I'm glad @EsotericCD raised this question. A good starting point for this discussion is to erase preconceived notions of Hispanics's views on immigration policy.

Below are the results of the majority-Latino border counties in CA, AZ, NM, and TX that I shared earlier.
Hispanics are perfectly capable of having nuanced views on complex policy issues.

Are Latinos supportive of Dreamers and immigration? Yes....but we also want strong borders!

Many Dems and the media, including networks like Univision, treat the latter as anti-immigrant.
But the election results show that many Hispanics actually want strong borders.

There's a disconnect.

It's easy to be dismissive of a border wall from the comfort of a TV studio in Miami, but to people in places like Hidalgo, it's a way to protect their families and livelihood.
The national Democratic Party has no discernible message on border security.

Meanwhile, President Trump understands that the liberal commentariat's take on border security is disconnected from how many Latinos actually feel about the issue.
These are also blue-collar communities where, to many Latinos, Democrats come across as obnoxious elitists preoccupied with policing the culture.

I don't know a single Latino who likes being called "Latinx" or told that they have to stop buying Goya. It's obnoxious.
Trump understands our families came to this country to thrive and he spoke to that.

The underlying message in the Democrats' Latino outreach—from "pay gaps" to healthcare and immigration—is that we're victims.

That's unappealing. Most people dislike being treated with pity.
The response from many Hispanics to elitist white progressives and their "Latinx" allies in the media is basically:

"I'm here to work, papo. So take your pity and your little victimhood complexes and shove them up your culo!"

That's what happened here in TX and elsewhere.
Hispanics are much of our blue-collar and middle-class workforce.

When you come home after a long day of work, you want to watch Caso Cerrado, novelas and have dinner with your family — not get lectured on pronouns or that you're a bad person for liking cops and border security.

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14 Nov

The latest from the Party of Science™ is that "powerful memes" are why the Democrats lost ground among Hispanics.

I've had reporters at major outlets ask me about this conspiracy theory, so it's clearly gaining some traction.

It's a weak excuse. Here's why...
A meme is basically an ad.

The best research on the impact of advertising on elections comes from Kellogg.

In major races where candidates enjoy similar name recognition, you need to significantly outspend your opponent just to move the vote by 0.5%.
Mind you: The Kellogg researchers studied the impact of TV ads, which usually last 30 seconds, involve compelling visuals, present arguments that have been tested, and are well-produced.

A meme is none of this, but let's continue...
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10 Nov

2020 Hispanic Voters:

☑️POTUS made big inroads with Hispanics nationwide

☑️Trump outperformed Romney, McCain, Bush 2000 and Dole in America's most Hispanic counties

☑️Trump improved his standing relative to 2016 in 86 of the country's majority Hispanic counties
☑️Strong correlation: The more Hispanic the county, the higher the gain for Trump

☑️Overall, Trump gained 6 pts in the +50% Hispanic counties

☑️Encouraging for Conservatives: In the states where Hispanics heard both sides, the gains were even higher despite being outspent

⚠️Votes are still being counted. This is preliminary.

⚠️There's an effort to dismiss/mischaracterize the President's gains as being limited to Cubans. That's demonstrably false.

⚠️Ignore initial exit polls and Univision's polling. Both are off.

Onto the data...
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27 Apr
🚨🚨 THREAD: A new poll shows Joe Biden with "mediocre" support from Hispanic while President Trump builds a diverse coalition. This is only a surprise to progressives who've spent four years yelling "RACISM!!!" at the sky thinking it'll win them votes.

Here's why...
First, let's be honest: The 2020 iteration of the Democrat Party is culturally incompetent. Sorry guys, but los abuelitos, mamá y papá aren't impressed by your "wokeness." They actually find it annoying.
Naturally, self-righteous progressives are now bewildered that Hispanics are not automatically in lockstep with Joe Biden after they've spent years yelling "RACISM!" at the sky, straight up locura "Caso Cerrado" style to smear President Trump and his policies.
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28 Mar
1) THREAD: To dunk on @realDonaldTrump, @CNN is now fact-checking things he never said. I analyzed a fact-check where they claimed he lied about COVID-19 testing levels. As I explain in this article for @TheBlaze, they are wrong on several counts.
2) As @CNN's @KateBennett_DC points out, the network ran this chyron during the coronavirus taskforce briefing yesterday. It's highly misleading. Trump NEVER said the U.S. leads the world in testing on a per capita basis and CNN knows this.
3) As @CNN's own fact-checkers noted, the US has performed more tests than South Korea, which is what Trump has been saying at his press conferences and on Twitter. This is indisputable.
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