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From 2011: "A second Nexus 7 godfather is Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn. Until recently, Flynn was the head of U.S. intelligence in Afghanistan." #DARPA #Flynn #NEXUS7
Christopher White - He served as chief data officer for DARPA in Afghanistan, and then as country lead with oversight of all battlefield research programs. Upon return, his DARPA programs invested hundreds of millions of dollars into open source software.…
2015: In January, Jeffrey Shockey became the most powerful staffer on the House Intelligence Committee after Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., named him staff director, the highest ranking staff assignment. #Nunes #Shockey #StanleyMcChrystal #DARPA…
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Moo Moo #Nunes looks to retain his seat in #California

Rep. ⁦@DevinNunes⁩ (RAT) will face Democrat #PhilArballo in California's 22nd Congressional District

The district is located in central California in the #SanJoaquin Valley.

Nunes' opponent, #Arballo, is a small business owner and the chairman of Fresno's Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

He is running on a platform centered on universal healthcare, a pathway for #DACA recipients, and clean drinking water for residents of the #CentralValley

California's 22nd Congressional District is home to parts of Tulare and Fresno counties as well as the cities of Tulare, Visalia, and Clovis

In the 2016, the district voted for President Trump over Democratic candidate Clinton in a 52.1-42.6 percentage point split.
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During a convo in Aug w/ Trump, Bolton mentioned his concern over the delay of the $391M in congressionally appropriated assistance to Ukraine as a deadline neared to send the money.

Trump: No aid to UKR until they agree to give him materials re inv’ns he sought.

Specifically Trump preferred sending no assistance to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia inv’n related to Biden & supporters of HRC in Ukraine,

Trump was at odds with his senior national security officials

Per Bolton, Pompeo & Esper joined him in pressing Trump to release the aid in the weeks leading up to the Aug meeting.

Bolton says he talked to Barr & Pompeo abt Giuliani.

Pompeo admitted to Bolton last spring that Giuliani’s claims abt Yovanovitch, had no basis.
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For integrity of Congress, looks like #Nunes must resign.

Nunes' close aide Harvey clandestinely worked with Parnas/Giuliani to get (read: create) Ukrainian dirt on Biden.

Nunes was Ranking Member presiding over impeachment hearings, never disclosed and then lied about ALL this
The encrypted Harvey-Parnas messages corroborate reporting (by CNN’s @VickyPJWard Daily Beast’s @woodruffbets Washington Post’s @PostRoz @ColbyItkowitz CNBC’s @christinawilkie NBC’s @kwelkernbc) assembled in this Timeline.…
@VickyPJWard @woodruffbets @PostRoz @ColbyItkowitz @christinawilkie @kwelkernbc Rep. Devin Nunes question to Fiona Hill and David Holmes in impeachment hearings:

"Do you think it’s appropriate for political parties to run operatives in foreign countries to dig up dirt on their opponents?"

Encrypted texts are evidence that's basically what Nunes was doing.
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💥#Parnas - #Giuliani, #Nunes, #Barr, #Trump etc; time to revisit. 30 years of Trump’s ties with the Soviet-born mob. Threads, a sum up 2016/2019. 👇🏼☄️💥
30 years of Trump’s ties ☝🏼 with the Soviet-born mob. #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #ImpeachAndRemove
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🔥#Parnas just corroborated David Holmes’ #impeachment testimony, saying #Trump talked so loudly, Parnas could hear him on calls w/ Rudy #Giuliani. Parnas tells #Maddow he was present “lots of times” when Rudy spoke by phone w/Trump—who “knew everything” about their #Ukraine work
#Parnas says #Pence had to know of #Ukraine pressure campaign. He says Trump sent Pence to meet Zelensky in Poland, using a hurricane as an excuse not to go himself, mad that Zelensky still hadn’t given in to his pressure. So Trump bailed on WW2 ceremony to further the pressure‼️
#Parnas tells #Maddow that Attorney General #BARR was "basically on the team" with #Giuliani and Victoria #Toensing & Joe #DiGenova (lawyers for #Firtash, indicted Ukrainian oligarch linked to #Russian organized crime).
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I just published (with @violagienger) this comprehensive Timeline on #Nunes and his alleged efforts to get dirt on Joe Biden.

"Timeline: Rep. Devin Nunes and Ukraine Disinformation Efforts"

Let me also highlight one important finding....…
@violagienger One potentially BIG finding:

On Thursday, March 28, two phone calls are added to Pompeo’s calendar:

a 20-minute call with Giuliani on Friday, March 29
a 20-minute call with Nunes on Monday, April 1

March 28 is same day Giuliani said he handed his Ukraine packet to Pompeo.
@violagienger Records showing Nunes-Giuliani calls with Pompeo were due to @weareoversight's successful #FOIA litigation

The Timeline relies on great reporting by CNN’s @VickyPJWard Daily Beast’s @woodruffbets Washington Post’s @PostRoz @ColbyItkowitz CNBC’s @christinawilkie NBC’s @kwelkernbc
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#DevinNunes: follow the money. All the way to the Kremlin. Nunes’ Winery Moscow connections plus cocaine/underage sex workers party on a yacht, thread 👇🏼 #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #impeachment…
#Nunes only/main investment is in a Napa Valley winery that has the Kremlin-licensed Russian company, a major Russian hard liquor distributor, known for its long term official relationship with Putin's administration which receives loyalty from the Kremlin-branded product sales.
Alpha Omega Winery was embroiled in a scandal in 2016 when a former employee alleged in a lawsuit that 25 of the Napa Valley-based winery’s top investors were openly using what appeared to be cocaine and “drawing straws” for which sex worker to hire.…
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Boom! Boom! who had a double "Dossier" bet down on the table #NunesX2Dossier
to be fair, I've gotten to witness the "Dossier" opening statement maneuver in person, See minute 9:15.…
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💣 SmokingHowitzer💣

Trump could shoot someone and escape prosecution, his lawyer argues

Words such as “devastating” & “bombshell” hardly do justice to the congressional testimony of Amb Taylor.

This wasn’t a smoking gun.

It was a smoking howitzer.
💣 Howitzer2💣

Taylor’s testimony devastated all of the excuses and evasions made by Trump’s die-hard defenders.

Matt Gaetz and his Coalition of the Stupid (COTS) stormed impeachment proceedings to 'demand transparency' — except that's not what it's really about
💣 Howitzer3💣

Dozens of the COTS brought in cell phones,”

“They not only brought in their unauthorized bodies, they may have brought in the Russians & the Chinese w/ electronics into a secure space, which will require that the space at some point in time be desensitized.”
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Origins TrumpRussia Investigation

FISA Russian Banks & Carter Page

FVEYs, USIC CounterInteligence & FBI’s CrossFire Hurricane Investigations
April (2016) the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was - allegedly - a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.…
🔑The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice.…
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9/11 Memorial Glade: A monument to responders, survivors who paid for the Saudi attacks w/ their health

Thousands of responders died of illnesses related to their work on & after 9/11, & tens of thousands more are being treated for illnesses.

We will never forget.

The Balance Has Shifted: The Data on Impeachment Favor Moving Ahead

Twitter Slams Barr For Comparing His Return to DOJ to D-Day Invasion: 'Equal Parts Delusional, Arrogant and Idiotic

Mexico Agreed to Take Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced Tariff Deal

“Heshmat Alavi is a persona run by a team of people from the political wing of the MEK. This is not and has never been a real person.”


The WH had used Alavi’s article to justify its decision to terminate the Iran nuclear agreement.

Let that sink in.
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"A former Pentagon ofcl suspects during the Lajes negotiations, Nunes was making the Portuguese privy to things they shouldn't have known. “We would have a convo about some proprietary matters w/Nunes...and then...somehow, Portugal knew some of that.”
2015: the Azorean pres, Vasco Cordeiro, hosted a dinner in honor of Nunes...A number of senior Portuguese government officials, including the foreign minister, were also in attendance... “It was like a fraternity event where everyone was pledging their loyalty to that mission,”
"Nunes liked to call the Azores “the Hawaii of the Atlantic Ocean, only closer to America’s homeland.” But Hawaii...has the advantage of being PART OF AMERICA...."
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Au vu de ce tweet aberrant et de la logorrhée anti enquête #Mueller/#FBI,2 questions:
1) y a-t-il 1 révélation dans les tuyaux expliquant ce"pétage de plombs"apparent?
2) Mais #Trump s'égare-t-il vraiment ou organise-t-il avec soin les conditions du renvoi de Rosenstein/Mueller?
2) #thread Rappel de la situation: #Trump veut imposer l'idée que le #FBI espionna sa campagne à l'été 2016. En fait, selon ses méthodes habituelles, ayant connaissance de contacts inappropriés de 3 membres de la campagne #Trump avec la #Russie, le FBI leur a envoyé 1 informateur
3) Cet informateur du #FBI, ex de la CIA reconverti dans la recherche sur le renseignement, Stefan Halper, rencontra Page, Papadopoulos et Clovis, soupçonnés d'être les portes d'entrée de la #Russie dans la campagne #Trump. Bref, le #FBI a fait son job: du CONTRE-ESPIONNAGE...
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Hier et avant-hier, le président #Trump, ainsi que ses soutiens, laissaient entendre que le #FBI avait infiltré 1 taupe pour espionner sa campagne 2016. Cette accusation était gravissime, il y a eu du nouveau dans la nuit...#thread #breaking
2) Le #breaking badaboum du @washingtonpost (donc du sûr) cette nuit: le #FBI a déployé 1 informateur habituel- prof de fac à la retraite- auprès de 3 conseillers de la campagne #Trump déjà soupçonnés de liens avec la #Russie, ET NON DANS la campagne.…
3) La chronologie est essentielle pour bien comprendre le déploiement de l'informateur: il ressortait, même de documents pro #Trump comme le mémo #Nunes, que le #FBI commença son enquête sur de possibles liens entre la campagne et la #Russie début juillet 2016...
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🍷🥂🎖⚡️Thread on #DevinNunes's #Russian connection. Today, #Nunes, Bob Goodlatte, Trey Gowdy wrote a letter to #RodRosenstein, demanding that the Justice Department "immediately" released #Comey's memos containing his account of conversations he had with Trump.
1. Devin Nunes had financial interests in a business linked to the Kremlin-licensed company.
2. Nunes had an investment in Alpha Omega Winery.
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Le tweet de la nuit US par #Trump: l'enquête #Mueller,dont son avocat a demandé l'arrêt, n'aurait jamais dû exister en 1er lieu. Et le président de reprendre l' idée démentie même par le rapport républicain Nunes d'1 enquête basée sur le rapport de renseignement privé Steele...RT
2) Pourquoi cette nouvelle saillie nocturne de #Trump? Sans doute parce que #Mueller non content d'assigner ses documents d'affaire avec la #Russie a envoyé les questions qu'il souhaiterait poser au président...L'intrigue se…
3)#Breaking Et dès ce dimanche matin, #Trump repasse en boucle contre l'enquête #Mueller...1 cap est franchi: comme expliqué hier(cf. #thread épinglé),il tient son argument. S'il y a complot de #McCabe et #Comey contre lui, le procureur est leur complice...
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☎️ Just a friendly reminder that the Obama admin #wiretapped over 20 reporters at the @AP including their personal phones and general lines. Have you forgotten that @CNN @MSNBC @abcnews @nytimes but surely his admin wouldn’t do that to @realDonaldTrump 🙄 #FISAMemo
How quickly we forget #MSM “sheer volume of records obtained” and “overboard collection” oddly @AP removed this letter from their site. #FISAMemo #DisclosuresTribunal #NunesMemo
It’s funny that #Brennan is so angry with #Nunes probably just because he misses having the power to lead the #WitchHunt on journalists that reported negatively on Obama. Didn’t @CNN just give him a job? 😂🤣 #NunesMemo #wikileaks…
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Quelle surprise...les comptes bots russes ont joué 1 rôle décisif pour gonfler l'audience du hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo et le cibler auprès des élus afin de faire publier le mémo Nunes favorable à #Trump. #àlire…
2) Donc résumons: il est aujourd'hui avéré par les enquêtes du renseignement US que la #Russie a interféré dans l'élection US 2016, a utilisé ses capacités cyber en faveur de #Trump, continue d'influencer la vie politique US. Et face à ça, que fait le président #Trump?
3) Eh bien, cette semaine, par exemple, l'administration #Trump a refusé d'appliquer de nouvelles sanctions contre la #Russie comme le lui demandait une loi votée au Congrès à l'été…
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Si j'étais le président #Trump-je ne le suis pas-je commencerais la journée par 1 rafale de tweets expliquant à sa base pourquoi je vais laisser publier le mémo #Nunes et en quoi il montre les biais de l'enquête du FBI et du procureur #Mueller.Cependant, si imprévisible..à suivre
2) Et voilà,#Trump a donc bien commencé son opération de promotion du mémo #Nunes. Son tweet dévoile,s'il en était besoin,son intention première: pouvoir"liquider"#Rosenstein no.2 du ministère de la Justice, seul en capacité légale de virer #Mueller...RT
3) Cette info de @politico ce matin explique pourquoi #Trump "tire le 1er" contre l'enquête du procureur #Mueller. 2 avocats de personnes incriminées dans l'enquête pensent que le procureur inculpera le président (qui n'a aucune immunité constitutionnelle)…
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Why hasn't Rep Devin Nunes been charged with a felony for obstructing his own Intel Committee's investig'n by alerting the White House, and pushing a #hoax about Susan Rice based on info he received from them?
He also leaked classifed intel!
#Nunes recused himself from the investigation, rather than resign as was demanded by Dems and the public. That seemed as if it would keep him from doing more harm, but was hardly adequate punishment for breaking the law.…
#Nunes had already used his office to pushed an "unmasking" #hoax to deflect attention from Comey's Congressional testimony, in which Comey denied Trump's wiretap allegation against President Obama, and revealed that the FBI was investigating #TrumpRussia.…
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