Suspect the next year of UK politics will involve a lot of Brexiteers inveighing about the SNP ...

... but through a double-layer of fantasy.

The SNP's fantasy argument is just too obviously identical to the Brexit argument for Brexiteers to say "you want sovereignty and you're pretty sure it'll cost next to nothing/someone else will pay? Ridiculous!".

So the dominant faction in nominally unionist politics will not only *not* be working to cut through the SNP's rhetoric ...

... they can't even open the subject without first applying a layer of their own bullshit.

Case in point:

Hannan's problem with the SNP ...

... is that they don't talk about enough about *freedom*.

Infamously shy about Independence and Sovereignty, the SNP.


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1 May
@robfordmancs @JXB101 @Afriscopic @DrAlanWager @benwansell @ProfTimBale @UKandEU @michaeljswalker @jamesrbuk @colinrtalbot @sundersays Not so sure about this - obviously all interpretations of the Cursed Axis means have to be tentative and every name it's given is misleading in its own special way.

@robfordmancs @JXB101 @Afriscopic @DrAlanWager @benwansell @ProfTimBale @UKandEU @michaeljswalker @jamesrbuk @colinrtalbot @sundersays Specifically, "Authoritarian" is misleading because it sounds like Authoritarians have a "context-free" approval of Authority ... but everything about Leave voters pivots on whether you're talking about Them or Other People.

@robfordmancs @JXB101 @Afriscopic @DrAlanWager @benwansell @ProfTimBale @UKandEU @michaeljswalker @jamesrbuk @colinrtalbot @sundersays I.e. you can't read Authoritarian => Trust Government - in fact, it's negatively correlated with trusting experts!

My - blind, uninformed guess - was that "Authoritarians" would be

* more likely to be convinced other people are breaking the rules
* less likely to follow them
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23 Apr
@rowena_kay @drjennings @JGForsyth It's a particularly weird deficit for that group because you'd think they'd be quite into Popper.

The error is in all the talk of The Science as if it were a singular noun, when instead it should be treated as a verb (to science = to disagree critically).

@rowena_kay @drjennings @JGForsyth "Scientific Consensus" is the other thing lazy politicians (and journalists!) always reach for.

It's almost a contradiction in terms, but you can think of it as the excreta of science - or the non-living bark constantly shed as the tree grows.

@rowena_kay @drjennings @JGForsyth It's a deficit of mandatory science education that it mostly focuses on the excreta of science not the actual process that produces it.

I think more space should be made for biography of scientists and the actual contemporary debates.

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20 Feb
If we're talking about things that people (/commentators) like to "explain away" about public immigration sentiment ...

... maybe the place to start should be the fact that immigration restrictionists are *visibly losing the debate*?

The trend on immigration sentiment is starting to look like the pattern for Gay Marriage/toleration of homosexuality - i.e. opponents lose ground in public attitudes every year for decades - and then, suddenly, they lose ground *really fast*

(need a better chart pairing)

As with sentiment on homosexuality, this isn't visibly connected to electoral politics - Conservatives picked up votes even as the public became more positive about homosexuality, as "anti-PC" parties picked up steam.

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18 Feb
@sjwrenlewis @jocanib I wouldn't be shocked, but I've never evidence economic circumstances influences social values.

@sjwrenlewis @jocanib In contrast, there's a lot of evidence that social values have a causative impact on

* economic circumstances - if you're a social liberal you're more likely to move to where the high paying jobs are

@sjwrenlewis @jocanib * economic values - authoritarianism mediates the correlation between economic circumstances and economic values

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3 Sep 19
@TheScepticIsle @stephenkb Yes, it's weird logic that looks only two weeks ahead.

But I think you can go further - it's lazy logic that pretends Corbyn/NotCorbyn is a binary.

@TheScepticIsle @stephenkb Corbyn entering government as part of a shakey 3 party coalition with a technical majority of 8 is not Corbyn entering government on the back of 60 MP solely Labour majority.

@TheScepticIsle @stephenkb If the logical goal is to avoid eventualities where Corbyn gets into office (weighted by likelihood x size of majority) in the next 5 years, you have to start there and work back.

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1 Sep 19
@BruceKHayward @CeddChad @sundersays @K_Niemietz @rolandmcs @mjrharris @YouGov I think the notion that the Remain campaign defined - or ever could define - what Leave "meant" is a complete canard. It bugs me whenever it comes up.

No political party ever gets to swap *their own manifesto pledges* with *how the other side repr. the worst case scenario*.

@BruceKHayward @CeddChad @sundersays @K_Niemietz @rolandmcs @mjrharris @YouGov If Remain had won, would Remainers have been able to say that their mandate to act covered anything and everything Nigel Farage asserted that Remainers were about to do?

Political opponents define worst-case scenarios/frame things in the least flattering light possible.

@BruceKHayward @CeddChad @sundersays @K_Niemietz @rolandmcs @mjrharris @YouGov The day people say "you know what, now we've won I'd like to say that our political opponents were actually right" is the moment something very weird has happened.

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