COVID Update December 1: Donald Trump, here’s your chance. This message is for you.

No need to tweet that he won’t do any of these things. Really, I do get that. But I’m going to make my plea anyway. 1/
Donald Trump is still the person in the country who could do the most to prevent the most deaths.

Each day that goes by is a missed opportunity to save more lives— in ways only he can do. 2/
We are growing 1 million plus new cases/week. Hospitals in the smallest towns & big cities are dangerously teetering on the edge. 3/
I talked to an ER doc in RI today. She worked the Friday after Thanksgiving. Admitted every single case that came in. Every room that opened they slotted a patient in. Every ER bed that opened they filled in. As fast as they could. 4/
Anyone with milder COVID is staying home. She watched several patients get dropped off by their children. The children couldn’t come in. She describes wanting to yell to the kids to stop & look at their parent. Because she thought it might be a final time. 5/
They try to dedicate a phone in the ER exclusively to being available for family members. Family members call & because they cannot see their sick loved one, they want to stay on the phone with the doc. The doc has 19 other patients at the same time. 6/
Every bed full, every ER bed full, waiting room full, some staying at home. Tomorrow they open a field hospital. The quality of care slips in small ways— less time, needing to be more severe to get a bed. Most people coming in are essential workers or their parents. 7/
She described the palliative measures they are taking. The phone calls that eventually get made saying they are sorry they have no good news...some days are getting made 2000 times across the country. More than once each minute. That phone call. 8/
In the middle of this the president, still the president, does nothing.

His team is looking for work.
Press conferences about a vaccine. Tweeting about petty shit.

As he always has, he has the power to do something. 9/
December and January— a boat in choppy waters. No one pretending to have their hand on the tiller any more. With no election, no reason to even fake it any more. 10/
250,000 are dead. And scientists are now saying it could be double that before this is through.

How. Is. That acceptable.
How. The. F—- is that acceptable.
Tell me.

That all the shit we have been through for 10 months could double again in much less time before long? 11/
France did not accept that. They went back in.
England did not accept that.

When you see a second wave, it’s a message to those counties—- pack it in for a few weeks. 12/
Let me tell you something having talked to folks over there. They don’t love it. They don’t love restaurants being closed. But guess what: they don’t want more dead people. More full hospitals.

Different story here. 13/
What could Trump do?

Tell Mitch McConnell to get a support deal done for combat pay, for paid leave, to protect against evictions so people don’t need to be unsafe. 14/
What else could he do?

Tell his people to get with the program. They may only listen to him. Instead of following the hot trail of super sleuths in the Giuliani gang & making up fairy tales about Hugo Chavez, slap yourself out of your fantasies & notice the dying people. 15/
Stop sitting in the Oval feeling sorry for yourself. For once in your life ask what a grown up would do. Or even a kind child. Step up, speak up. Your legacy is still being recorded. 16/
All of this is happening on a country which you claim to care about. Because you have not doesn’t mean you can’t. It would require so little.

The pressure should not be off Donald Trump. It should be dialed up. 17/
Just because he lost (many many times it seems) doesn’t mean we should forget about him. He has the keys to so many things. 18/
Why stop protesting just because he lost. Trump has an obligation before Biden starts.

Every life. Every burden on a hospital. He’s accountable. This is his watch. This is his chapter still being written.

He can’t even pretend like he’s caring for the economy. His unwillingness to address anything has caused us to be more out of control & businesses to close. 20/
Until noon on January 20, this moaping, this faux coup, frankly is still on our dime.

Until the adults arrive, is it too much to ask that he pays at least a little attention??

We’ve been well trained on the answer. 21/
We’re well-trained after 4 years that even lifting a finger requires caring about another human being besides yourself.

So we are writing off the next 7 weeks? 7 million cases? 22/
Now is definitely not the time to be silent. /end

• • •

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3 Dec
COVID Update December 2: There’s only so long you can be indifferent to people dying before people figure out you’re an asshole. 1/
In a public health emergency, you don’t need a bad guy. After all the pathogen is the real problem. 2/
And there’s a legit discussion one could have about the wisdom of lockdowns, the cost on the economy, on isolation, and on the fatigue of the public. 3/
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2 Dec
COVID Update December 1: Every month alive tried to give a preview of what’s ahead.

The best thing about December is that it will end 2020. 1/
The FDA will meet and approve both the Pfizer and Moderna drugs in a highly transparent way.

We will see data. We will see meeting notes. We will see side effects profiles. 2/
From everything we know these vaccines will begin saving lives immediately.

The first 20 million should go to health care workers.
The next 3 million to people in nursing homes.

Those will begin this month but are likely to be completed in January. 3/
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29 Nov
COVID Update November 29: There’s this trite expression that it’s always darkest before the dawn.

I want to talk about the dark. And the dawn. 1/
This expression typically means— keep going, when it feels rough, muscle through, you may be at bottom. And I rather like this expression. For people with depression, they often describe things as being dark. 2/
And who they hell hasn’t been suffering through some depression?

I mean— we have it all: death, joblessness, Congress that’s abandoned us, Venezuela meddling in our elections (dead Venezuelans at that!), fear, Rudy Giuliani melting. 3/
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28 Nov
I found it way too difficult to say proper thanks this year to all the people who deserve them.

How do I thank people who are risking their lives, saving others while I’m safe?
How do I thank career civil servants who have been abused for 4 years & kept doing their jobs for us?
How I do I properly think whistleblowers who have been scapegoated?
How do I thank experts who have been ignored year after year & now called fear mongers & had their lives threatened?
How to acknowledge people in the free press who were called fake but created limits by exposing things when there was no shame to be had?
Is there a way to thank people for making sure our democracy didn’t die including when Trump tried to overrun the election?
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25 Nov
COVID Update November 25: Why I will be taking a vaccine and why I hope you do too. 1/
By December 13 or soon after, vaccines will likely be ready to roll out. Tens of millions will be ready to go. Month by month. First to health care workers, then to nursing homes. Then to other high risk populations. 2/
There are milestones to get there and data to review but preparations are underway. I talked with scientists & distributors today.

There is an impressive level of preparation to make all the logistics happen. 3/
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23 Nov
COVID Update November 23: With the vaccine progress today, what the heck is Warp Speed for real? It’s a great story but not what it appears.

Later today, I will finish a thread on this from where it started.
What is Warp Speed? Is it really a success? Who deserves credit? Where would we be without it? What did we learn? 2/
First let’s be clear on our accomplishment. From January 11 when the sequence for the virus arrived from China to December 13, when needles will start to enter arms, only 11 months passed.

This can be a 7 year process. Or worse— HIV & the common cold have no vaccine. 3/
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