We're getting started here at #CrossplaneCommunityDay! we'll be live tweeting all the action right here in this thread, and of course come ask questions with the speakers on the #general channel in slack.crossplane.io 🔥🤓
@bassamtabbara is showing us the Cloud Utopia we'd all LIKE to move towards, and CAN with a API-centric control plane at #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
...and a Universal Cloud API with a strong resource model built on #kubernetes and a great ecosystem of providers/vendors is the start of it 😅 Image
@crossplane_io has released production ready v1.0 as of today too, great news from #CrossplaneCommunityDay! 🎂 stable APIs, solid reliability, great features...start using in production with confidence! 💪 Image
Look at this powerhouse of #kubernetes inventors and titans! going to be some great insight in this one 🙏 #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
"you have to make things as easy as possible to get the breadth of developers to come", @brendandburns at
#CrossplaneCommunityDay on the origin of CRDs in #kubernetes and building a rich ecosystem of extending k8s to be a universal control plane
"The lack of well defined APIs is part of the reason why folks are reinventing the wheel with IaC and deployment tools" - @bgrant0607
what could we have done differently for #kubernetes?

"polyglot high performance clients" @brendandburns
"a greater degree of consistency in the resource model" @bgrant0607
"thought about the control plane as a separable thing from the start" @jbeda
“One big takeaway for the @crossplane_io community is you have an opportunity to help define that control plane first approach while leveraging that #Kubernetes resource model, so that people can build new control planes” @kelseyhightower #CrossplaneCommunityDay
"I coined the term Kubernetes resource model or KRM, because I thought the term API overemphasize operations, and the declarative model, the resource content is primary rather than the operations." @bgrant0607 #CrossplaneCommunityDay
"Separation of concerns is the most effective pattern for reducing configuration complexity" @bgrant0607, and definitely something that @crossplane_io builds on for creating your own custom infrastructure APIs #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
"Try to manage configuration as data, rather than as code... instead of templating yaml, generate and manipulate it" @bgrant0607 #CrossplaneCommunityDay

looks like some cool stuff with KRM functions in KPT 🤩
“Modern infrastructure is all about sharing the resources, the right way“ - @janakiramm #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
"@crossplane_io is leading the evolution of connecting external resources to #kubernetes and turning it into a universal control plane" - @janakiramm #CrossplaneCommunityDay
Looking down the road ahead at #CrossplaneCommunityDay by @janakiramm on The rise of #Kubernetes as a universal control plane: Image
@internegz will help make the immense power of API-central control planes a bit less intimidating for us all now. "@crossplane_io wants to enable people to focus on what they’re actually concerned with." #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
"How do we design an API that works for everyone? Intersection of all possible fields? nope! Union? double nope!

Let platform operators define and offer their own APIs"

- @internegz #CrossplaneCommunityDay
"We want to let you have your cake and eat it too. We want you to be able to choose @crossplane_io but put your own opinions on the API that you present to give your folks a control plane." - @internegz #CrossplaneCommunityDay
@jaypipes is telling us about the great #AWS code generation pipelines that is enabling more resources in the #Kubernetes ecosystem #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
We've got 21 controllers generated for #AWS in @crossplane_io now and more is coming to expand the coverage further! See all available resources on doc.crds.dev/github.com/cro…

@muvaffakonus @jaypipes #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
Matthew Christopher from @Azure showing how they teamed up with the @crossplane_io team to generate controllers for the Crossplane Azure provider using ASO at #CrossplaneCommunityDay 🚀
“The focus with Crossplane has always sort of been more high level, where it’s supporting uniformity across different cloud providers uniformity of secret management, uniformity of cross resource references and ownership.” - Matthew Christopher from @Azure
Kasey Kirkham from @upbound_io is showing how @crossplane_io is going to vastly expand provider coverage using code generation. #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
It's demo time! Kasey Kirkham from @upbound_io is about to demo how to use @crossplane_io as a Terraform provider client 👀 Image
@oicheryl from @CloudNativeFdn on now at #CrossplaneCommunityDay discussing how we can get from #CloudNative ingredients to recipes using @crossplane_io 🤩
"I’m so excited to see crossplane, enabling end users to reduce the complexity of building their own cloud infrastructure" - @oicheryl from @CloudNativeFdn
The number one user reported problem in the #cloudnative ecosystem according to @oicheryl from @CloudNativeFdn is managing complexity. We’ll soon learn how to bring complete “solutions” to fix this at #CrossplaneCommunityDay
@jbw976 live now at #CrossplaneCommunityDay showing how you can build your own cloud platform with @crossplane_io ☁️
"Crossplane is an outstanding example of how a neutral home and open governance enables community driven innovation" - @oicheryl from @CloudNativeFdn

@jbw976 is teaching us how to build our own cloud platforms here at #CrossplaneCommunityDay with a hands-on tutorial. Result: an API for our dev teams to create multi-cloud Kubernetes on-demand! Image
@jbw976 giving us 6 easy steps needed to build your own cloud platform using @crossplane_io 🤯 #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
Compose your own cloud APIs in the language you want with @crossplane and @awscloud #CDK - 🤗 yes pls @emeshbi and @prasek
#CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
@prasek and @emeshbi live demo'ing how to spin up your own custom cloud platform using @typescript with @crossplane_io and @awscloud #cdk8s 🔥🔥
“The combination of @crossplane_io and (AWS) CDK is super interesting” @emeshbi from @AWSOpen discussing the power of using an object oriented language to provision and manage infrastructure 😎

@KellyFerrone now showing how he uses @crossplane_io to compose cloud services for Fintech apps at @AkirixLLC.

@loswillios now live at #CrossplaneCommunityDay discussing how he improved the platform experience at Deutsche Bahn with @crossplane_io 🚀🚀
Thanks 🙏 to @loswillios and folks at Deutsche Bahn AG for their contributions including the @crossplane_io provider for @gitlab ❤️
@tobruzh now talking about @crossplane_io as a cornerstone in a next-gen hosted DevOps platform 🤩🤩

“Our first implementation with @crossplane_io as the control plane together for project Syn, was made for the biggest Swiss telecommunication company called Swisscomm" - @tobruzh

@displague now showing how to take your cloud recipe to the edge using @crossplane_io and @equinixmetal

#CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
@hasheddan and @displague now demo'ing the @crossplane_io @equinixmetal provider. Provisioning infrastructure on metal directly from kubectl oh ya! 🤗
@IBMcloud formally announcing it is joining the @crossplane_io community! Thanks @Chris__Bailey and @ingpaolodettori for your contributions 🙏

#CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
"we see @crossplane_io as a vital part of the future cloud platform, particularly for hybrid multi cloud deployments" - @Chris__Bailey
Marcin Ciszak from @appvia_io showing how to do self-service infrastructure at scale with @crossplane_io 😎

"Crossplane focuses on making developers lives easier" - Marcin Ciszak from @appvia_io

Why @appvia_io uses @crossplane_io 🔥🔥 Thank you for all your contributions 🙏

#CrossplaneCommunityDay Image

• • •

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