🧵 You know who else believed in standpoint epistemology & didn’t judge ideas on their merit, but instead by who came up with them? The nazis.

They tried to call physics by Jewish physicists ‘Jewish science’, while they believed in ‘other ways of knowing’
2/ like ‘the belief in a spirit that animated all of nature’.

They attacked Einstein on racial grounds, & also Sigmund Freud, Bertolt Brecht, Karl Marx, Stefan Zweig and Walter Benjamin.

They burned their books.
3/ The attack on Albert Einstein was spearheaded by Philipp Lennard, also a physicist, but unremarkable.

This is what the woke do- they overcompensate for their lack of competence by problematising & devaluing competence.
4/ It’s much easier to tear the hierarchy down than try to climb it honestly.

When the nazis did it, they called their physics ‘Deutsche Physik’. Lennard’s resentment was well documented, ‘fuelled by a sense of exclusion and injustice’.
5/ It is the same motivations that fuel the woke- except they pretend it’s virtue instead of vitriol.

Instead of looking at Einstein’s ideas on their own merit, Lennard used his identity characteristics (like the woke do) against him.
6/ He called Einstein ‘deplorable’ and decided that relativity was a “Jewish fraud” and that anything important in the theory had been discovered already by “Aryans.”

It wasn’t Einstein’s genius that mattered to the woke/nazi, it was his identity.
7/ Lennard “lamented the encroachment of technology in modern life: an expression, he said, of the kind of materialism that infected both Communism and the Jewish spirit, the twin enemies of German greatness.”

Sound familiar?
8/ If this all sounds familiar it’s because it is. The woke aren’t literal nazis, but if they carry on in this trajectory they will become them.

All of this has been done before, which the woke would know if realised that things other than colonisation happened in history.


• • •

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21 Nov
🧵 Thread on the NHS:
Last night I had to go to A&E (emergency room). I was being sick & after speaking to my doctor (I’m fine now) there was reason to worry I might have an active bleed in my GI tract.
2/ I phoned my GP surgery after a couple of days of symptoms, and a GP phoned me back in the afternoon. He took details of my symptoms, said he would discuss it with the medical team (centralised NHS team) & phone me back.
3/ He called back shortly after & said the safest thing would be to go to the ER, and rule out a bleed. I took an Uber over, and was seen shortly by 2 nurses who did triage & took blood.
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21 Nov
🧵Indoctrination by entrapment looks like:
“Good people support this, only racists oppose it. Are you a good person or a racist??”

“If you ask questions you are LITERALLY endangering the lives of marginalised people- do you want all x people to die?? DO BETTER”.
Key points:
-False dichotomies which force your answer.
-You will get dog piled on if you hesitate, which ensures you don’t hesitate again.
-The dog piling also teaches you that it’s acceptable to treat people who get it ‘wrong’ like this.
-Most people do not want anyone to die & most (especially white) people are terrified of being labelled a racist or a bigot- because it’s an abhorrent thing. So they’re docile and just comply.
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2 Nov
What indoctrination looks like: 🧵
1. You say something innocuous.
2. You’re informed you’re ‘problematic’ and told to ‘do better 🤬’.
3. You’re taken aback, flustered, on the back foot because you’re confused. You apologise profusely for causing offence & say it wasn’t
4. You’re essentially attacked & told with great vitriol that ‘impact ALWAYS trumps intent’.
5. You feel shamed, wonder how you didn’t know this & everyone else seems to, vulnerable (key emotion)- and you internalise the ‘rule’.
6. Soon after you see something ‘problematic’ & the person also says, ‘I’m sorry it wasn’t my intention’.
7. You repeat what was done to you, and inform them ‘impact ALWAYS trumps intent’.
8. Other people back you up this time, you’re part of the group, & it feels really good to
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2 Nov
Why I am anti-woke:
I believe in liberal values like equality, individual autonomy, civil liberties, tolerance of other perspectives & people, secularism, democracy, openness, freedom of thought & speech.

Wokeness is illiberalism. It restricts freedom of thought & speech 1/
by coercion, intimidation, & threats of cancellation.
It has divided people into ‘right think’ & ‘wrong think’,
It actively seeks to cancel the latter.
This is intolerant & vengeful.
It censors free speech & inhibits civil liberties.
It goes against MLK’s dream & judges people by the colour of their skin not the contents of their character.
Keeps people in line threat of cancellation, public shaming.
It encourages violence.

This is antisocial behaviour.
Nothing about this aligns with my values.

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31 Oct
Honour your intergenerational pain, I would never suggest otherwise- but draw from your intergenerational resilience.

My grandparents & ancestors lived through genocides, colonisation, emigrating, racism, patriarchy- more than I can imagine. My maternal grandmother was married
at 14, she wasn’t literate, my Grandfather educated her. She died in 2017 the author of multiple books, recipient of awards, a matriarch in the British Asian community.

My paternal grandmother was widowed at 50, and took on more responsibility than women of her generation were
allowed to even think of. She lived austerely like a nun almost, stoic, courageous, and always in good humour- after losing everything.

Immigrants often have no option, but they’re also brave & adventurous of spirit.

After partition so many displaced Indians & Pakistanis
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