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So, Wastelanders, in preparation for my #FalloutForHope streams this week — for which my wife, the upcoming chef, may join me — I wanted to share with you my favorite thing I learned in some notes I found from when I started researching #Fallout foods for a video series.

So in the mid-to-late 1950s and beyond, the government was conducting a series of experiments known as “Operation Teapot,” to test new nuclear weapon designs and technologies and see their effects. One study, particularly relevant to our @Fallout subject, was titled:
“"The effect of nuclear explosions on commercially packaged beverages.”

Answering the burning and eternal question that everyone has on their minds; as NPR put it, “After the bomb, can I drink the beer?”
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This November #Fallout76 turned 2 years old! The #PhotoMode archive makes it a great diary of all #Fallout adventures. Let's go from the very start in F76 Beta... 1/
2/ Nov 3rd, 2018, the very first days of #Fallout76 BETA. We set out from #Vault76 full of grand expectations. The Vault internals and the opening scenery are breathtaking.
3/ First full day of adventuring in #Fallout76 (First week of Nov '18 Beta). First levels are pure magic - huge open world, quests, items, monsters, loot, it just feels and plays great.
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I've been playing #Fallout76 during the pandemic, and there's some really nice ecology touches. There are giant sundews, complete with the little sticky fronds that make up the traps.…
The other day, I ran into a ghoul lady in the Wasteland, who was testing soil for contaminants. She made a reference to Vasily Dokuchaev, considered the "father of soil science." That's a pretty obscure reference for a video game to plant in there. (Ha, plant.)
There's even a side quest where you have to collect data tapes from devices monitoring air, soil, and water.

So, if there's an environmental science major currently writing for @bethesda, I just want you to know I appreciate you.
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All right. So here's another twitter rant about #Fallout76 and why it tries and fails to be a 'theme park', and how human (or 'actor') NPCs are necessary when creating a 'theme park' video game.
I have worked at several theme parks over the years - Including Disneyland California.

At Disneyland, you are not just a customer service person, but a 'cast member.' You are there to behave almost like an actor. You are there to help the guests get into the spirit of the park.
This means that when I was at work I would act at all times like a pleasant, genial, approachable person. I would answer the more bizarre guest questions with answers that were in a way, in-character with my role as a park rep, often times playing off the make-believe of the park
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So here's what I think about Fallout 76:

-There is a good game buried in there somewhere but Bethesda has no coherent vision for what that game is.

-The job of making a good game out of Fallout 76 should be offloaded to modders and private-custom player-run servers.
-The game's technical hitches and quality of life improvements should be addressed to a high degree before additional content is added. (As the new content could potentially break the game otherwise, as well as compound the unpleasant factors in the game.)
-PVP should be taken out COMPLETELY of the regular game. (Except for the PVP team-fight events, those are fine - and when you die during those you should not drop your junk.)

-There should be a spinoff mode to the game of PVP-only servers with their own separate balance & rules
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Thread 100% subjectif pour recenser les meilleures taglines de films qu'on aurait trouvées TROP COOL quand on avait 13 ans. Mise à jour aléatoire.

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#E32018 while packing is back, featuring @JanDegans and Halo Infinite
The real question : is it multiplayer only ?
Very seriously, I hope they'll talk about their accessibility intiative #a11y #E32018
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