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How many America's know that are own 'government' is waging wars on us,
that the Congress and the White House regime is nothing more then 'actors' distractions,traitors that hide the real controllers.
The "assassins" are in charge,and no one is willing to stand up to them..
Pentagon-Shapped Military Fortress of Loyola,Pamplona, Spain(above)
The Society of Jesus was founded by a Spanish nobleman,
Don Ignatius of Loyola,with the blessing of the Farnese Pope Paul III.Loyola,
prior of his Order of the New Templars called the Knights of the Virgin Mary
” been in command of Spanish forces in a battle with French forces at Pamplona, Spain.
The fortress from which Loyola waged his defense was—you guessed it—in the shape of a Pentagon! Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos commemorated Loyola’s Spanish Pentagon with a stamp 1988
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Fidel Castro- #Küba

Margaret Trudeau (Justin Trudeuau'nun annesi)

Justin Trudeau (Cocuklugu) #Kanada

Sakli Secilmisler..
1923'te Alman Hükümetine darbe girisiminden sonra tutuklanan Nazi Mahkumlar;

Birinci Resim:
Tutuklu olan
Adolf Hitler ve Rudolf Hess

ikinci resim:
Adolf Hitler
Hermann Kriebel (Solda)
Emil Maurice (Arkadaki genc)

Darbeci Naziler gayet rahat ve guven icinde..
Her anlamda gizemli bir gecmisi olan
Fasist Diktatör Adolf Hitler,
2.Dunya Savasinda
70 milyondan fazla insanin ölmesine sebep oldu.

Adolf Hitler gercekte kimdir?

intihar ederek öldü denen kisi,
gercekten Adolf Hitler miydi?

Cifte Görüntü yanilgisinin maskeli araci miydi?
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@DeRedacteur_… #DARPA has been working on the brain-machine interface for nearly 20 years. In the beginning surgical implantation of electrodes in the brain was necessary . Goal of the program was of course to help poor disabled people, to use robotic arms etc 🤥
@DeRedacteur_… And boy, did they make progress over the years. In 2018 they announced they were now perusing a non-surgical portable neural interface system capable of reading from and writing to multiple points in the brain. Read / write to the brain without implants
@DeRedacteur_ With advances in #nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, #neuroscience etc this was finally obtainable. The biggest obstacle will be overcoming the complex physics of scattering and weakening of signals as they pass through skin, skull, and brain tissue. Several project were
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#Rusya'nin buldugu "Sputnik V" isimli #CoronaVirus ASI'si
neden DSÖ'nün listesinde yer almiyor?

DSÖ+BillGates+DARPA kendi hazirladiklari
Nano Teknolojik ASI'yi
alternatifsiz Tek ASI Olarak sunmak istiyorlar.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
#CoronaVirus hennüz piyasaya sürülmemisken,

Belirli Ülkeler (Derin Yapilar) Bulunacak ASI ile ilgili olarak
ortak bir KARAR vermek icin toplandilar.

Küreselciler icin önemli olan tek sey vardi;
Piyasaya sürülecek olan ASI'nin ismini kendileri vermek istediler
ASI ismi de
tipki #Corona gibi özel bir isim olmaliydi.

Tacli Halkali Kral-Corona/Krones ismi tesadüfi bir isim olmadigi gibi,
Cikaracaklari Corona/Krones ASI'si da
siradan tesadüfi bir isim olmayacak(tir)

Ülkeler Bu konuda anlasamayinca
Herkes Kendi ASI'sina odaklandi
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1. #DARPA > Quantum #LifeLog=Facebook
U Tube, Twatter,#23andMe,
Alphabet, #Google, [C]H [I] N [A]
Robotics, Unit 8200, GMO, GPS,NASA, #AI
#Softbank , Eugenics, 🧠+...
Let’s dive in & 🧐 at DARPA.
👉Past Present & Future?
BIG 'THREAD' Read & R/T 🙏
2. It was created in 1958 after the Sputnik launch from Russia in 1957
What Is #DARPA? #MComplex #Darktolight…
3.They have been at the forefront of the creation of #AI
#DARPA Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Opening Video

DARPA Announces $2 Billion Campaign to Develop Next Wave of AI Technologies…
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#NWO 🤡🕷️🕸️
What does #Soros Xi [C]h[i]n[a] #Bush Kissinger Putin Russia Israel UK #Ukraine Roths MOS #RedCross OSS/ C_A #CFR and #OpiumWars have to do with everything?
#DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊#QArmyTeam @POTUS

40K View ✈️

👉THREAD read & R/T🐸

H/t @EyeDropMedia meme
1.#China was always the [#DS] cabal US economic and Military replacement #DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊
George #Soros Announces #China Must Lead The #NWO H/T @RedDragonFly for Link… via @yournewswire

Full vid interview
2. Did Ya know? #Darktolight
In 1969 #Soros created t #QuantaumFund Main Investor was a #Rothschild 🧐
Quantum Funds…
Soros to close Quantum fund to outsiders…
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I've become passionate about "SIGNAL" BREAKING. See all this? Auto companies signalling celebs, black hats, deep state and cabal. They're #streetstrong ⁠— suppliers equipt for COVID "wave 2". @realDonaldTrump Do they think we are stupid? #QAnon #QAnons ImageImageImage
I wanted to know what the "590W690" on the #Ford windshield was. With 5G at top of mind, the search results were very interesting. I know Ryan Reynolds is Canada's "ambassador", so I thought I'd dig further for fun.
#COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #Plandemic #QAnon ImageImageImage
.@realDonaldTrump New themes everyday. Definitely a "dot" and "spot" theme happening since "Mary Poppins Returns". How many SHERMANS are there? Shermanmania? Maybe they're just mad with 'fury' because #JFKJrReturns too. #COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #Plandemic #QAnons #MadMax #BlueDot ImageImageImageImage
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committed against #American citizens/taxpayers, is the idea that #JulianAssange can die in #Belmarsh Prison for exposing the #truth - @Snowden may die in #Moscow, afraid to come back to face 35 for #espionage, and #whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning can contemplate suicide...
Yet for some reason, thousands of retired #military/#intel - like #GeneralMcChrystal, can not only sell-out to any private intel company they want...but...(it gets better)
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1) We all know the saying: "Actions speak louder than words."

We need to look at the actions and not the words.

I'm specifically referring to vaccines, potus, and where things are heading.

Question our government. Question POTUS. Question everything.
2) #GAVI ~ Watching #POTUS stand there and contribute propaganda to this is very troubling for me.

IMHO, Gavi isn't an organization potus and our government should be partnering with or even contribute funding towards.

This thread should explain why.

3) Seth Berkley is the CEO of Gavi, an international organization dedicated to expanding access to vaccines, & was formerly with the CDC and the Rockefeller Foundation. Has was also the founder, president, CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. ImageImage
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#FISAGate Is More Than A Political Scandal It’s A CoverUp Action For The #TechnologyHolocaust Going On Right Now All Around US In America ⌨️

These programs being paid for with multiple millions of taxpayer funds are operating from all levels of government from top to bottom...
& include FBI, CIA, Fusion Centers, Top Officials of multiple government agencies, etc. #TargetedIndividuals are living this nightmare & being subjected to harmful, dangerous directed energy weapons for human experimentation without their consent & against their will.
#TargetedIndividuals are being bankrupted, having their reputations ruined by slander, lies, false police reports, involuntary confinement in mental institutions & being driven to the brink of destruction by mercenaries without consciences that make money off of their suffering.
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BREAKING! DARPA responds to Q.

Apparently @DARPA felt it necessary to make a statement regarding QPost 4096 calling them out for helping the democrats’ “disinfo” campaign against Pro @POTUS /Q accounts.
@JesseBWatters @IngrahamAngle @seanhannity @SaraCarterDC
Hey Q, .@DARPA has blocked me for the above tweet. 😳
BREAKING- @DARPA responds to @Ciscq1 About blocking @intheMatrixxx regarding their reply to a #QAnon post.

Just wow. @realDonaldTrump
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#QAlert 5/5/20 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Tuesday Cinco de Mayo (5:5) 2020. Toolkits can be helpful. and more!

Let’s Go!
@POTUS #QAnon #QSentMe #WWG1WGA #ImagineThat
#QAlert 5/5/20 Q4107

Should probably get around to messing with that.


@POTUS #QAnon #QSentMe #WWG1WGA #ImagineThat
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#DontDonateDNA = This is an attempt to create nationwide database of everyone’s DNA & would place every citizen’s DNA into #DARPA “Hive Mind” control grid.

#DefundDARPA #ConVirus is #FalseFlag #WakeUpAmerica

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn #FISA @TuckerCarlson
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#Whistleblower Bryan Kofron Explains What’s Going on With Highly Classified Programs Operated by our Own Government in Social Engineering Programs/Scenarios Without our Permission▫️

#TargetedIndividuals #GangStalking #VoiceToSkull #DEW #FrequencyWeapons

“Estimates of #TargetedIndividuals in Seattle, Washington area are 300-400 people being surveilled 24/7. Estimates nationwide are 1-2 million people that are being targeted by these energy frequency weapons, stalked, harassed, have career sabotage campaigns run against them, etc”
“Highly intelligent people are selected for these programs, even PhDs who are outspoken critics of prevailing science theories, etc. Seattle is a concentrated hub for this research & development that utilizes emotion, thought & behavioral manipulation.”
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Defund #braini programs #targetingindividuals - they’re a danger to everyone - these are secret programs sanctioned by our own government through #secretcourts #fisa warrants & administered by unethical #fusioncenter employees & others - people & animals are being harmed

Defund @NIH @DeptofDefense @FBI @TheJusticeDept
Until these programs are stopped against #TargetedIndividuals

These are unethical programs harming US - please investigate these programs.

@RepAndyBiggsAZ @SenMikeLee @LouieGohmertTX1 @RepDougCollins @MarkMeadows @GenFlynn
Investigate unethical #DARPA #IARPA #braini #HAARP #FusionCenters #TargetingIndividuals #FISAGate…

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“Lights are illuminating the way to ‘much fuller understanding of the mammalian brain.’ Video features new research method called BARseq (Barcoded Anatomy Resolved by Sequencing). Created by team of @NIH funded researchers led by Anthony Zador, Cold...…
“Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY. BARseq enables scientists to map in a matter of weeks the locations of thousands of neurons in the mouse brain with greater precision than has ever been possible before...Researchers generate uniquely identifying RNA barcodes & take each one to...
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Part 9

Thread to Document “Coronavirus”

“Charles Lieber, 60, Arrested by federal agents...Could this be connected to new @DeptofDefense Microsoft contract, Gates Foundation funding & efforts to mandate vaccines, Coronavirus & Chinese Espionage?

“Virus-Sized Transistors”
“Coronavirus,China’s Secret Plan to Weaponize Viruses:

“In secret speech given to high-level Communist Party cadres nearly 2 decades ago, Chinese Defense Minister, Gen. Chi Haotian, explained a long-range plan for ensuring Chinese national renaissance”
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