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Chris #FireWray Should Have Resigned 2 Days Ago If Not 2 Months Ago. Needs To Be A FBI Director Appointed That Will Reside Over FBI With Integrity & Require Integrity In Agency. Especially Now Before Election. I’d Send @RichardGrenell Over There Tomorrow. @SidneyPowell1 #MAGA
Remember Wray Was A Friend Of Mueller & Comey 2 Point When All At DOJ Same Time Wanted A Heads Up If Decided To Leave So He Cld Leave With. Wray Was Andrew Weissmann Supervisor When Weiss Was Running Roughshod Enron Task Force. Wray Got Weissmann The AG Award Of Excellence. 🤮
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Obama’s Fingerprints Are
All Over #FLYNN Investigation.
@SidneyPowell1 #ObamaGate…
How Do We Hold People Accountable @LizMacDonaldFOX? Ones Trying To Make Up Crime Against @GenFlynn Certainly Shld Be Prosecuted For Obstructing Justice. Investigation & Harassment Of Him & Son both Abuse Of Power. Lawyers Shld Lose Law Licenses. Prosecute Who Knew. @SidneyPowell1
The FBI Itself Leaked Info at Different Times To Put In Articles In The Media That They Could Then Use To Justify Whatever They Wanted. Special Council Same Thing. More Evidence At Some Point. After #FLYNN Entered 1st Guilty Plea Evidence Exploded In Press, Strzok & Paige Text.
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#Durham #Flynn 13 page DOJ filing includes unvarnished assessment from FBI Agent assigned to Flynn case, code named “Crossfire RAZOR.” Pages 1 + 2 Agent William Barnett said case theory was “supposition on supposition” + predication or basis for opening probe “not great” ImageImageImage
On pages 3 + 5 Agent Barnett said FBI team considered closing Flynn probe November 2016 (which moves up timeline) + called case “exercise in futility” + believed he was “cut out” of Jan 2017 Flynn WH conducted by @petestrzok where Flynn had no lawyer + WH counsel not advised ImageImage
Page 6 + 7 Agent Barnett said “RAZOR Investigation was problematic” + he “wished to be removed” because it could end up with IG + FBI lawyer Clinesmith who recently pleaded guilty to altering CIA email about @carterwpage also handled Flynn data collection requests ImageImage
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“Hey, don’t close RAZOR (#Flynn).”

The partly redacted messages don’t indicate why the reversal occurred — it came just 20 minutes after the doc to close the case had been circulating and less than a week after Flynn spoke by phone to RU Amb Kislyak.…
Transcripts of calls between Flynn, Russian diplomat (Kislyak) show that the two did discuss sanctions as the incoming administration sought to avoid escalating the conflict over Russian interference in the presidential election.…
RW media is attempting to characterize the FBI inv’n into Flynn as an op to “get Flynn.” It’s true the FBI was about to close the case when intercepts of Flynn’s convos with Kislyak dropped asking RU not to retaliate about the sanctions the Obama adm imposed re elex interference.
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TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
#music Image
TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
#TwinFlames Image
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#thoughts Image
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NEW: FBI official who served on #Mueller team said he believed the prosecution of #MichaelFlynn was part of an attitude to “get Trump,”& that he did not wish to pursue a Trump-Russia collusion probe as it was “not there"& considered it to be a "dead end."…
NEW: FBI agent William J. Barnett made the comments during an interview on Sept. 17 at DOJ w/ Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Jeffrey Jensen,Jensen has joined U.S. Attorney John #Durham's team in his review of the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.
NEW: Barnett said he thought #FBI Trump-#Russia probe was “opaque” & “with little detail concerning specific evidence of criminal events & that the “predication” of #Flynn probe was “not great,” & it“was not clear” what the “persons opening the case wanted to ‘look for or at.’”
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REPORT: @TheJusticeDept Release Of Redacted Interview Of @FBI Special Agent #WilliamBarnett Was The Lead Agent On #CrossfireRazor Investigating @GenFlynn.
CONTD: Redacted Interview Of @FBI Special Agent #WilliamBarnett (2/13)
CONTD: Redacted Interview Of @FBI Special Agent #WilliamBarnett (3/13)
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Gov Originally Moved To Drop @GenFlynn Case 5/7/20 W/ A 100pg Filing That Included 80 Pages Of Exculpatory Evidence Not Previously Produced To Defense & Showed #FLYNN Was Innocent Was NO Crime EVER by Him. Gov Made Up Basis To Investigate Him & Falsified 302 Report Of Interview.
.@SidneyPowell1 Now Has Additional 40pg of Docs Produced Last Night By The Government Finally Pried Out Of FBI. Shows Even More Evidence Agents Knew Were Making Up To Point They Sought Pro Liability Insurance For Themselves Realizing Wld Be Sued If Anyone Ever Found This #FLYNN
What Is To Be Done Now @LouDobbs? Judge Sullivan Is Going To Have To Drop Case With Prejudice. If He Doesnt The Supreme Court Will Because It’s An Absolutely Appalling Travesty Of Justice. Court Has Only Exacerbated It By Baseless & Unprecedented Rulings. @SidneyPowell1 #AGBarr
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.@SidneyPowell1 Knows Theres More To Come Because She Knows Still Things Out There Exculpatory We Dont Have. Suppressing This Evidence Completely Exculpatory Of @GenFlynn & Inculpatory Of People Who Framed Him Is Itself Obstruction Of Justice. Flipping Appalling. #FireWray #FLYNN
.@SidneyPowell1 Recieved 40pg last night that Include Hand Writen Notes of Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe, Internal Messages FBI who Worked on #FLYNN Matter, additional texts on Strzok & Paige That Are Mind Blowing Outrageous Deliberate Misconduct By FBI DOJ Playing Games w/ @GenFlynn
Briefed President @BarackObama On It Too. More Discussion Of 1/5/17 Briefing. People Were Scrambling 4 Info Support Certain Things & Its A Mad House @realDonaldTrump Was Right Its Still Not Put Together Why Do We Do This To Ourselfs What Is Wrong With These People. @SidneyPowell1
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🇺🇸 🧵 New #FlynnFiling @SidneyPowell1

When do agents and analysts buy personal protection insurance?

When they know they broke the law!

Federalist article by
@seanmdav & @MZHemingway

H/T for heads up to my bud @BS2KZ
So difficult to be everywhere at once! 😉
And ... drum roll 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁... PDJT weighs in

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All This Time Government Was Sitting On Records That Clearly Showed Money Flowing Directly To @JoeBiden Family #WheresHunter Much Bigger Than @DevinNunes Thought. @GrassleyPress @RonJohnsonWI Stayed Tuff & Strong, Were Attacked Viciously Deserve Our Nations Gratitude. Thank You🙏🏼
State Dept Knew All About Concerns. It Was Clear Because @HillaryClinton Used It Originally & The MainStream Media Dirty’d Up @JoeBiden In 2015 Trying To Get Him Out Of Race & Biden Quickly Got Out. #FakeNewsMedia To Blame Once Again. Knew About All This 2015. It’s Astonishing.
Hunter Biden Got Secret Service Protection For Hundreds Of Flights To Dozens Of Cities Overseas Including Russia & China While @JoeBiden VP @LizMacDonaldFOX Focus On Money Came F/ Billionaire Who Was Wife Former Mayor Moscow! Mayor Has 2 B Very Very Tight W/ Putin. @DevinNunes
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ICYMI Congrats @SidneyPowell1 🇺🇸 Guardian Angel of Justice. ⚖️🙏🏼 #GeneralFlynnForTheWin🦅
No Ones Been Better Prepared From Her Training & Experience to Deal With The @GenFlynn Outrage Than @SidneyPowell1 🙏🏼⚖️🇺🇸 #FLYNN
Whats Next #FLYNN Case? September 29th Hearing Back in front of Sullivan who filed Own brief. We Argued hes So Invested In Case No Circumstances to which he can proceed. He is, DC Appeals Did Not Remove. Scheduled Telephone Conference. Guessing it will Stream So Public Can Hear?
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Sally Yates Had Lunch with cohort of Eric Holder. Already picked up tidbits Info on Covington. Other People on #FLYNN File that we did not know had Participated in case in anyway. Have Not Provided those communications. @SidneyPowell1 Shld Have Everything Pertaining @GenFlynn
Next Day After Sally Yates lunch she went to the @WhiteHouse to make sure she got @GenFlynn fired from being NSA. One of there Primary goals, we know from FBI notes “whats our goal to get him to lie or get him fired” They Were All In On It. @SidneyPowell1 #ObamaGate #FLYNN #MAGA
.@GenFlynn was Outspoken about Iran nuclear deal, Obama signature legacy project that was a Disaster. Speaking Up about Uprising of ISIS, Benghazi, War In Afghan & Of coarse Would have found out Quickly All surveillance abuses, NSA spy ops going on, CIA op, False FISA All Of It.
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.@Comey Testifies 9/30/20 Remember what Happened? Spied on Trump Campaign Tried Stop @POTUS f/ Winning Election He Won. Then How 2 Cover Up What We Did. Jan 5 2017 Obama & Biden Plot To Take Out @GenFlynn Had 2 Focus On #FLYNN Was Going 2 Figure Out Evrything They Did. #ObamaGate
Remember @JoeBiden Brings Up The Logan Act In That Jan 5 2017 #FLYNN “Entrapment” Meeting. We Have The Notes. @Jim_Jordan Would Like To Ask Susan Rice Why She Wrote Email To Self On Jan 20th Inauguration Day About Jan 5th Meeting? #ObamaGate #MAGA
Focus On That Jan 5 2017 Meeting! We Wanna Know What @JoeBiden Was Doing There As Well? @senjudiciary Ask @Comey What Did Biden Know About #FLYNN Entrapment & What Did He Know About #WheresHunter & Burisma? We Know State Dept Raised Concerned. Did Comey Know & Raise It W/ Biden?
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#SidneyPowell on #ShortList to Replace #Wray for FBI Director

Strike up the band..We’ll have a parade down Constitution Avenue to CELEBRATE if that happens..WOW 🎉

Thank you, President Trump for considering this American heroine to lead JUSTICE out of the Swamp 💫⚖️💫

#Flynn Lawyer @SidneyPowell1 on List to Replace Wray as FBI Director…
This would also be good news for #TargetedIndividuals & those who have had #ParentalRights & due process ignored & abused by DOJ, FISA corruption.
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They Coerced @GenFlynn into plea of guilty by Threatening 2 Indict Son. Put Enormous Pressure on Him Time Wise Didnt get All Information Entitled. Abused System Every Turn 2 Make Up Crime Against Him No Basis To Interview Whatsoever. Terrifying Can Happen To Anyone @SidneyPowell1
Sen Judiciary Shouldve Been Much More Aggressive Over A Year Ago. Multiple Witnesses Need Interviewed N Public Under Oath For Rolls In Setting Up, Framing & Prosecuting @GenFlynn #Durham May Be Looking at Former Special Council Operation Itself. @SidneyPowell1 #FLYNN #ObamaGate
We Now Know They Destroyed Info on Multiple Cell phones Also Laundered & Removed Info From There Own Files. Sure #FLYNN File Material Went Missing Thru Them Also File On Wolfe “Sen Intel” Staffer Who Leaked FISA App Material 2 Buzzfeed. Protecting Sen Warner, Burr @SidneyPowell1
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#Barr accuses Justice Department of headhunting and meddling with politics

He insisted on his absolute authority to overrule career staff, whom he said too often injected themselves into politics

“What exactly am I interfering with?” he asked.

“Under the law, all prosecutorial power is invested in the AG”

#Barr’s comments were remarkable, in that the head of the Justice Department catalogued all of the ways in which he thought his agency had gone astray over the years
#Barr said it was he, not career officials, who have ULTIMATE AUTHORITY to decide how cases should be handled, and derided less-experienced, less-senior bureaucrats who current and former prosecutors have long insisted should be left to handle their cases free from interference
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We Now Know the Body of Evidence that Surrounds The Conduct. It’s Time to Bring Witnesses Back & Ask The Hard Questions They Escaped N Earlier Hearings. @GenFlynn was Pursued Specifically After #FLYNN Had Been Cleared Of Wrong Doing. No Legal Basis To Interview. @jsolomonReports
Known All Along Hiding Evidence Against @GenFlynn Still Dont Have Original 302. Sullivan issued 92p Decision Saying There Was None Nothing Had To Be Produced. Gov Found More than 100p Disturbing Evidence Show #FLYNN Was Set Up & Framed. Sullivan Ignores DISMISSAL. @SidneyPowell1
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@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry Unfortunately you had to pick the best of the worst scenarios after the appellate court sent it back to Sullivan. If Sullivan is indeed in the tank, there will be more chaos in this case. Notice how they have drawn out each ruling to bide for time. I doubt Sullivan is going....
@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry to dismiss this case without the Supreme Court instructing him to. Lawfare has control of the case at this point. This means if Trump wins eventually the case will be dismissed. If he loses in November, then its either a pardon or Flynn will be headed to prison.....
@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry That is how corrupt our judicial system has become. An innocent man with years of service to his country is a political prisoner whose fate hinges on the whims of political adversaries. Not exactly the way justice is supposed to work. #americafirst #flynn
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If They Can Do This To @GenFlynn & President @realDonaldTrump They Can Do It To ANY AMERICAN. It MUST Be Met With Indictments. Did Worst Than Trap #FLYNN They FRAMED HIM. Made Up OG Allegations 2 Investigate. Made Up False Statements 2 Prosecute. @SidneyPowell1 @LizMacDonaldFOX
.peterstrzok Is The Liar. He Altered #FLYNN 302 Multiple Times w/ @NatSecLisa Added Statements Not Reflected N Notes Of The 2 Agents who Interviewed @GenFlynn. Strzok & Pientka NEW He Was Telling The Truth. Schemed Plan To Interview So Wouldnt Know Subject Of Inve @SidneyPowell1
27 Phones Used By #Mueller team Wiped Clean Bfore Turned Over 2 Justice Dept IG? This Is Obstruction Of Justice/Evidence. @SidneyPowell1 Wrote Article 2018. RR & Mueller Allowed Strzok Page Cell Phones Be Destroyed. Demanded IG Seize All Phones. Shld’ve Nailed Every One Already.
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#Durham #Flynn Former senior FBI counterintelligence official E. W. “Bill” Priestap is under scrutiny by Senate Judiciary republicans over FBI draft talking points for 2018 Senate intel committee briefing which included credibility of the Steele dossier.…
WHY IT MATTERS: the 2018 FBI draft talking points say the primary sub-source “did not cite significant concerns with the way his reporting was characterized in the dossier to the extent he could identify it.” But a year earlier, January 2017, the same dossier sub-source told FBI
investigators he did not recall or did not know where some reporting came from, described other info as “rumor + speculation” CONTEXT: Priestap’s handwritten notes from January 2017 were recently made public (note initials “EP”) + central to FBI handling of @GenFlynn case which..
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