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🚨☢️Our new @SGSJournal article provides the first assessment of the scale of civilian death that may result from US counterforce strikes on China's new nuclear missile silos. – The findings are staggering… @PrincetonSPIA @ivnstepanov #NuclearRisks #China
As reported by @WilliamJBroad and @SangerNYT, China is building hundreds of new nuclear missile silos. Once operational, these silos are likely to be included as targets in existing US nuclear war plans.…
We use publicly available information on US nuclear war planning, the locations of the new Chinese missile silos (thanks to @FAScientists !) combined with detailed meteorological data and population distribution to study the consequences of a US counterforce strike. #China #silos Image
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Since today marks the 25th anniversary of #Fallout, maybe it's time we show you how we're changing the perspective of combat in @NewBlood's CRPG - and how it differs from our main inspiration.
Surely the biggest complaint about classic Fallout games has always been the slow n' clunky nature of the turn based combat

While we're still keeping things turn based, by switching up the style and perspective more akin to classic dungeon crawlers, we find it much more engaging
For those new to this project:

"Is that Alexander "Red888guns" Berezin's art?" Yes. He's our artist!

"Why are you using Mark Morgan's music?" He's our composer!

"When will this be fully revealed or playable?" Not for a long time!

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So, Wastelanders, in preparation for my #FalloutForHope streams this week — for which my wife, the upcoming chef, may join me — I wanted to share with you my favorite thing I learned in some notes I found from when I started researching #Fallout foods for a video series.

So in the mid-to-late 1950s and beyond, the government was conducting a series of experiments known as “Operation Teapot,” to test new nuclear weapon designs and technologies and see their effects. One study, particularly relevant to our @Fallout subject, was titled:
“"The effect of nuclear explosions on commercially packaged beverages.”

Answering the burning and eternal question that everyone has on their minds; as NPR put it, “After the bomb, can I drink the beer?”
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Billionaire-funded “independent” media are getting worried about #NuclearWar, so are uniting for collective peace-posing and handwringing. Nukes go off in Europe, #fallout and #NuclearWinter go global - very inconvenient! 🙄🇺🇸🇺🇦👎
.@ggreenwald posted this on @theintercept in 3/2014, #Ukraine coup time, defending @pierre. The news release and webpage are now gone.
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Been thinking a bit about #Fallout lately and how we used the imagery of '50s Americana to underscore the failures of a system predicated on the "glory days" of an America that never was, that never grappled with its underlying problems.

1/ Fallout billboard: Advertizement for the nuclear-powered Cor
I don't think anyone on the team figured that we'd see a literal real-world MAGA movement based on the notion of uncompromisingly embracing the bigotry and imperialism of Americana. Shows that Fallout did strike a very real chord about jingoism and nationalism, though.

2/ Fallout: Vault Boy salutes while standing in front of an Ame
From the very beginning, Fallout portrayed a world in which people succumbed to greed and fear. Instead of cooperating to solve their problems—which were solvable—they relied on violence, alienation, and ultimately, war. (Never changes.)

3/ Fallout: An American soldier in power armor conducts an exec
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This November #Fallout76 turned 2 years old! The #PhotoMode archive makes it a great diary of all #Fallout adventures. Let's go from the very start in F76 Beta... 1/
2/ Nov 3rd, 2018, the very first days of #Fallout76 BETA. We set out from #Vault76 full of grand expectations. The Vault internals and the opening scenery are breathtaking.
3/ First full day of adventuring in #Fallout76 (First week of Nov '18 Beta). First levels are pure magic - huge open world, quests, items, monsters, loot, it just feels and plays great.
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Reuter’s in 2009: Soros has financial links to Adbusters (Major Force Behind Occupy Wall Street). Hard to imagine Reuter’s writing anything like this piece today. LOTS of gems 💎…
Adbusters’ major funder—Tides Foundation—partners with Soros and Gates foundations, among other major liberal slush funds. Crazy Reuter’s allowed such connections to be published just a few years ago. They insinuate Soros/Gates behind the group now trying to overthrow Trump #OWH Image
Their stated goal is to “topple existing power structures”... Sinister stuff. This is a FOREIGN ENTITY! WHO ELSE IS FUNDING THEM??? #CCP #Iran #Russia Image
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¡Hilo semanal de ilusión de productividad! Esta semanita de #contenido estuvo menos cargada, pero empezó con algo especial: una participación en el @podcastreboot de @Ed_Marin hablando dos horas x reloj del final de #TheLastOfUs2.…
El lunes en #TPLT hablé de TODO con @srlerner y @Angiedalessio: precios de juegos, el futuro de Warner, y el AAA de #HarryPotter feat. nuestro nuevo personaje favorito, Hermión.… Image
El martes terminé el especial de #ConsolasCondenadas en @culturageek con mi fracaso favorito: #SegaDreamcast. IT'S THINKING:…
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في تعاون جديد ولاول مره Bethesda تطور مع Amazon مسلسل تلفازي جديد للعبة #Fallout ومن إنتاج Jonathan Nolan و Lisa Joy’s
Lisa Joe تتحدث عن مسلسل #FalloutTV
“إنه مجرد سخرية ، ومجنون ، ومضحك ، ومغامرة ، وعقلاني لم يسبق له مثيل من قبل إنه رائع جدًا." ImageImage
انتاج مسلسل #Fallout سيبدأ بالتصوير هذا العام Image
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World Economic Forum: "Lockdown is the world's biggest #psychological #experiment - & we will pay the price"

Apr 9 2020 "With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of #lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever"

"Unfortunately, we already have a good idea of its results. In late Feb 2020, right before EU countries mandated various forms of lockdowns, The Lancet published a review of 24 studies documenting the #psychological impact of quarantine."

"The findings offer a glimpse of what is brewing in hundreds of millions of households around the world...

people who are #quarantined are very likely to develop a wide range of symptoms of #psychological #stress and #disorder..."

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Burnout 2 : Point of Impact
Nintendo GameCube (2003)
Un jeu de course où l’on roule à grande vitesse sur des axes urbains en évitant le plus grand nombre de véhicules.
Si vous voulez une anecdote personnelle concernant ce jeu, ça se passe sur Instagram : Image
VR Ping Pong
PlayStation 4 (2017)
Un jeu de simulation de Ping Pong en réalité virtuelle proposant 4 modes : Pratique, Solo, Tournament et Arcade.
#1Jour1Jeu #PlayStation #VR #VRPingPong #PingPong #PSVR Image
Darkest Dungeon : Ancestral Edition
Nintendo Switch (2018)
Un mix de RPG et dungeon crawler dans un univers dark fantasy très sombre et à la difficulté élevée, où l’on doit gérer le niveau de stress des héros, leur mort étant définitive.
#1Jour1Jeu #Switch Image
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