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What are the long-term side effects of the Covid vaccine? Image
2/ Article: Here Are All the Side Effects of Every Top COVID-19 Vaccine in US Image
3/ Johnson & Johnson Unexplained Illness… Image
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Do you live in England?
If so, have you had a first dose of the #COVID19Vaccine
If you have, you will have been given a card stating which vaccine, when and where.
Could you please check the box 👇🏼 and RT - saying roughly which area you live in would be good too.
The reason I ask is partly because of the government proposal to approve a second dose of a #COVID19Vaccine that is a different brand to the first. Call me paranoid but IMHO there is usually an agenda when diverging from the status quo.
Keep going...
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Quick #thread on #CovidVaccine in #Chennai based on experience of taking a number of elderly folks to get vaccinated. If you are planning to take your parents for the jab, don't stress. Here's what to expect. (1/n)
1. Most hospitals are taking walk-ins and registering them online. If is giving you a headache, don't worry. You don't need to register online. Just go to a hospital nearby. Some are giving tokens, others are handling on first-come-first-served basis.(2/n)
2. Be prepared to wait at the hospital. Take your parents' original Aadhar card. Hospital staff will do registration (it takes time as the system is probably overburdened). Payment of Rs 250 has to be made for vaccine (free in govt hospitals). (3/n)
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Today I took part one of the #CovidVaccine- I am sharing this pic & the fact that I even took the vaccine for a reason - to discuss Earned Distrust ( a thread ) Image
I’m sure you’ve seen the reports of the low vaccination numbers of black folks across the country. When the vaccine was first introduced I said absolutely not.
Our Government has a history of using black bodies of guinea pigs. I was raised to distrust new medication and vaccinations for THIS REASON.
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Detroit @MayorMikeDuggan is turning away 6,200 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines because it's not as effective as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and preventing #COVID19 illnesses… via @annalise_frank & @crainsdetroit
My column in @crainsdetroit: Why Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan's rejection of J&J vaccine is dangerous in Michigan's fight to end the pandemic… #COVID #covid19 #CovidVaccine #COVIDVaccination
ICYMI: Michigan Catholic bishops say Pfizer, Moderna #COVIDvaccines should be preferred over Johnson & Johnson…

#CovidVaccine #COVID19 #COVID #Michigan #Detroit
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Delhi High Court begins hearing its suo motu PIL concerning COVID-19 vaccination of judges, court staff and lawyers on priority.

Hearing before Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli.

#DelhiHighCourt #Covid_19 #COVID19Vaccination
To ascertain the availability of COVISHIELD and COVAXIN, the Delhi High Court yesterday issued notice to manufacturers, Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech.

#Covid_19 #CovidVaccine

@SerumInstIndia @BharatBiotech

Read more:…
You know what the position is. Is some officer from Ministry here? : Court asks Centre
Standing counsel Anil Soni

No: Soni
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1. Went for my annual #mammogram today. 😕 Didn’t bother with pictures so I’m just retweeting last year’s thread.

I lost my friend Caroline last September. She’d been diagnosed with metastatic #BreastCancer before we met and lived 5 years after diagnosis. She was 38. 😔
2. I’m sure that some of you have put off your mammograms due to the pandemic or know someone who has. I would urge you to call and make an appointment. Breast cancer is usually so much more treatable if caught early.
3. My aunt didn’t bother getting regular mammograms or going to the doctor for physicals. By the time she was diagnosed, she had stage 4 breast cancer and she died in her 50s from complications related to it.
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As our #COVIDVaccine efforts ramp up in Ontario, there are hard conversations happening. LTC needed to be our top priority, and as of yesterday there were still residents receiving their first dose. Frontline healthcare workers also needed to be prioritized. 1/10
Now that we can expect regular vaccine shipments, Ontarians are asking where they & their loved ones fall in line. All else being equal, age would be the greatest risk factor.

But all else is not equal, and our postal codes are a factor in risk levels.2/…
'In these worst-affected postal codes, the death rate for people 80 and older was 27x higher than an 80-plus person living in ON’s least-affected postal codes.

Even people in their early 40s had 2x death or hospitalization rate vs a senior >80 in areas w/lowest COVID rates.'3/10
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Ugh, @nola_catholics! The Church has said time and time again that the great good of vaccinating outweighs the distant “evil” of how the cell lines were derived. People will die because of you. Catholics (and everyone else) should take the first #CovidVaccine they can get!
And outside of NO, the Catholic Church is even worse. One bishop is actively trying to kill Catholics with his bad #CovidVaccine takes. Image
Perhaps Catholic Bishops can tell me what the difference between using the cell lines in development versus also using them in manufacture is, morally speaking...🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
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Wow. Just wow. I don't think @noorchashm is there yet, but he's definitely sliding towards becoming antivaccine. He's now praising @RobertKennedyJr over provaccine advocates. Let's remind him a bit about RFK, Jr., shall we? 1/
Let's see, @noorchashm. What is it that you admire about RFK Jr.? Is it the multiple times that he's likened vaccination and school vaccine mandates to the Holocaust? Is that what you admire about him? 2/…
Or maybe it's the time that RFK Jr. sucked up to then President-Elect Donald Trump, hoping to score a spot as the head of a "vaccine safety" commission. 3/…
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[Thread] 1. How long will it take for the J&J #CovidVaccine to be approved for full registration so we can use it for wider roll-out (outside a study setting) and is there a way around it?
2. Full registration by @SAHPRA1 for a branded medicine can take up to two years. But for #COVIDVaccines this process has been sped up - all jabs move right to the front of the queue.
3. J&J has applied for full registration via a rolling review (a review process where they submitted data throughout the efficacy trial they did, instead of submitting all info at the end of the trial, so it saves time and Sahpra doesn’t have to review all the data at once).
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UNDERRATED BENEFITS of J&J vaccine on severe illness— lost in efficacy comparisons is how the J&J vaccine efficacy actually may **get better over time** for severe #COVID19–as high as 90-95% at 56 days—trend is very strong. And makes J&J on par w/ Pfizer-BioNTech & NIH-Moderna.🧵 Image
2) And do we see that in the table? Yes... in all countries, the efficacy of J&J vaccine against severe #COVID19 was always higher after 28 days than after 14 days: Rising from 70’s to mid-upper 80’s%.… Image
3) Let’s look at the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for 14-27 days & severe #COVID19 outcome... it was just 62-80% for severe in Israel, on par if not lower than J&J. And for >35 days with 2nd shot? 92% against severe, on par with J&J that only used 1 shot without any booster. Image
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WTF, @PolitiFact? I just learned from @BarryKarr that you marked an article by me on @ScienceBasedMed posted to @center4inquiry's @Facebook page as "False and spreading disinformation." Again, WTF? This is the article. 1/…
Seriously, @PolitiFact, read it again. It does EXACTLY the opposite and says basically the same thing as your own article on the subject of #COVIDVaccine and prion disease, just in more detail. 2/…
I mean, really, @PolitiFact, haven't you ever heard of Betteridge's law of headlines? Did you even bother to read the intro blurb that points out J. Bart Classen's idea is based on bad speculative science? 3/
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You know, the first time I wrote about @noorchashm, I thought that maybe I had been too hard on him when I called him a "useful idiot" for the antivaccine movement. Now that I see he's appeared on @lifebiomedguru's show, I realize that my gut instinct about him was spot-on. 1/
Let's take a trip down memory lane about @lifebiomedguru for @noorchashm's benefit. You might remember that it didn't take long for him to pivot to #COVID19 crankery last year. 2/…
However, before #COVID19 @lifebiomedguru had a long history of being an antivaccine activist. Basically, he was a scientist who ran a genomics/bioinformatics core who somehow went crank antivax several years ago. 3/
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It was an amazing event that got almost 500 shots in the arms of #LatinX people. @LATIN19NC collaborated with La cooperativa Latina Credit Union, La Semilla, @CentroHispanoNC Southeastern healthcare @HumansOfPRN @Curamericas, @DukeHealth and @DukeRaleigh to make this happen.
We collectively made over 3000 phone calls and multiple TV, and Facebook live appearances to fight mistrust, answer questions, share stories and bring #latinx people from never making it into a list or multiple waiting lists to getting a #COVIDVaccine
Most people receiving the vaccine today were older than 65, a few were parents of children with complex needs,  some were health care workers and some were school employees. We followed @ncdhhs guidelines to register people for #VacunasCOVID19
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In terms of #CovidVaccine "game changers" this could be the one. Very robust efficacy & safety data. One dose regimen is a huge plus for widescale deployment. Anticipate approval from Health Canada any day now. #BeGreatVaccinate…
Let's be clear. This is not a math test. You don't need 90% to be effective. Vaccine success is not measured by trial efficacy data alone. The benefit of a vaccine is a composite of many factors that aren't readily seen upfront.
Success can also be derived from ease of storage, transport to remote regions, simple dosing schedules, never mind prevention of serious disease, hospitalizations and deaths. Reducing transmission will undoubtedly be part of the package.
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[Thread] 1. South Africa's second batch of 80 000 J&J #CovidVaccines landed this morning (Saturday) at OR Tambo. The jabs have been taken to a secure facility in Gauteng from where it will be distributed to vaccine centres in provinces.
2. How many vaccine sites are there? For the 1st round of 80 000 there were 18 (3 in WC, 1 in Northern Cape and 2 in each of the other provinces). The sites will be expanded for the second batch. Here are the sites we had for the first round:
3. Why are we getting small batches of 80 000 J&J jabs at a time instead of the 9 million we've ordered? Because J&J doesn't yet have @SAHPRA1 approval to distribute its jabs for wider roll-out. This morning's batch is part of up 500 000 jabs we're getting for research purposes.
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Today’s MN #COVIDVaccine announcement is disappointing & largely fails to move the needle on equity.

I think understanding why & how it could likely worsen inequity requires a recap.

On 1/14 MN opened up vaccination to 65+ w/no subprioritization. What have we learned since?
1️⃣ There was no federal stockpile (as the previous WH administration HHS had eluded) to support this decision.

So now ~1 million Minnesotans believed they were at the front of the line but MN was getting ~60,000 new doses/week & still had not completed everyone in phase 1A
2️⃣ A new administration came in with equity as a priority & recommended expanding eligibility even more... but no new guidance around subprioritization for any groups incl those 65+

& still not enough shots to meet demand = scarce resource allocation…
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#Portland #COVIDVaccine
If you're deterred from getting a vaccine because you have heard about long lines, you don't have to worry. I went to the Convention Center. Arrived at 7:15 and was out at 8:00 including a 30-minute wait because I have allergies.
My appt was for 7:45 but they were moving ahead of schedule. It was well-organized, seamless, and the shot itself is painless, about as perceptible as an insulin injection.
My arm is stiff and sore, but it was stiff and sore before the shot, so I doubt I would notice any change.
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1/ In the midst of this terrible year, I have been fortunate to meet some truly remarkable people. I was thrilled to be asked by Dr. Eileen O’Keefe to do another guest lecture for BU students on #COVID19, Contact Tracing & Young People! So many excellent questions!

2/ Reviewed basics of contact tracing, cases, contacts, isolation and quarantine in #COVID19 (H/T @JohnsHopkinsSPH course).

Reiterated that contact tracing IS NOT perfect! But it *is* an important public health tool and we need a place to start! @SaskiaPopescu @angie_rasmussen
3/ Importantly, we reviewed the seemingly ever-changing #COVID19 quarantine guidelines and how they differ between national guidelines @CDCgov @CDCDirector, state guidelines @MassDPH @MassGovernor, and private institutions like @BUTweets @BUSPH.
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The Premier says we're limited only by a need for more vaccines. We have vaccines and they're now arriving regularly, but it'll be three weeks until we start vaccinating people over 80. It isn't enough to have vaccines - we need a plan. Why aren't we ready now? #onpoli
The Premier also claims we're far ahead of the other provinces because we've given more vaccines, but this isn't an appropriate comparison. We have a much larger population and we haven't been vaccinating as efficiently as other regions have been. #onpoli #COVIDVaccine
Vaccines are being distributed to provinces proportionately according to population. Suggesting we'd be doing better if we had a population the size of Alberta's is disingenuous. We'd also be working with the vaccine supply they received, not what we've had in Ontario. #onpoli
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Dear @susannareid100 & @piersmorgan
In advance of your program tomorrow I wonder if I could ask for your help?
If any celebrity duo can make this happen, it is you two!
The ROAD MAP is here & there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
There are many positives in the #PrimeMinister’s cautious approach but the BIG BANG opening of English schools on 8th March with very few added mitigations is reckless & irresponsible, risking everything we have collectively achieved so far.
We all know that schools & early years settings are risky places to work in. Whatever the stats tell us about teachers en masse, I feel that for individual staff, being forced to work in crowded, poorly ventilated rooms w/ many others protected by little #PPE , is a VERY BIG ASK!
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@BorisJohnson #Covidvaccine It’s not a vaccine in the traditional sense, it’s an MRNA cocktail. There is no vaccine for Covid, only a symptom-minimising jab which does not stop you getting or spreading it. Both Pfizer & Moderna concede their jab does not prevent transmission nor immunity.
@BorisJohnson none of the so called vaccines guarantee protection from transmission, so if you have had the vaccine you could still transmit to others. Rendering the idea of vaccine passports irrelevant. As well as being in conflict with basic human rights and civil liberties.
@BorisJohnson It’s against the principles of free and open society and directly implies coercion. Also as I’ve said above. The passport idea is pointless. The vaccines are designed to reduce the impact of symptoms in the individual, they do not protect others from risk.
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You: “It’s a no for me, dog.”

That’s what you said when I asked your thoughts on getting a #COVIDVaccine. We both laughed—but the way you paused, then returned to your industrious task of clearing crumbs from the table made me know you weren’t joking.

I lifted my laptop on cue as your hand swept under it quickly and collected the crusty bread remnants into your other cupped hand.

Me: “You sound serious. Are you?”
You: *shrug* “Serious enough.”

I nodded slowly and tightened the drawstring on my hoodie.
It was a cold day for outdoor dining—especially of the solo nerdy type. But seeing newly arranged and spaced tables thrust along the sides of some my favorite ATL eateries made me happy and willing to brave the chill for a slice of normalcy.

I was glad to see you.
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