I'm glad to see so many people come out against the WSJ opinion piece.
Tough question- are we willing to throw this same level of support behind nurses that want to use their title in their workplaces?
I firmly believe we can educate the public on all types doctoral degrees.
I know this is a touchy subject for some. I just want to thank you all for engaging in this tweet respectfully.
If at any point you feel triggered by this thread, please choose to mute it instead of responding in a harmful manner.
Best- Dr. Chapple
My doctorate is not in nursing. I'm a perinatal epidemiologist. 1 aspect of my work is teaching medical providers about shared decision making (SDM) as a way to address implicit & explicit bias in care. SDM focuses on explaining care options in a way allowing for informed consent
If u can explain complex medical conditions and care options, you can also explain the roles and appropriate titles of the care team.
Here's just 1 example.
"Your care team will include dr xxx, your cardiologist, me, dr xxx, your internist, & the nurse caring for you has the highest level of education available to her, she has a doctorate in nursing, so dr. xxx will be your nurse. You're in great hands with this dream team"
Change starts by acknowledging a need. Current practices of minimizing accomplishments of certain people on the care team hurt your colleagues. There's a way to be respectful of your colleagues title and minimize confusion for patients.
I hope this thread and the events of the weekend concerning Dr. Biden give you pause and help you consider the feelings of your colleagues in nursing, PT, pharmacy, audiology, etc who are negatively impacted by the status quo.

• • •

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15 Dec
As you're contemplating getting the vaccine or not, there's 3 important people I'd like you to learn more about. 🧵
1. The first person to introduce vaccines to the United States was a West African born, American enslaved man name Onesimus. He introduced a West Africa custom where you introduce a little bit of the virus to your body to help your body learn to fight off the virus...
At the time, people in Boston were dying left and right from smallpox. He saved lives by teaching those around him about inoculations. This is the basis of modern day vaccines.
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1 Dec
Sharing my simple talking points for people who are hesitant to get #CovidVaccine because they fear vaccine creation was rushed.
When asked -is this a rushed vaccine? I reply- Yes, AND...
Here's some background, think of coronavirus like a last name. My last name is Chapple, there's many Chapples. Researchers have been working on vaccines for the coronavirus family for years.
Now that one member of the family needs the vaccine, the vaccine scientist from across the globe that have been working on vaccines for this family of coronaviruses are working around the clock to get one specific for Covid-19.
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28 Oct
Six major themes came out of this work, asking 1 simple question to Black families, "What do you like about virtual school?" Themes in no particular order.
1. Kids experienced less microagressions, explored more in the NYT article below.
2. Kids get to learn in a living environment. "My child is free! Free to sit down, lie down, hang up-side down. Free to do his work in the way that works for him."
3. Disrupts the school-to-prison pipeline.
"There's no SROs (school resources officers) at home."

"My ADHD child paces, it helps him stay focused. He's increased two math levels since he's been home where he can pace in peace."
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28 Oct
There are so many great nuggets in this article, I don't have much more to add than what I've previously stated.
1- numerators matter - we don't know the number of students with Covid-19 bc we aren't systematically testing students in most districts.
2- denominators matter
3- generalizability matters if your going to make generizable statements.
4- context matters- what policies and mitigation strategies are schools able to implement?
5- disparities matter- Black and Brown people carry a larger burden of Covid and should be represented in the data
6. local health departments matter- work with them on data collection, analysis and interpretation. They can help ensure we're putting our data in proper context.
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24 Oct
Pre-covid, my work was on maternal mortality, and 1 way to decrease MM rates is to listen to women. What I notice in #returntoschool debates are that we are not listening to families we claim are most negatively impacted by #virtualSchool.
This article is one of the first to detail and predict that when given the choice, Black parents won't overwhelmingly send our children to school in the middle of a pandemic
Municipality after municipality showed similar data.
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16 Oct
I'm loving this. I'm screaming many points I'd love for them to consider.

I am of the group of epis that took issue with the Atlantic piece bc of the causal statements drawn from descriptive data.

I'd love to continue the conversation about elimination and acceptable rates.
*elimination versus control at acceptable levels
Some points I wish were discussed-
1- Was the right denominator used? Part of the discussion was the need for denominator data, but I posit that the wrong denominator was used. Using all kids in school as the denominator when we know that all kids aren't tested, and comparing
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