now looking at next year for the rest of Potus judges to be confirmed.
3) #Qanon #QArmy #Justice #TheStorm
What must happen pre 11.11?
11.11 provided as strategic marker.
Post midterms.
RED wave coming?
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Cyber Chief Confirms Obama's 'Stand Down' Order to Ignore Russian Meddling into Elections
#ObamaGate #Obama #SpyGate
#FBI #DOJ #MAGA #KAG #Trump #Trump2020 #FISA #SusanRice
#5SOSTODAY #KTSE Red Wave #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation
#DeepState #REALNews…
Let's talk about this-

Barack Obama's National Security Council Cyber Coordinator Michael Daniel gave a sworn testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Susan Rice (Netflix/Soros employee now) gave the NSC an order to STAND DOWN and NOT STOP Russian Interference-
“You were told to stand down, is that correct?” asked Sen Jim Risch (R-ID)

“Those actions were put on the back burner, yes,” Daniel said. “That was not the focus of our activity during that time period.”

Obama and Rice KNEW about "Russian" Meddling but did nothing?
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!!NEW Q!! 06/20/18 09:09 Narrative Change Edition!! FF prevented. Next. Immigration chikd separation.
Narrative change critical!!
IDEN talking points.
Distract IG report / hearings / Korea.
Iran next.
Regime in trouble.
People awake.
These people are sick.
!!New Q!! 09:21 Q replies to Anon pic of SJL pedo ring and says she’s part of the club!! Sick indeed!! #Q #QAnon #QAlert #ThesePeopleAreSick @realDonaldTrump
This is one of the main reasons they’re trying to project their evil on POTUUS and change the narrative!! #Q #QAlert #QAnon #ThesePeopleAreEvil #WhereAreTheChildren #ChildTrafficking @realDonaldTrump See my thread on Missing Children:
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1. Here’s the reason for “Trump is literally Hitler”, “Trump is a racist dictator”, “Trump is dangerous to our democracy” rhetoric... they could feel themselves losing & needed an “insurance policy” to protect themselves from being indicted for their other “insurance policy”
2. A plan B perhaps 🤔
3. Imagine you’re the #NWO and you’ve been working hard to get your plans for global government in place. You’ve managed to create the EU, NAFTA, and #Agenda21 and you’re well on your way to implementing #Agenda2030 and the TPP. You’ve got all your ducks in a row...
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This morning President Trump tweeted four Zero marker tweets at 8:04 EST!! Rapid Fire! This reminded me of Q’s Boom Drops!! Incoming #MOAB !!!! Remember the Q clock 5:25!!What will today bring? #QAnon #MOABIncoming #RapidFire #PatriotsFight #Justice @realDonaldTrump
Q’s BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM drops!! BOOMS en route?!?! #QAnon #MOABIncoming #RapidFire #PatriotsFight @realDonaldTrump
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!!NEW Q!! 05/21/18 18:04 Full Disclosure Edition! Q says Military OP [Green] Gen K [JFK] Full Disclosure! Are these double meanings? Captain Green killed in OP or the Green Mt plane crash? JFK or Gen. John Francis Kelly! Full disclosure on JFK or FULL Disclosure!! #QAnon @POTUS
Q says once all the highly guarded/classified info is released Rod Rosenstein will have to recuse or be fired!! Q asks again what RR’s confirmation vote was. It was 94-6! Sounds like the swamp loved him! Remember Q said RR had problems!! #QAnon #Justice @realDonaldTrump
Wray reports to RR!! Q says this is very important!! If RR recuses/fired who has direct control over Mueller? Q asks who we trust! God, POTUS, Sessions, Wray, Kansas, Horowitz, Huber, the Plan! #QAnon #TrustGod #TrustPOTUS #TrustWray @POTUS
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!!NEW Q!! 05/20/18 12:40 Conspiracy No More Edition! Q posts 3 pics from UK/NSA traffic cams & 1 Q posted 2/18 w/[UK] Stay Alert! Q says note time/vehicles on road & compare to 2/18! There appear to be 6 people crossing the road! Q says [6] surv [value targets] UK:US US:UK #QAnon
Anon comments in pics from UK!! #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
!!NEW Q!! 12:46 Q posts @realDonaldTrump tweet demanding the DOJ look into the surveillance on his campaign & says follow the PEN and think timing! It’s not a coincidence the EO will be coming soon! The attacks will only get worse as they are losing [all] control! #QAnon @POTUS
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There appear to be some technical difficulties with the qanon archive site. Will be using original Q posts for this thread.
Horowitz is the IG at DOJ - report soon?
Huber is US Atty in Utah helping Horowitz
Kansas may refer to two individuals.
Mike Pompeo, NEW Sec of State - handling NK and Iran
Kris Kobach, Sec of State for Kansas, knows ALOT about Election Fraud
Q re-posted message from 4/2/18 about John Huber.
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🇺🇸 Heads up Patriots.
New Q today, start with #1378
If you were shadow banned by JACK, raise H*LL.
Are JACK and Nanny Palooza working together to shut down Conservatives on social media? Would they CHEAT in order to create a Blue Wave?
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!!NEW Q!! 05/16/18 00:14 Q says the news today re. NK not meeting with @POTUS is Fake News but all the complaints about Twitter shadow banning conservatives is REAL! They are manipulating our free speech under the radar! #QAnon
#MakeItRain #StartAStorm
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 5/15/18 :04 Second American Revolution Edition!! Q posts the Declaration of Independence & link to Erik Prince interview with Breitbart re. Weiner’s laptop!! ][ indicates AG Jeff Sessions has been unleashed!! The 🔨 is about to drop on these criminals!! #QAnon
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#1364 -1371
2. #1364
ZOOM VIEW of #1364
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New #QAnon 5/12-5/13/2018

1) [misinformation 2 targeted core. Time to move on.]
2) Many shills on the board trying to DIVIDE the movement. Anons ask for @POTUS to confirm that #Q hadn't been compromised. 4 min later a tweet from @realDonaldTrump #STAY
3)#Q reminds everyone that there are no private comms.
No comms made outside of platform
(We are hear to spread the word) #Patriots #Freedom

I noticed name of decode
DU -mined -Uranium for MAAM weapon??? C wat u get
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Alex, I'll take "Shadow" Government for $22 Trillion ++
What is National Security Action? The other NSA
Who leads the group?
HRCs handler
Peruse thru @wikileaks and familiarize yourself with these names.
Many emails!

#DrainTheSwamp #QAnon #JUSTICE @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

2) Feel free to add any research under each of these characters.
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