This November #Fallout76 turned 2 years old! The #PhotoMode archive makes it a great diary of all #Fallout adventures. Let's go from the very start in F76 Beta... 1/
2/ Nov 3rd, 2018, the very first days of #Fallout76 BETA. We set out from #Vault76 full of grand expectations. The Vault internals and the opening scenery are breathtaking.
3/ First full day of adventuring in #Fallout76 (First week of Nov '18 Beta). First levels are pure magic - huge open world, quests, items, monsters, loot, it just feels and plays great.
4/ Last days of #Fallout76 Beta, Vault Dweller is up to about Level 10 and starting to explore more dangerous areas like Toxic Valley. The sheer joy of exploring a huge unknown map is exhilarating!
5/ Mid November 2018, #Fallout76 officially launched! Stumbling for the first time on "secret" locations like space station (far more desolated and scary than it is right now!) and exploring the map was pure joy.
6/ Discovering that immensely huge mining mega-machine was something in itself, but it was astounding when you figured out you can turn on that machine as part of the quest!
7/ Everyone got their own personal story of how they discovered Whitespring resort, which is probably one of the BEST locations in the game. The atmosphere, the size, the merchants, the Enclave bunker, the combat robots - the atmosphere of the place is wonderfully unique.
8/ Whitespring is also right next to the Scorched Chasm, which leads to constant encounters between beasts and security robots. Randomly dropping into such EPIC firefights created a phenomenal sense of everpresent adventure in #Fallout76
9/ End of Nov '18, first weeks of adventuring in #Fallout76. The honeymoon of traveling all over the map, exploring mysterious locales, and dropping into crazy adventures is coming to an end.
10/ The story arc of joining Enclave from Whitespring, learning the secrets of launching nukes was a thrill rarely seen in any game. A pure masterpiece of #Fallout76
11/ December '18: One nuke is worth a thousand pics. The feeling of launching your first nuke is out of this world. #Fallout76
12/ Where there are nukes, there is final server-wide Scortchbeast raid. Doing it for the first few times is an extraordinary fun event.
13/ Jan-March '19. The honeymoon is well over. There are still occasional things to do and locations to explore but overall all the glitches and problems of an early game can not be hidden anymore by the sheer excitement of new experiences.
14/ The core issue was all game systems were decoherent and working against each other. The glitches, item wear & repair, crafting and scraping, workshops, ammo, weight limits created a bizarre cacophony of boring chores. #Fallout76
/15 Once the sheer excitement of new experiences wore out, all that was left were these badly misaligned systems that made every session into an excel spreadsheet of repairing all armors and guns, getting enough materials, doing silly workshop defense chores. #Fallout76
/16 Will main quests done, no NPCs and no storyline going through dozen silly chores for the sake of protecting same ammo workshop to get ammo to protect that workshop grew boring pretty fast. #Fallout76
/16 One big bright spot in March '19 was the Fasnacht Parade event. It was fun, it was hilarious, every run was a unique social bonding event, it was sort of an echo of what #Fallout76 could have been.
/17 More Fasnacht '19 hillarity.
/18 Fasnacht was just endlessly replayable in #Fallout76 '19
/19 And yet more Fasnacht '19
/20 Summer '19. The #Fallout76 adventure is clearly coming to the end. There is just nothing to do, and the things you can do is just boring as hell (repair stuff - why? gather junk - why? defend useless crap - why?). There is no central idea, no purpose just mindless grind.
/21 Second half of '19. Besides occasionally logging in to admire the scenery or drop a scortchbeast the world is largely devoid of meaning by now.
/22 The hidden speakeasy was of the hidden gems of later updates.
/23 At this point I largely took a break from the game for the rest of the year.
/24 Some players clearly poured the lack of purpose in the game world into the creativity of crafting their camps.
/25 The first year anniversary come and vent without a bang. There was just too little to do and no reason to come back to the game.…
/26 #Wastelanders were certainly a much-needed dose of fresh air for #Fallout76 in 2020. New NPCs, new questlines and of course new Fasnacht event.
/27 Fasnacht never disappoints #Fallout76
/28 How different is modern Crater bustling with activity from scary, desolate mutant killing grounds 2 years ago? #Fallout76
/29 Now, exactly two years later, I'm excited to explore Steel Dawn's new questlines and reconnect with the #Fallout76 again. Love my new Red Rocket garage camp! 😍
/30 Thinking back on these wonderful two full years of adventures brings back all these great memories captured by the brilliant photoframe option. #Fallout76 feels not so much of a game, but rather as a new travel continent you might visit as a virtual adventurer.
/31 The Whitespring complex, the secret palm-scanning Enclave corridor entrance, the quiet elegance of Nukeshine bar, the military grit of launching nukes, and many more countless nooks and crannies with amazing stories attached are very special to all #Fallout76 dwellers.
/32 That is all I had for state of #Fallout76 at November 2020, a full two-year journey into the #Wasteland. What are we going to see next year for the third anniversary? 😀

• • •

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