COVID Update December 3: Not enough attention has been played to the villainous role of Mitch McConnell and the Senate in this pandemic. 1/
With 100,000 people in the hospital & 2500 people dying in a day, things are about to get worse. 2/
There are a lot of reasons for this. Number 1, the virus itself does this and number 2, we have had no public health strategy & practices. 3/
But Congress is another major reason. 4/
Congress has broken the most significant compact with the public in my lifetime. 5/
Why do I say this?

Because if Congress had done it’s job— telling the public in a once in a century virus—“we have your back”, everything would have been different. 6/
Bars & restaurants— if you have to close temporarily, we will make sure you don’t go out of business

You— if you’re feeling sick or test positive, we will pay you as you stay home & pay for you to isolate in a hotel 7/
And— if you lose income, we will make sure you are continually supported & don’t have to lose your home or apartment. 8/
And while we’re at it...if schools or need to be retrofitted, if doctors offices need support...we will keep you hole. 9/
We’re not talking about forever. We went ahead and started manufacturing vaccines before they were tested & approved. We bet on science.

But we couldn’t do that for the country. 10/
The result of all of this— things many of us have been able to anticipate— has been unprecedented stress on our states, on our schools, on small businesses, on people who have lost their jobs.

And the Senate didn’t do it’s job. 11/
Why? Possible reasons...
1- Racism: the Senate just doesn’t care as much about the populations that are dying
2- Ideology: the people who told us the budget deficit was going to be our undoing never invested 12/
3- Trump’s incompetence: Congress assumed the Trump Admin would get this under control my mid year. They put enough money away for that. End of year at the outside. Well guess what Mitch, your boy didn’t get it done. 13/
4- Schools, states, cities, renters & people who owe student loans are not Republican constituencies. Cruise ships, airlines, big business is.
5- America’s misplaced liberty & bootstrap mentality.
6- Trump didn’t give a shit & was a completely unskilled legislator to boot. 14/
Does it surprise anyone that people protest keeping their bars & restaurants open?

Does it surprise us that teachers are concerned about entering 50 year old classrooms?

That people are more reluctant to pull their weight because the government won’t. 15/
Stop getting angry at restaurant & bar owners. They are not to blame.

They have been failed by the Congress. 16/
Stop blaming governors for asking them to close.

They have been failed by Congress. 17/
Don’t blame landlords or tenants. They are out in a bind by Congress, who has failed them. 18/
We pay taxes. Congress is supposed to allocate those taxes to national priorities. They aren’t. This is a major failing. 19/
The President-elect is going to need to get that to change if progress can’t be made before he’s there. People are going to need to make noise with their Senators.

Not just Twitter noise. Noise noise. 20/
In failing us, the Congress has helped turn the country against one another. Has made us more cynical in our politics. Less trusting of our government.

None of those things strike me as things that bother Mitch McConnell in the least. 21/
Pulling together is what you’re supposed to do in a crisis. Having our backs during a crisis is now the government helps.

The House did its job. The Senate fell down. 22/
McConnell can be pushed into the minority.

What happens in Georgia in a month could make all the difference. /end

• • •

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6 Dec
COVID Update December 5: There’s a common real estate expression Trump is very familiar with called “other people’s money.”

It means if a bank lends you their money, you can take any risk you want.

Trump’s presidency has been guided by the principle “other people’s lives.”1/
Want to build a risky casino or golf course? Borrow money. If it works out, great— & you’ve had to put up little of your own money.

And if it fails, that will be the bank’s problem. Don’t pay. Declare bankruptcy. 2/
The bankruptcy laws have allowed Trump to ruin something & walk away over and over.

Put up the drywall & didn’t get paid? Plumbing? Your time was just other people’s money to him. You get nothing. 3/
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4 Dec
VACCINE APPROVAL NEWS: The Pfizer vaccine was approved in the UK. Expect the Oxford/AZ to be approved next week in the UK.

This is significant for some obvious and not so obvious reasons. 1/
The obvious first.

This is one of the biggest wins for mankind & science in my lifetime certainly. 1.5 million people have died. That won’t be 3 million or 4 million. If we do it right, it won’t be 2 million. 2/
Second— for anyone who wonders whether US politics is playing a role in approval of these vaccines, this should be extremely reassuring. In fact, I hope this is case closed.
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3 Dec
NEW: Co-chairs for Biden pandemic response named. There aren’t 2 better people that could have been named. 1/
The first is @vivek_murthy, who will be the next US Surgeon General. Vivek served in this role during the Obama Admin along with me. The role is even more important now. 2/
Vivek brings the clinical, scientific & public-facing communication needed for the job. But Vivek us also a special human being— thinking about the whole person, mental health, loneliness. 3/…
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3 Dec
COVID Update December 2: There’s only so long you can be indifferent to people dying before people figure out you’re an asshole. 1/
In a public health emergency, you don’t need a bad guy. After all the pathogen is the real problem. 2/
And there’s a legit discussion one could have about the wisdom of lockdowns, the cost on the economy, on isolation, and on the fatigue of the public. 3/
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2 Dec
COVID Update December 1: Every month alive tried to give a preview of what’s ahead.

The best thing about December is that it will end 2020. 1/
The FDA will meet and approve both the Pfizer and Moderna drugs in a highly transparent way.

We will see data. We will see meeting notes. We will see side effects profiles. 2/
From everything we know these vaccines will begin saving lives immediately.

The first 20 million should go to health care workers.
The next 3 million to people in nursing homes.

Those will begin this month but are likely to be completed in January. 3/
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1 Dec
COVID Update December 1: Donald Trump, here’s your chance. This message is for you.

No need to tweet that he won’t do any of these things. Really, I do get that. But I’m going to make my plea anyway. 1/
Donald Trump is still the person in the country who could do the most to prevent the most deaths.

Each day that goes by is a missed opportunity to save more lives— in ways only he can do. 2/
We are growing 1 million plus new cases/week. Hospitals in the smallest towns & big cities are dangerously teetering on the edge. 3/
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