Dear western media.
I really have to call you out on hypocrisy and agenda driven biased reporting. Because while you make it a point to continuously point out that Abiy is a failed "Nobel prize" winner taking the country to civil war with constant reruns of Tigray refugees...
and their harrowing stories, you have NOTHING critical to say about TPLF. Nothing of the human rights violations for 27 years, or the illegal monopolistic monetary empire they built in Ethiopia, how they made Ethiopia the top 5 jailers of journalists in the world,
how they won the past three election by over 99%, in fact in 2015, they won it by 100%...not one interview with thousands of maimed, blind, illegally imprisoned. They're not hard to find. For example Birtukan Mideksa, she is now the head of the National Election Board of Ethiopia
Why not ask her what her opinion is on TPLF? Is it because they put in prison for life for challenging election results you are afraid to get her story to the world? Wouldn't this be the story of the year? The lady that went to prison, FOR LIFE, for challenging election results
by TPLF now heads the NEBE. Could this be the reason why TPLF held their own elections? As you mislead the world that Abiy postponed elections whereas it was NEBE decision and while you are quick to point out and tell the world that TPLF held their own election...
but you conveniently leave out the part where they win by 98.5%. You have worked really hard to present TPLF as a genuine benign political entity void of reproach. But lets talk about context you refuse to give your viewers.
This is Ethiopia. It is now a place where people can kill someone and hang him upside down in broad daylight in the middle of the street. Is this common in Europe? the US? Canada? Where on this planet can you publicly kill a man and hang him upside down in broad daylight?
So spare us your "Nobel prize" guilt trip. This is Ethiopia, not Sweden. Where is your reporting on this atrocity? How can a civilization get so demented? Why don't you ask TPLF who was ruling for 3 decades what did they do to our youth? Why don't you ask them about this statue?
Why don't you report on this? People burning people ALIVE in the middle of the street in BROAD DAYLIGHT. All these kids born under TPLF. No questions on how the ruling party that ruled for 3 decades reduced a nation into animals?
As you can clearly see almost 3 million people fled their homes because of violence WITHOUT A WAR. So while you point your cameras in Sudan to Tigray refugees, why not come to Ethiopia and talk to any of the 3 million that survived being butchered by a machete?
Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to take away any sympathy from the pain of our Tigray kin in plight. I am just ghastly astonished that western media presents that as "the story" without context of 3 million hacked to death by TPLF "ethnic federalism" ideology.
you refuse to bring into conversation that TPLF rule brought Ethiopia to the brink of civil war 2 YEARS AGO and that ABIY was the gamble to stop that civil war by dislodging TPLF. This is not a new confrontation. This is simply finishing what was started 2 years ago.
Ending TPLF.

• • •

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19 Nov
TPLF: Tigray People's Liberation Front.

The world should know that TPLF in any other ethnically diverse African country is not only ILLEGAL but constitutionally BANNED, yet TPLF has ruled Ethiopia for 3 decades.

Here are some countries where TPLF would be banned:

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18 Nov
Ever wonder why Tigray refugees are heading for Sudan? Why not go to other regions of Ethiopia?

Because they honestly believe that the ENDF has come to kill them... while TPLF heroically defends them.

TPLF propaganda is sending Tegarus into needless exile.
"they will kill us,” said an old woman, referring to government troops [Al Jazeera]…
"If we go to Gonder, they will slaughter us."…
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29 Oct
It's very troubling how adamant we are about holding on to politically revised history that is not true.

The following thread is for those who don't fear being exposed to the truth about the real Amhara.

Together with Hiob Ludolf we will count the Kingdoms of Ethiopia.
Hiob Ludolf, a German historian and one of the leading authorities on Ethiopian history.

These are the accounts of the Kingdoms and their provinces he counted in the 17th century.
001- The first listed is Amhara. He notes that Amhara is at the center of Habessinia, it borders Gonder(Begemder) to the north, the Nile and Gojam on the west, south with Walake and East with Angota. That is the historical and scientific location documented by those where there.
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28 Oct
Amhara vs Galla: A short story on the origins of hate.

While it is customary to associate Amhara and Galla to tribes, a lack of historical context has allowed for politics to hijack religious animosity and convert it into ethnic currency.
The two major players that birthed the Amhara/Galla animosity are the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi, other wise known as Gragn Mohammed. In the early 1531 Gragn began an incredible invasion of Ethiopia.
Unfortunately most Ethiopians are unaware of how devastating the invasion was. Ethiopia all but extinguished. In fact, it was nothing short of a miracle how Ethiopia survived. The destruction Gragn laid on Ethiopia was such a blow that it crippled Ethiopia for centuries to come.
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7 Sep
Its time to put TPLF and Ethnic-Federalist on the wall and demand answers:

Where is Shoa(Shewa)?

They dissolved Shoa to make the "Oromo State". A nation that has been anointing its own kings for CENTURIES... gone. Destroyed to make way for an "Ethnic" state based on language.
They could have made a proper federation out of all the Kingdoms of Ethiopia, why didn't they? Why choose language as a border marker? Why wipe out a thousand year history? Where is Begemeder(Gonder), why was it crushed to make the "new Amhara" state molded by "language"?
Where is Gojjam, she anointed her kings for centuries and now instead of being a federal state, squashed into the "Amhara" state. If the case is being made that Ethnic-Federalism was chosen to "preserve our history", then, by the Holy Lord, kingdoms not language is our grouping!
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4 Sep
Is Addis Ababa's growth the victim of a political agenda?

You decide.

(lines are drawn in approximation)

This is Adama 36 year growth from '84 till 2020. No political unrest because of growth.
This is Bishoftu and Dukem growth from '86 to 2020. Dukem went from not visible on the map to merging with Bishoftu. Please note, no political unrest because of growth.
This is the 18 year growth of Jimma, from 2002 to 2020. Remember all the marches for the farmers of Jimma? There was none.
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