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From Russia with Snowden - Spook & Shadow Brokers

Spook: A C_A spy.

Shadow Broker: is an individual at the head of an expansive organization which trades in information, always selling to the highest bidder. Image
1/ Let's rewind to Snowden's pre-C_A employment in 2006. Did you know that ES enlisted in the Army Special Forces 18X in 2004? Special Forces begin their training at Fort Bragg/JSOC, & at that time was under leadership of Stanley McChrystal. Source: 👇en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Sn… ImageImage
2/ Army Special Forces training is 53 rigorous weeks long, and the attrition rate hovers around 70%. ES fractured both legs and was discharged after 144 days (20 weeks 4 days).
3/ In 2005, Snowden was then employed for less than a year as a security guard at the University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Study of Language, a research center sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA).
4/ According to the Univ., this is not a classified facility, though it is heavily guarded. In 06/14, ES told Wired that his job as a security guard required a high-level security clearance, for which he passed a polygraph exam & underwent a stringent background investigation.
5/ After attending a 2006 job-fair focused on intelligence agencies, Snowden accepted an offer for a position at the C_A. The Agency assigned him to the global communications division at C_A headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
6/ In May 2006, Snowden wrote in Ars Technica that he had no trouble getting work because he was a "computer wizard". After distinguishing himself as a junior employee on the top computer team, Snowden was sent to the C_A's secret school for technology specialists,...
7/ where he lived in a hotel for six months while studying and training full-time.
8/ In March 2007, the C_A stationed Snowden with diplomatic cover in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was responsible for maintaining computer-network security. Assigned to the U.S. Permanent Mission to the United Nations, a diplomatic mission representing U.S. interests...
9/ ...before the UN and other international organizations, Snowden received a diplomatic passport and a four-bedroom apartment near Lake Geneva.
10/ According to Greenwald, while there Snowden was "considered the top technical and cybersecurity expert" in that country and "was hand-picked by the CIA to support the President at the 2008 NATO summit in Romania". Image
11/ In February 2009, ES resigned from the CIA. ES began work as a NSA sub-contractee for Dell, which manages computer systems for multiple government agencies. Assigned to an NSA facility at Yokota Air Base near Tokyo, Snowden instructed top officials and military officers...
12/ on how to defend their networks from Chinese hackers. Snowden looked into mass surveillance in China which prompted him to investigate and then expose Washington's mass surveillance program after he was asked in 2009 to brief a conference in Tokyo.
13/ During his four years with Dell, he rose from supervising NSA computer system upgrades to working as what his résumé termed a "cyberstrategist" and an "expert in cyber counterintelligence" at several U.S. locations.
14/ In 2011, he returned to Maryland, where he spent a year as lead technologist on Dell's C_A account. In that capacity, he was consulted by the chiefs of the C_A's technical branches, including the agency's chief information officer and its chief technology officer.
15/ U.S. officials & other sources familiar with the investigation said Snowden began downloading documents describing the government's electronic spying programs while working for Dell in April 2012. Investigators estimated that of the 50,000 to 200,000 documents Snowden...
16/ gave to Greenwald and Poitras, most were copied by Snowden while working at Dell. In March 2012, Dell reassigned Snowden to Hawaii as lead technologist for the NSA's information-sharing office. On March 15, 2013 – three days after what he later called his "breaking point"...
17/ of "seeing the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, directly lie under oath to Congress"– Snowden quit his job at Dell.
18/ ES then takes job as NSA sub-contractee as an employee at Booz Allen Hamilton. Although he has said his career high annual salary was $200,000, ES said he took a pay cut to work at consulting firm BAH, where he sought employment in order to gather data and then release... Image
19/..details of the NSA's worldwide surveillance activity. Among the individuals involved in running Booz Allen Hamilton, we have: James Clapper, James Woolsey, and Ian Brzezinski (Mika's brother). Didn't he just quit Dell/NSA because of Clapper? Source: 👇theinterpretor.com/2013/07/01/boo… ImageImage
20/ At the time of ES's departure from the U.S. in May 2013, he had been employed for 15 months inside the NSA's Hawaii regional operations center, which focuses on the electronic monitoring of China and NK, first for Dell and then for two months with Booz Allen Hamilton.
21/ On May 20, 2013, Snowden flew to Hong Kong after leaving his job at an NSA facility in Hawaii, and in early June he revealed thousands of classified NSA documents to journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Barton Gellman, and Ewen MacAskill. theguardian.com/world/2013/jun…
22/ WikiLeaks was intimately involved in the operation to help Snowden evade the US authorities in 2013 after he leaked his cache of intelligence document to Glenn Greenwald, then a journalist with the Guardian.
23/ Assange sent one of his most senior staff members, Sarah Harrison, to be at Snowden’s side in Hong Kong, and helped to engineer his escape to Russia – despite his discomfort with the idea of fleeing to one of the US’s most powerful enemies. Source: 👇
24/ Booz Allen terminated Snowden's employment on June 10, 2013, the day after he went public with his story, and 3 weeks after he had left Hawaii on a leave of absence.
25/ On June 21, 2013, the United States Department of Justice unsealed charges against Snowden of two counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and theft of government property, following which the Department of State revoked his passport.
26/ Two days later, ES is somehow able to leave Hong Kong to Russia despite the fact that his passport was revoked. Source: 👇theguardian.com/world/2013/jun…
27/ ES arrives in Moscow. Source: 👇theguardian.com/world/2013/jun…
28/ ES is confined to Moscow airport for month. Interestingly, you know who else was in Moscow with a delegation meeting with the GRU?
29/ Did the GRU become the handler of ES? U.S. allies are horrified to find their own secrets, looted by the NSA or CIA, often exposed in these floods of revelations, and can spend enormous time and energy trying to stem the damage done. Source: 👇cbc.ca/news/world/sno…
30/ The Obama administration spent months in damage control, which led to the 01/2014 Senate Intelligence Committee hearings. Source: 👇
fedscoop.com/snowden-leaks-… Image
37/ NPR transcript of Michael Flynn interview, with section revolving around ES. READ! Source: 👇 npr.org/2014/03/07/287… ImageImage
38/ On April 30, 2014, #Flem announced his retirement effective later that year, about a year earlier than he had been scheduled to leave his position. He was reportedly effectively forced out of the DIA after clashing with superiors over his allegedly chaotic management style... Image
39/ and vision for the agency.

That's the narrative we were sold. What are you willing to bet it had more to do with ES/GRU/Russia than we realize? #Flem did not leave the DIA until August 7, 2014 and retired from the Army at the same time.
40/ Let's not forget that after his retirement and formation of FIG, #Flem traveled to Moscow again in December of 2015.
42/ ICYMI: Another batch of GRU members recently indicted in October! According to the indictment, beginning in or around November 2015...through October 2019...#MoneyLaundering #CyberAttacks Source: 👇justice.gov/opa/pr/six-rus… Image
43/ Nov. 2, 2020...ES is applying for dual citizenship in Russia! cnn.com/2020/11/02/eur…
44/ Dec. 3, 2020...ES asks this! zdnet.com/article/edward…
45/ Coming up on one year delta (Dec 15th) of this post by Cue. @debibug @AmDigitalNews @KikiTBird @bigredwavenow @fedup4usa @TheCabbie72 @Tantaina2 @g44095 @ericarios73 Image
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🎄Tis the season for treason...even in Russia! Source:👇fsb.ru/fsb/press/mess… Image
“Allegations include a systemic pattern of conduct by him to allegedly breach his loyalty to this country and provide sensitive information to a foreign power, namely China,” Trader said. “That certainly gets the court’s attention.” hawaiinewsnow.com/2020/08/28/jud…
"Having been in prison for almost three years, Osman Kavala is now facing a new trial under an absurd new charge of ‘espionage’." amnesty.org/en/latest/news…
Earlier this year: "I'm not aware of the Snowden situation"
I love him!
💣💩 March 30, 2016 CNN clip with Anderson Cooper:
💩💩#PresidentT post from 12/12, spotlight on spying and treason, "Justice" & DOA. Timestamp 8:45. Where is Snowden? He has not posted since the 16th. ImageImageImageImage
Snowden's pinned Tweet. Happy endings are synonymous with China. Where are you? Not Russia. ImageImage
Snowden has been a liability since Barlow's death. Would this explain why Gina Haspel has been MIA?

Think Jason Bourne.

You (Snowden) never thought she would lose.

Snowden is a #Traitor. ImageImageImageImage

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