Russia has its 1st official new aristocrat since the fall of the Tsar over century ago.

In a surprise move Vladimir Putin & Boris Johnson agreed to confer Baron Lebedev's barony to include Siberia in the Russian Federation.

It cannot be overestimated just how powerful a message this sounds out internally in Russia.

Boris Johnson is using the most sacred of constitutional symbolism to tie in Russian oligarchy elite within British society.

Lebedev's family is intimately tied within the KGB/FSB elites.

Boris Johnson looking increasingly like he's following the pro Russia policy of 2017 Donald Trump.

Huge significance within Russian society.

The society pages of Britain's favoured newspaper of the conservative upper class elite quietly slips in the title in todays' edition.

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20 Nov

Sir Alex Allan resigned his position partially because Boris Johnson personally interfered into the report into bullying by Sir Alex Allan in an effort to cover up Priti Patel's behaviour.

Whole story now falling apart.

Expect this in the news over the next 12 hours
3/ Sir Alex & Johnson at odds on Patel behaviour since months.

Sir Alex clearly viewed Patel's behaviour as a breach of the ministerial code - hence resignation now upon release.
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18 Nov
As I keep saying - forget the debates on TV...very few people in the conservative establishment be it media, the Conservative Party or business believe in Brexit now.

The debates are phony.

So why are we still doing Brexit?
The answer is simple...& has little to do with Europe.

The answer lies in the way British society is structured.

We have no constitution but what we do have is a ruling establishment that is amongst the most stable in western world - this is the UKs constitution.

The same schools, families, university clubs since centuries.

One thing many Brits dont appreciate:
The Tories are far more infused into society than a European conservative party - these are recent inventions.

The Tories ARE the ruling elite - the CDU is just a party.

& Brexit is not just a policy - its a reflection of culture.
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11 Nov

UK will drop all barriers to european immigration to UK next year.

You think this sounds crazy, right?
Well here’s why...

It’s always worth looking at things which “pass under the radar” - especially when big events are happening elsewhere.

So what’s happened is this:
Over the course of the year the UK govt believes 800 000 mostly foreign born people have left UK.

Think about that figure....

It suits govt to believe this is due entirely to COVID but this seems implausible.
But even if true it doesn’t make much difference.

This is in fact at a level that is equivalent to an historical episode of war depopulation.

It’s huge.
But we haven’t noticed cause of COVID.
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11 Nov

The leading 4 civilian appointed members of the US Defence establishment was fired by Donald Trump over the last 48 hours.

There include (but are not limited to):

The Defence Secretary
The top Pentagon Policy official
The Defence Intelligence Chief
The Defence Secretary’s Chief of Staff

This does seem rather excessive.

There seems to be some reports of aides/supporters of Michael Flynn being brought into the intelligence/defence establishment by Trump this week.

Looking for confirmation.
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11 Nov

Biden transition team provides read-outs of the 4 countries Joe Biden has calls with post election confirmation.

While these are traditionally kept as bland subjects rather than details - it’s worth noting importance Biden team attaches to N. Ireland & GFA agreement.

Strangely though..

...This is the one subject that the UK govt omitted from its read-out of the call with Joe Biden published on UK govt website.


In political-diplomatic terms it’s likely of no importance.

But I’m sure it won’t have escaped the
Americans’ notice that the UK govt chose to misrepresent the very first interaction with the new president.
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10 Nov

Boris Johnson’s congratulatory message to Joe Biden..

...still contained Donald Trump’s name from an earlier message they’d prepared assuming Trump had won.

The image was hastily edited which is why it is rather stilted syntax but Johnson’s team also forgot to take out the original edit.

Quite a few people saw this simply by lightening the colour tone.

Which is why you’re seeing this go round twitter right now with different colours.

Johnson’s Office obviously thought by toning it black they’d be fine.
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